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Time Traveling

Time Traveling

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Published by Bharath Chandra

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Bharath Chandra on Jun 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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---TIMETRAVELING---Lets say you have a time-machine. You send a pool-ball through it, witha speed and angle such that it goes a few seconds, perhaps not evenseconds, into the past, hit itself, thereby changing the course of it "old"self. What will happen?Answer: It will hit its "old" self, but not so much that it will preventitself from going through the time-machine. And why is that? Becausewhen it comes to timetravels, the present is not, as it normally is, justdependent of the past. It is also dependent of the future. That gives, if the ball HAS hit the time-machine, that fact cannot be altered by the ballitself. Because the ball would have to have hit the time-machine tochange that fact. And if it already has hit it, that cannot be redone. Thatis also why you cannot go back in time to kill your own mother beforeyou were born. But that's explained further down.What if the ball was sent in one direction, between the time-machine andthe place where it would appear after it had traveled through time? Thissituation is drawn here.Here are two possible answers. 1st: It would be hit by its "old" self,thereby changing course so that it would hit the time-machine and go back in time to hit itself in the present. 2nd: It could go straight forward,and not be hit by itself.It's kinda like the quantum-mechanics. The theory of quantum-mechanics says that there is a certain PROBABILITY for where theelectrons around the protons of an atom are. You cannot know for surewhere the electrons are. The same with the ball. You cannot know for sure which of the situations 1st of 2nd will happen before you canmeasure it. And, frankly, it's at present impossible to make such a time-machine.Though in theory, it is possible to make time-machines, due to EinsteinsTheory of Relativity.
How to make a Time-MachineAssume you know exactly the locations of a worm-hole's two entrances.Then you place a very heavy, large mass at the one end of it. Accordingto Einstein, time goes slower the more mass is present. That means thaton one side of the worm-hole, the time will go slower than on the other side. When you have reached the time difference you wish, you removethe heavy mass, and travel through the worm-hole from the other side. Now you have gone back in time. When you have accomplished your mission in the past, you can go the other way, and you're back in the present. But don't try to kill your own grandfather.Well, in fact, you could try just that. You take a gun, seek your grandfather(before he'd had a chance to produce babies, put the gun tohis head and pull the trigger. You wouldn't succeed. This is kind of thesame problem as with the pool-ball. Since you are alive, you cannot killhim, because then you would never be born, and never be able to go back in time to kill him. Again we see that when traveling through time,future as much as the past have influence over the present. Since youwere born, your grandfather cannot be killed. Something would have togo wrong. You live, thereby so does your grandfather.It would be a great way to eradicate all people you don't like though. Go back in time, kill their parents before the ones you don't like are born,and they won't exist in the present. Since you was not born at the time,you wouldn't be held responsible if you got back to your own time again.Then an interesting problem arise. What if you change your mind?Could you go back to kill yourself before you killed the parent? Let'ssee. You would be able to kill the parent in the first place. Then thatalready would have happened in the present. If you shoot yourself in the past, you would not be able to go to the past to shoot yourself. That isout of the question. Not possible. But what if you tried to convinceyourself about not killing the parent? You would know it was possible totravel through time. So you would perhaps believe yourself when you
said you came from the future. And perhaps you would listen, perhapsnot. I cannot see any reasons why it shouldn't be possible to convinceyourself otherwise. Can you?But one thing you cannot do is meet yourself as you were back then.Well, you could. But then you would know that in the future you wouldhave to go back to visit yourself in the past. And since you haven't metyourself yet, you know that you won't be traveling back in time in thefuture to see yourself being born or anything. If you would like to dothat...I think that was all. Most of this I have from people who are studying thefenomena, and some of the wildest theories I have made myself, or bythe help of my friend Runar.How far can you go?How far backward is it possible to go? That actually, is kind of tricky.You actually couldn't go back further than until the first time-maschinewere made. Because: To make a time-machine, you would have to put alarge mass at the one end of a worm-hole. Then time would go slower there. But it would not go backward. Perhaps you could put such a greatmass there that it would stop time. But if you did that the 5. of September 1999, that would always be the date of that side of thewormhole. So you wouldn't be able to go back further than 5. of September 1999. Too bad, eh?But how far forward is it possible to go. Again, you place the mass, andgo through back in time to the 5. of September 1999. Time there isn'tchanging. (Just how that would feel, I'm not certain of, but never mindthat here.) You stay there for a periode that on the other side of thewormhole is of length 20 days, then you go back. You would havetraveled 20 days into the future. That OK. But what if you stayed on theother side of the wormhole for about 20 billion years. If the universe arewidening forever, that would perhaps not be a problem. You would besent 20 billion years forward in time. Well, earth wouldn't be anymore,

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