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Video Games Benefits

Video Games Benefits



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Published by Abdussalam
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Published by: Abdussalam on Jun 20, 2009
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Video Game Benefits 1Running head: VIDEO GAME BENEFITSVideo Games May Not Be the Root of All Evil NameInstitution Name
Video Game Benefits 2AbstractVideo games have become an integrated part of our life. This paper tends to explore the positiveeffects of video games in our daily life. Positive outcomes including educational, emotional, psychological and medical benefits have been discussed. This paper is a result of researchconducted from the web as well as offline content. Different theories and experiments related tothe bright side of video games conducted by various researchers and authors were explored.Different articles and journals have also been consulted as a part of the research. Moreover,certain suggestions regarding the use of video games have also been recommended.
Video Game Benefits 3Video Games May Not Be the Root of All EvilToday’s children tend to play in a virtual playground that provides a variety of environments.Children who once used to go outside and build forts now can build entire villages. Children of the yesteryear played legos and pretend. Now there are video games created to promote physicalactivity to get the kids up and moving around. Video games have become the focus point for many children and adults alike. Sixty-four percent of American’s have played video gameswithin the last six months (Whitney, 2009). Throughout the years, people have assumed that thesedimentary lives of gamers have been a determent to these gamers. This has become the focal point of many experiments and studies, the desire to see if there are benefits to playing videogames. The results proved interesting. Video games have shown to improve dexterity, logicalthinking, memory, self-esteem and have an overall educational benefit.The very first video game console created was released in 1972. This Magnavox Odysseynicknamed the “Brown Box” due to its appearance (thegameconsole.com, n.d.). The renownedAtari closely followed this in 1975. Sears actually sold these systems. Atari actually varied instyle and games over the next few years. The most used and remember was also a breakthroughin technology this is the Atari 2600 in 1977. This game console used cartridges rather than a newgame console. Over the course of the next eight years Atari and Magnavox created manyvariations that lead up to the 1985 Nintendo. Sega followed a year later and created a secondversion, Genesis in 1989. Super Nintendo was the results improvement in 1991. The followingyear Sega replaced the cartridges with CDs. Sony joined the video game race in 1995 withintroduction of the PlayStation. The competition responded with the Sega Saturn and Nintendo64. Sega also created the Dreamcast in 1999, which did not succeed as predicted. ThePlayStation PS1 was launched in 2000; this sparked the video game console war, as we nowknow it. The same year Sony launched the PS2. A year later, the Nintendo Game Cube wasreleased alongside Microsoft’s X-Box. During 2004, the PS2 shrunk in size and became the newdesign for many systems. Microsoft launched the system that would contend with all competitionfor years to come, the Xbox 360 in 2005. The latest creation is the Nintendo Wii, which claims to pull the couch potato back into an active lifestyle in 2006 (“thegameconsole.com”, n.d.). Thishistory of video game consoles demonstrate the shift of the child playing outside to the childexisting in a limitless life in a virtual world.Researchers, Parents and teachers have begun to review these video games once thought todestroy the gamers’ life and found out a surprising result. The video games that were thought tohurt actually were having beneficial results. Nottingham Trent University conducted a studyheaded by Dr. Mark Griffiths to analyze the educational level of video games. This studyuncovered the benefits in each area of concern. When reviewing the affect on language skills thestudy showed that gamers were able to interact with peers effectively, better able to follow andgive directives. They were also more adept at answering inquiries and participating in a directeddiscussion. Mathematically videogames showed that children that played video games thatrequired math scored better than those that did not. Even the most basic video game requiredreading the instructions. Minimally this meant simply reading words like “go”, “stop”, “quit” and“save”. Socially video gamers have an automatic common interest therefore; children that playgames have an easier time socializing with other children that have the same interest (Griffiths,2004). These studies supported the benefits of game playing despite the bad reputation they aregiven. The benefits are also detectable among older gamers. Games are known to enhancecreativity and develop a taste of graphics, design and technology. Games are known to inducedecision making and tech players to think on their feet. Many of the video and computer gameshelp children gain self confidence. Now-a-days, a number of video games are readily available

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