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Twilight (before vamp. bella)

Twilight (before vamp. bella)



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Published by Bella Cullen
this goes back to before bella was a vampire. U get to see a behind the scenes look at a twilight story a twilight fan is writing. when you finish reading message me about wat u think should happen next by the choices @ the end.

this goes back to before bella was a vampire. U get to see a behind the scenes look at a twilight story a twilight fan is writing. when you finish reading message me about wat u think should happen next by the choices @ the end.


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Published by: Bella Cullen on Jun 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TWILIGHT Chapter 1
The first thing I noticed upon waking up was the sunlight. Birds were singing, the treesoutside were waving lazily in the June breeze and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.It figured. I had worked very hard this year and Forks' unpredictable weather just
toruin everything.Edward was gone already, of course. He'd slipped out sometime after I fell asleep, probably once Alice informed him that he was in for a bright sunshiny day. Strangelyenough, though, he'd left his cell phone on my rocking chair, so I could probably count onhim braving the sparkles to retrieve it.From downstairs, I could smell something that definitely wasn't smoke. Charlie had to becooking his breakfast specialty–toaster strudels and orange juice from concentrate. It washis way of celebrating without setting me or the kitchen on fire.I was about to head downstairs to enjoy when Edward's phone rang. I checked the caller ID and, of course, saw that it was Alice. I
expect her to actually be on the other line.“Bella,” she trilled, “you're going shopping with me!”My first thought was “No way,” followed by “Are you kidding” and “Goodbye, Alice.”Since she wasn't a mind-reader like Edward, all she heard was an awkward silence.“Really,” I deadpanned. “Did I go crazy overnight and not notice it?”“No,” she answered, “but you want to thank me for all the help I gave you since spring break. Besides, you need warm weather clothes.”I had ten t-shirts, six tank tops and several pairs of shorts laying forlornly in a box inCharlie's attic. Those could hold me until graduation. Besides, I had been on a shoppingtrip with Alice on the way to Phoenix and I
had nightmares about that little black credit card. They came nearly as regularly as the ones with James as the main character.She could spend enough in one day to feed Liechtenstein.“I grew up in Phoenix,” I reminded her. “I don't need...”“Those are
last year,” she scoffed. “Especially the purple one? Friends don't let friendswear lycra.”
Before I could go further towards the edge, Charlie shouted up the stairs.“Bella! Phone!”“I've got to go,” I said.I hung up before she could argue and hurried down the stairs to the kitchen. Charliehanded me a plate of artistically arranged junk food and then the receiver.“Thanks,” I muttered. “Hello?”“Bella,” Jessica said enthusiastically. “Want to go shopping?”I resisted the urge to either hit my head hard on the wall or growl in frustration. Instead, Istalled.“I don't know what Edward's plans are for the day,” I stated. “I don't want to make any plans without getting his input.”“Ugh,” Jess sighed. “That's so like guys. They always want to know what's going on.Yesterday, me and Lauren went and how was
supposed to know that Mike wanted to goto Tyler's party?”I tuned her out, eating my strudel with the phone wedged against my shoulder. She andMike had gotten together right after the spring dance and there was a weekly soap operathat she confided to me.“...So make sure you ask Edward about tonight when you talk to him,” Jessica concluded.Ah, shoot. I'd tuned out the part that I was
to be listening to.“Tonight?” I repeated blankly.“Mini-golf,” Jessica clarified, sounding exasperated.Me. Metal clubs. Human skulls.
 No. Way.
“Sorry,” I said. “Mini-golf really isn't my thing.”Plus Edward would probably shatter the ball on the first swing. If we wanted to lay low, itwas
the best way to do so.“I'll let you know.”“Okay!” she responded. “Lauren's here! Bye!”
I turned around to find Charlie arching an eyebrow at me. “Miniature golf?” he asked.“Over my dead body,” I promised him. “I don't want any more ER bills to pay off.”There was a knock on the door before I could finish my orange juice. This early in themorning, it could only be Edward or an overenthusiastic Alice. Sure enough, my favoritevampire walked into the kitchen less than a minute later.“Edward!”I suppose I attacked him instead of greeting him, but I had just gone through twosolicitations for shopping trips. It was like coming out on the other side of a war. Besides,he didn't seem to mind the attention.“I'm glad to see you, too,” he chuckled as soon as we pulled away.“Two midget clotheshorses are trying to force me into a mall,” I explained.He pulled a face. “Poor dear,” he said in an uncanny impression of Esme. “Don't worry. Ican take you far, far away from your scary friends.”He wasn't taking this seriously at all. Clearly, it had been decades since he was on thereceiving end of one of Alice's makeovers.“How far away?” I challenged.He considered for a moment. “Seattle?” he suggested. “They've got a storm front headingtheir way and we could do some sightseeing. What do you think?”
Chapter 2
“Are you kidding?” I chuckled. “You’re offering to get me out of a shopping spree. I’mall for Seattle.”“I thought you might be,” Edward agreed with a slight smirk. “All right if I take her for aride, Charlie?”Charlie was busy looking for the keys that he would eventually find in his hand. “Long asyou’re back by curfew,” he muttered. “And don’t do anything
“I’ll try to keep her away from curbs and cracks in the sidewalk,” Edward said gravely.“I’ll be back in an hour to pick you up.”

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