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BAC 2008

BAC 2008

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Published by sseerrggiiuu

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Published by: sseerrggiiuu on Jun 19, 2009
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BAC 2009SUBJECT 21. People love the new technology that evolves soquickly nowadays. Everywhere we go we can seeadvertisements for the latest model of personalcomputer, laptop or a mobile phone that has almostall the characteristics of a PC.We are becoming
dependent oncomputers
, indeed, because they make our lives somuch easier. It is a valuable source of information,an efficient tool for word writing and editingdifferent pieces of writing. What is more is the factthat it is a source of entertainment as we can playon it, we can watch films or we can listen to music.But sometimes, we exaggerate and we spend toomuch time in front of the computers, killingmonsters in a game or chatting with known or unknown friends. This can lead to a change in behaviour or to the risk of getting isolated from thereal world and create an enclosed universe.All things considered, it is difficult to draw a line between necessity and addiction , especially if wetalk about something that is not at all harmful fromthe beginning as alcohol, cigarettes or drugs are.As teenagers we can properly enjoy technology, aslong as we consider computers are useful and weremember that there is a time for going out, for spending time with friends, riding bicycles or eating ice-cream.2.
are-or should be- the most important persons in children’s lives. They become the role-models and they shape their children’s personalities, in the long run.But sometimes there are some reasons that prevent parents from raising their children. Some of thesecould be: parental illness, teenage pregnancy,substance abuse, unemployment, homelessness,incarceration, death of a parent, divorce, familyviolence or poverty. Under such circumstances, themost reliable persons that could be trust are the
. In this way, children move in withgrandparents, who try, for a long or short period of time, to replace the parents.Whether it is good or bad that children are raised by grandparents is difficult to say; that depends oneach and every situation. Of course, grandparentsare great people and they can definitely raise achild properly but, in my opinion, it is much better that children live with their parents.3. The environment suffers because of the growthof the population. There are so many people livingin urban areas lately, big cities get bigger and bigger each and every day. People realize that theyneed more and more objects to make their livesmore comfortable.We watch on tv, every day, commercials that try to persuade us to buy new things for our houses, newgadgets for our computers, new and morecomfortable cars. But what do we do with all theold stuff that we don’t need any more? Well, memight throw them away not realizing that wedamage the environment.Also, because we want to improve our 
we use the earth’s resources too quickly,too fast and sometimes on unnecessary things. Carsconsume too much gas; home appliances consumetoo much electricity. We cut down the forests thatneed thousands of years to grow back and theworst part is that we don’t try to find – quicklyenough-ways to replace everything we consume.What is more, the pollution is one of the mainfactors that destroy our environment. His is all dueto global industrialization. Big factories’ managersdon’t even think about closing down and themethods they find to cut down pollution are notfast enough for the already over-polluted cities.We should be more aware of our environment and try to think that there are futuregenerations to come after us. They also need toenjoy their lives as much as we do.4. Living in a
big city
is quite pleasant, there aremore opportunities for everything, the cultural lifeis more developed and there are more people towatch and communicate with. But I would never change my
for a big city. Why do I loveOradea so much? Because despite being just atown it offers many opportunities for leisureactivities and I never get bored because every timeI can choose a different place to go to.My town is also an interesting touristic destination.There are so many beautiful buildings, monumentsand there is even the fortress that has become a real point of attraction in the last years. Moreover, thereare 2 well known spas, Felix Spa and 1 Mai Spathat are situated just at 8 km from the town centre.In our city we have the Theatre, the Philharmonicand also we have a well known event called“Toamna oradeana” that is organized everyautumn. During the summer a lot of concerts areorganized in the town centre and you have theopportunity to see many famous bands or singers.These are just some of the reasons why I like livingin my town, the town I grew up in.5. The
movie industry
has become on of the most popular means of entertainment. Throughout thetime different topics were the viewer’s favourites,from great books, to war stories, science fictionmovies and many others. Apart from this,television seems to have the greatest impact of allmedia.In my opinion, children are the first affected bywhat they see on TV or on DVD. They are tooyoung to understand the difference between realityand fiction and sometimes mix these two up. Inchildren’s movies there is a lot of violence. Theheroes fight for rights, territories, in the name of agreater good. Children identify themselves easilywith all sorts of characters and end up copyingtheir behaviour, fighting with the colleagues atschool, hitting them or behaving badly at homewith parents.But this does not only happen with children,teenagers are also exposed to the danger of copying their models on the big or small screen.Teenagers start smoking easier if one of their idolsis smoking in a teen movie or get drunk. Manyteenagers want to copy the stars’ appearance andtry to lose weight ending up with serious diseaseslike bulimia.Whether we watch TV or movies, it’sone and the same thing. We can watch on TV thesame movies we watch at the cinema or on DVD.Furthermore, on TV there are a lot of channelsdedicated to children entertainment and manyshows, some of them quite damaging. For example, there are children who spend too muchtime in front of the TV, they lose the contact withthe real life, they overeat, they lose self-confidenceand social abilities.In my opinion, parents should be veryattentive and look after their children, encouragethem to make friends and restrict their time in frontof the TV.6. I love my town. I believe it is a very friendlytown. Oradea is an old town, with beautifullandscapes and buildings, full of history. Our townhas gone through a lot of changes lately, but thereare still things that should be done.If I could
change one thing about myhometown
I would try to find a solution to solvethe problem of cleanliness. I would hire companiesthat are really able to deal with this problem. Iwould ask the manager of this company to presentme a plan of action that should be practical andapproachable. The company should do its best tocollect the litter, to sweep all the streets and also toclean them with water, because there is too muchdust.Related to this I would clean the parksand I would plant more trees and flowers, not onlyin the parks, but also in the middle of the street, inspecial flowerbeds. I would also ask all the peopleliving in the town to clean the spaces in front of their house or block of flats, and also to plantflowers and trees. And to be sure that it will be likethis I will establish a penalty for those who don’trespect this.7. The first payday is a date to remember for therest of our life.
Earning our own money
is veryimportant, especially when we are young and needour independence. But also, when we are young weneed a lot of things so, even if we enjoy our firstsalary, we end up thinking it is not enough and weshould work more to have more money to buyeverything we need. Probably people are rarelyhappy with their salary because nowadays we haveto buy so much. There are so many things we havenever thought about in the past and now we wantto have them.And also, there are too many places to visit,holidays at the seaside or in exotic countries, newclubs and restaurants to visit. For all this we needmoney. So, when to save money or better said,what money is there to be saved when our salary ishardly helping us to keep up with our pressingwishes and dreams?Generally, people think that when they are youngthey do not need to earn much money. There willhave enough time to save it when they are older  because then they won’t need so many things. Butthis is wrong. Our needs grow with the age.In my opinion , we have to think about savingmoney since we start working. We can make a lifeinsurance or a health insurance, save money into a private pension account or just put a sum of moneyinto a bank account. In this way, whenever we needmoney we know that there is a place we can go andget it.8. In my opinion,
are important for theschool-system because in this way a student knowshow much information acquires in a certainamount of time. Marks are markers that tell parentsif their child learns enough. When we graduatefrom high school and want to apply for a job or consider a university; our marks can prove to beimportant. Some universities take very much intoconsideration high school-marks in the admission process. All these reasons should be taken intoconsideration by learners who, sometimes, don’tthink that marks are important.High grades give more self-esteem and make youfeel more confident in your ideas and thoughts. It’seasier to talk if you know that you’re appreciated.Sometimes, students who take poor marks don’t believe in themselves that much, are afraid toexpress their opinions for fear that what they sayit’s wrong. Low grades can be harmful andsometimes students even end up hating that subject just because of the poor grades he is taking.In my opinion, grades should not be the mainmotivation in learning. We should not learn for grades, we should learn for ourselves, for our future. Only if we learn in school we will haveenough knowledge to help us in life regardless of what domain we are going to work in.9.
If I were to travel in the past
I would be verycurious to visit the Roman Empire. In my opinion.The Roman Empire was one of the most powerfulempires in history. The Romans succeeded incivilizing a big part of their known world.The Romans built the first roads to help their bigarmy to move. The Romans had a big army which
was very well organized in legions and auxiliaries.The army was self sufficient having doctors, aids,cooks, everything they needed in order to function properly.Roman buildings are very interesting. One of themost interesting buildings the Romans constructedwas The Colosseum. The huge architecturalmasterpiece was built to feed the Romans’ thirstfor blood. Gladiators fought one another,sometimes they had to fight against animals.Another important thing about the Romans is their language, Latin. Everywhere the Romans went andwhatever place they conquered, they imposed their language. This is the reason why so many of today’s languages developed from it: Spanish,French, Portuguese, Romanian and also Englishhave so many Latin words.For me, the Roman Empire is a great example of ancient civilization and I would travel anytime tosee its beauties with my own eyes.10.The
country I would like to visit
is Thailand.It is a beautiful country with a rich culture, justsouth of China. People call it “ the jewel of south-east Asia” for a good reason. Its tropical climate,white sandy beaches and ancient temples make it a perfect holiday destination. What makes it reallyspecial, though, is its people. Thai people are good-looking. They are short with delicate features.They have got black hair, dark eyes and light bright skin. The Thais are friendly people who arewell known for being generous and kind. Most of  people in Thailand live in villages. A typicalvillage consists of wooden houses, a school and aBuddhist temple. Most of the people in the villagesare farmers or fishermen. The men usually work inthe fields or catch fish in the rivers, and the women plant crops. Family life is very important inThailand, and families often eat together. Thai foodis very spicy and includes curries, fish, seafood,soups and noodles. The people love to enjoythemselves. Popular free-time activities includeThai boxing and watching traditional dance shows.Thai also celebrate many festivals throughout theyear. Thailand is a wonderful country. Itsfascinating sights, cultural history and warm-hearted people make it unique.11.
Having friends
is very important in everyone’slife because friends are always there for uswhenever we need them. We need friends to shareall our problems, worries, all the moments of joyand happiness. Those friends are not easy to find, but when we find them we know they will be likefamily for us. Whenever we need them they will bethere for us no matter the late hours we call to ask them for advice or support. We will also be therefor them, to help them solving their problems.We need friends to go out with, to go skiing,clubbing and have barbeques, go hiking, sharemusic, talk about boys and girls and many other things.Sometimes friendships last for a lifetime and this isthe most extraordinary thing, to share memorieswith our lifetime friends who were there for us inthe most important moments of our lives. That’sonly because “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”I have many friends and I truly believe that friendsand friendship are things we cannot live without.12. A person I admire very much is
Bill Gates
. Heis the founder of Microsoft and one of the richest business man in the world. Over the last 25 yearshe has accumulated a personal fortune estimated at$ 60 billion, and it is growing all the time. On anaverage morning he wakes up $20 million richer than he was than he went to sleep. His company,Microsoft is one of the wealthiest company in theworld. Billy Gates was born on 28
October 1995.He was a bright child with an IQ of 170 and he became fond of computers at an early age. Hestudied at Harvard University, but within a year hehad dropped out and together with his friend PaulAllen, had started Microsoft. They shared afantasy, they believed that one day computerswould be as common as television sets. They alsorealized that it was in the software that the realdevelopment had to be made. And they were right.Gates’ s Company developed Microsoft software,which is the most widespread software system inthe world. I appreciate Billy Gates very much because he succeeded in fulfilling his dreams byusing his intelligence and bright ideas. Microsoftseems to be the greatest American success storyand American dream.13
. Internet
can be very useful for findinginformation for work, school or fun. There aremany positive aspects of the internet because theinternet has helped us a lot in improving our lives.It is overusing of the internet that has manynegative aspects.For example, I want to write an essay for school. Igo online on Google for the information I need.But I have to be very careful with the informationI’m choosing because on the internet everyone can post whatever information they want, reliable or not.A positive aspect of the internet that can becomenegative is that of being able to communicate withother people who are miles away from you. We cannow communicate through e-mails, messenger send photos, videos, etc. This means the Internet isvery useful and enjoying, but sometimes we cantalk to strangers that can take a different identityand this could be dangerous.In my opinion, using the internet to findinformation, to talk to friends is OK, as long as wedon’t forget that there is a whole world outside thefour walls we live in that really hopes to bediscovered by us.14. My
favorite means of transport
is the train.In my opinion, traveling by train can be very funnyand relaxing.I don’t travel by train that often, only when I’mgoing on holidays with my family or friends. In thesummer, I go to the Black Sea and going by train isalways interesting.To travel by trains is reall nice because I can relaxand enjoy the beautiful view in front of me,especially if I travel through new places. Staring atthe beautiful landscape I can see from the windowcan be a very enjoyable activity. The change of scenery can be very fast or very slow and theanxiety and the curiosity at the thought thatsomething unexpected is going to beseen are verynice.Another reason for traveling by train is that I canhave a nice time reading a book. I am not worriedabout traffic jams on the roads. This is a hugeadvantage… to know that I can be on time andhave no worries about it. Yes, sometimes trains arelate, but this happens more rarely than when I amdriving because roads are so busy nowadays.Travelling by train is really nice but this does notmean I don’t like to travel by car, by plane or buy bus depending on where I’m going. It’s nice todayto be able to choose from so many means of transport and to use them whenever I want to get intime and safely to my destination.15. When speaking about
, people oftenassociate it with relaxation, joy, travels, nicesceneries and peace. The most popular holidayseason seems to be the summer.My favourite holiday is the winter holiday. I knowit’s neither the longest, nor the hottest holiday wehave, but it’s the greatest, in my opinion. There areso many things to do then: it’s Christmas, a time of magic and fairy-tales, the New Years’ Eve, withnew wishes and hopes for the next year.Like everyone else, I’m waiting for Santa with thesame enthusiasm I had in childhood. I so muchlove it when the entire family gathers in front of the Christmas tree beautifully decorated by mymother, we sing Christmas carols and we open our  presents.Another special moment is the New Year’s Eve,when everyone throws a party or simply has a nicetime with the family and friends. Now we have thechance to forget all the unpleasant moments andstart it all over again. Or, at least, this is the way Isee it. We all wish for the better and hope to makeour dreams come true.As you can see, there are so many things to doduring this holiday. Definitely, there is no time toget bored. On the contrary, I may not have enoughtime to relax and sleep too much. What is sure isthat I really enjoy my holiday.16.
To be in good health
, is very important, frommy point of view. That is what I am trying to do allthe time: keep healthy and I have more ways to doso.First of all, I practice sports. It has been proventhat activity keeps the body in a good shape. Iknow many of us consider sports only in thesummer time, as a way of entertainment or whentrying to lose weight. But let’s not forget the Latinsaying “mens sana in corpore sano”!Secondly, I try to eat as healthy as possible. I’velearned to love balanced meals, eat a lot of fruitand vegetables and avoid fat, chips, burgers or anyother junk food, which is really dangerous for our  bodies.Thirdly, I do not drink alcohol and I do not smoke.This is also another important aspect of keeping it.Everybody knows and agrees that they are reallyhealth-killers. Alcohol and cigarettes are lightversions of drugs and so they destroy our bodies.Finally, I try not to exaggerate with anything. Atmy age, it is easy to do that. And teenagers mayagree with me.Of course, there are many other ways to keephealthy. But these are the ways I knew better andwere handier to me. They are small steps, but Ithink they make a difference and will help memaintain my health.17.
Being well-mannered
has always been amatter of controversy, whether it is fashionable or not, whether people of all ages follow and respectthese rules.I think I should begin by stating how important it isto define well-manners for each of the ages under discussion. For example, for our grandparents,well-manners meant not to contradict an elder  person, date a girl only to public place, to hold thechair when a lady wants to sit at the table, to helpher put her overcoat on, etc.For our parents, things have changed a little. Theywere not as rigorous as their parents and well-manners have got slightly different meanings. Ican’t say for sure if these are only good changes or  bad ones, but what I can see is that adolescents andchildren nowadays seem to be totally “reckless” astheir parents and grand-parents tend to complain. No matter what well-manners mean for all ages,everybody agrees that it is really important to behave nicely and prove to be a well educated person. Well-mannered persons are always moreappreciated and promoted in our society.Well-manners are not difficult to follow. Theygenerally refer to morals, common sense andeducation. My opinion is that is a vital factor for asuccessful person.18.
has always been a problem of much preoccupation for people of all ages. That is why ithas become a matter of concern in the whole world
and there are many famous fashion designers whoare seen as trendsetters. I really think that fashionis very important for everybody. The way onedresses up is crucial. I know that there is a sayingin Romanian, which states that the human personality is more important than the pieces of clothing. Well, I tend to partly disagree with that.First of all, people seem to be judged according tothe way they dress. For example, if you often wear a suit at the office, people tend to refer to you as aserious and reliable person. If, on the contrary, youoften wear jeans and a T-shirt, people will consider you sloppy (neglijent) and disrespectful.Of course, there are cases when a certain outfit ismore appropriate than another. This is imposed bythe degree of formality of the event or situation.You must identify these situations, act and dressaccordingly.On the other hand, you must keep up with thefashion or at least try to adapt some elements. As Isaid before, people tend to judge you by the wayyou look. If you are in fashion, you feel good andaccepted everywhere. On the contrary, if peoplesay you are not in fashion, you may feel rejectedand bad.In conclusion, I consider fashion an extremelyimportant factor for us and I try to keep up with itas much as I can.19. I have chosen to speak about Bruce Willis whois one of my
favourite actors
. He is one of therichest and most popular actors of today’s cinema.He is in the top ten of the most desired men in theworld. He was born in Idar – Oberstein inGermany on March, 19, 1955. When he told his parents that he was going to become an actor, theydid not take him seriously. He did not even finishhis drama course at university. At first, he was justa bartender and security guard. ,After manycastings and TV spots, he finally got his firstchance. He took part in a TV series called “Moonlighting” in which he co-starred with CybillShepard. The film that brought him popularity was“ Die Hard”. He has played in many films so far and he is very loved by the public. About his private life, we could mention that he was marriedwith Demi Moore and they have got 3 daughters.Bruce has always stressed that is extremely happyand he is very anxious to play in films for the public.20. It is difficult to speak about
a special day inmy life
, which really made a difference. Therehave been many good days or bad ones for me, likein anyone else’s life. Looking back, we sometimescan realize what made it special for us and seecertain days with happiness and melancholy.In my case, such a day that made me change my behaviour and my point of view was the day I gotmy little dog, Rudi. My parents had never allowedme to have a pet, because they said I could not takeresponsibility for myself, not even to mention a pet. In a way, they were right: I was reckless,disobedient, stubborn and lazy. But I wanted somuch to have a pet, especially a dog.It is said that dogs are the best friends a human being can have. They are extremely loyal, theylove you no matter what and who you are, they tryto make you feel better when you are not in themood, you can play with them all the time, etc.On the other hand, for giving you so much, theyhave to get something back. And this is your attention and care. You need to feed them, washthem, walk them, take them to the vet etc. and thisis something you have to do daily.But one day, a miracle happened and I received alittle dog as present for my birthday. I was sohappy that I immediately started to take care of him. Thus my parents were pleased and saw that Icould be a responsible person who can be trust.That was the day when I became a trulyresponsible person and I will never forget it.21.
My town
is a wonderful place to be. Oradea,one of the beautiful cities of Eastern Europe, is theentrance gate to Romania, on the Western border,and the capital of the Bihor County. Located on thehills between Crisana Plain and the foot of theWestern Carpathians, on the banks of the CrisulRepede River, the town blends nostalgic imprintsof the past, magic of nature and wind of change alltogether 
The town has a lot of parks, famous places and buildings. The following sights are worth visiting:The Baroque Palace, The Canon’s Row, The Black Eagle Palace with the stained glass passage, theChurch with the Moon. In my town you have many possibilities of enjoying yourself: cinemas, bars,theatres, etc
As everyone may notice, Oradea is acity open to many opportunities and interests, for itis a place to attract the holiday-makers, auniversity center awaiting students, Romanian or foreign, for summer or regular courses, and anopen field to developing business and industrialactivities. I am proud of my town and I’m happythat I live here.
22. Starting from an early age up to the end of our lives, every one of us dreams to become
a famousperson
. It’s true that there is a lot of hard work,luck and many responsibilities involved, but stillit’s impossible not to consider all the advantagesthat a celebrity enjoys.Just imagine yourself in such a position…everybody knows you, loves you and evenworships you! You are in the eyes and heart of themedia all the time, everybody is watching you.Think about all those fan clubs full of people dyingto know everything about you, eager to predict andcomment on your moves. Every single statementyou make is seen as a new law, any style you mayadopt projects you in the field of fashion settlers.Step by step you have become a role model for them. Children wish to be like you when they growup, teenagers tend to imitate you and adults admireyour attitude. Isn’t that great?Apart from that, you travel all over the world andyou are able to see even the remotest corners of this planet. And this is a wonderful thing.Moreover, celebrity brings you a lot of money andluxury. In this way you are able to fulfill all your dreams and why not, other people’s wishes.All this being said, I cannot stop thinking about allthe advantages I have mentioned above anddreaming to be such a person, even for one day or at least, half of it!23. Talking about
is a common subject for everyone nowadays. Not everyone feels the sameabout sports, but people always find something todiscuss about it, be it football, basketball, handballor polo, etc.And when doing this, there are different opinions:some say that sports are healthy and bring peopletogether, some others argue that, on the contrary,this is not true.People who say that sports bring us together refer to the possibility to socialize. Every sport needs ateam. And its members need to cooperate. Thisoffers us the chance to work together, get alongand play side by side. All its members have acommon goal and work for it.On the other hand, those who argue against this point of view refer to the spirit of competition,which is taken too far. For instance, there are theexamples of various national and internationalcompetitions, where the competitors take it tooseriously. As a consequence, winning the cup becomes their final goal and nothing else matters.In this way, the competition becomes forceful andall the beauty of it is lost.My opinion is that sport brings out the best in us. Itis about that spirit of working together that helpsus succeed. I strongly believe that sport givers usthe opportunity to show our beautiful feelings andgive the best in us.24. When speaking about opportunities and whereto find them, it’s impossible not to encounter moreopinions. On the one hand, there are those who saythat one can find more
here, inRomania, and, on the other hand, there are thosewho do not agree with this point of view.It is true that in our country this is a delicate issue.More and more people are convinced that there are better opportunities for them abroad and actaccordingly. They find work in other countries and,in time, most of them end up living there and evenmoving their entire families up there.I, for one, do not feel this way. The way I see it,good opportunities and chances to make a nicecareer can also be found in Romania. And you donot need to stay away for such a long time andmiss your family and friends. They are alwaysthere for you, to support and comfort you whenyou need them and also to be happy for you whenyou succeed.All in all, I think that if you want to find a good job, you have to aim at being one of the best and inthis way you will succeed, in your country or abroad.25. More and more families now own a
Be it a parrot, a dog, a cat or another more exotic animal,they surely have a special place in the eyes andhearts of all the family members. It’s impossiblenot to love them, play with them and take care of them. In this way, they have become to be seen andtreated as true members of the family.It is generally said that people who own a pet tendto have more open personalities, children raised inthe presence of a pet begin speaking andexpressing their feelings more rapidly. Apart fromthat, later on, they seem to develop tightfriendships and are able to socialize easier.Another good thing pets can do is to fill up theloneliness sensed by certain people. There aremany elderly people I’ve seen proudly walkingtheir dogs in the parks. And not only them,teenagers too find a great joy to do this together.All this being said, no matter what reason brings a pet into a family, I can say this is a real joy.26. When speaking about
best friends
, there arenot many choices that come to my mind. Of course, I have many friends and all of them havesomething that I appreciate a lot, but I cannot saythat I have many best friends.I know that this may sound like a clich
to you, but my best friend is my mother. She’s been therefor me since the day I was born; she is the one whoknows all about me: my joys, my fears, thestrongest and the weakest points of my character.She can understand all this and supports meunconditionally.Whenever I feel sad or I have a problem and Idon’t know how to solve it, mom is there tocomfort me. Or when I am happy, she is the first person I can share that with.People who know her would say she has a warm personality and they can find a good piece of advice with her, whenever they need it. I candefinitely say that, too. I know she is there for meand for all the members of our family, as well.If I am to continue speaking about her, I will probably never end, so I think I should stop herefor the time being and close my presentationhoping that one day I can be like her.

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