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Tamil Nadu Activists Speak Out Interview With Save Tamils Movement

Tamil Nadu Activists Speak Out Interview With Save Tamils Movement

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Published by Thavam

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Published by: Thavam on Sep 05, 2013
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05 S
eptember 2013
As part of our series - 'Tamil Nadu activists speak out' - on the growingactivism in Tamil Nadu on the Eelam Tamil issue, Tamil Guardian caught upwith leading activists across the state.This week, we publish our interview with the
Save TamilsMovement
based in Chennai.It is the 'democratic wish' of the TamilNadu state to support Eelam Tamils,with Tamils across the world supportinga free Eelam, stated the Save TamilsMovement, in an interview with TamilGuardian.Speaking from their office in Chennai,the Save Tamils Movement spokespersonSendhil stated that the Eelam struggle"is very close to the heart of Tamils".
It is not because they speak Tamil and we speak Tamilhere, though we are different nationalities.
The historicrelation between these two nationalities, is very strong... it's not just a matter of language".Yet despite this strong relationship between the two nations, India hadrepeatedly been acting against the sentiments of Tamil Nadu, explainedSendhil."[During the war] the sentiments of the people of Tamil Nadu wasto stop the war and to save the people over there. But the Indiangovernment didn't listen to struggles of the people of Tamil Nadu.Around some 17 Tamils self immolated themselves to stop the warin Sri Lanka, and we were pleading to the Indian government tointervene on the right side and stop the war.""
India, a country that claims itself to be the largestdemocracy in the world, didn't listen to the voice of its owncitizens
, which counts to around 70 million in Tamil Nadu. After2009, solidarity to Eelam Tamils from Tamil Nadu has beengrowing a lot... We elected 40 MPs from our state and theyrepresent our sentiments and our demands in the parliament butthat has never been taken into account by the Indian governmentand it hasn't influenced the foreign policy of India...
So nowthings have changed from a solidarity question to ademocratic question. it is our democratic wish to supportthe struggle of Tamils on the island.
""Contrary to this the Indian government is supporting thechauvinistic and Sinhala supremacist state. It is aiding and incomplicity with genocide of Tamils, by helping Sri Lanka in allmeans, diplomatic, economic and military... giving diplomaticprotection to the Sri Lankan government in the internationalarena."
"Now the solidarity to Eelam Tamils has [risen] to anotherstage where we are fighting for our democratic right... Thisis a very critical point which I want to stress. Now thesolidarity movement in Tamil Nadu is an inherent questionof democracy for ourselves from the Indian state, whichclaims itself as largest democratic country in the world."
See the full interview in English below.
Speaking in Tamil, Senthil went on to recall the history of the Eelam Tamilstruggle and the various actions taken by India, before stating that currentcircumstances on the island were extremely dire. He said,"We need to provide the people there with circumstances that willhelp them to have their voice heard. Today, people there are beingcrushed in the Sinhala military's rule, where they cannot evenspeak up for themselves, and they are suffocating. A change tothese circumstances must be the immediate demand of ours intoday's world. In the North-East, since the end of the war, it hasonly got worse for Tamil people, with militarisation, Sinhalacolonisation, land grabs and Sinhalese influence in Tamil politicalrepresentation".He added in English,"[The current situation] has been portrayed as peace by theinternational community...
The last 60 years, the politics of theSinhalese has been nothing anti-tamil, and the genocide of Tamils in the island... The war is the ultimate massacre,ultimate physical ethnic cleansing of the tamils over there.Now demographic genocide is being carried out over there.
"Calling on the international community to act, he went on to say,"My question to the peace loving and justice loving people aroundthe world... what is the rationalistion behind supporting the Sri

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