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soal sosiologi semester 2

soal sosiologi semester 2

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Published by uzilyusup

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Published by: uzilyusup on Jun 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Process the socialization of at somebody x'self of early from phaseA. Play stageB. Generalized otherC. Game stageD. Significan otherE. Preparatory stage2. first Socialization media isa. Playmate b. Custom Figure c. Society of about d. Family e. School3. hand in glove Socialization once its bearing with the process
Innovate The b. Impronisasi c. Acculturation d. Diffuse e. Enkulturasi4. difficult and Thin-Skinned control the emotion represent one of personality form of at a periodof/toa. children b. Adult c. Continue the age have d. Family e. Adolescent5. Primary Socialization is socialization process of performed within environmentA. Consanquinity or familyB. PlayfellowC. Media of a period of/toD. wide SocietyE. School6. Culture grow and expand through/ passinga. Ianguage b. Artistry c. Confidence d. Religious e. Belief 7. behavioral digress to represent result of process sosialisationa. Continual b. Transient c. Imperfect d. At a time e. Total8. One of example of deviation in the form of abundant consumption isa. [Doing/Conducting] adulteryb. Threat accompanied by the robberyc. Murder related to thed. Narcotic addictione. Todong9. Deviation of primary Socialization have the character of 
Whereas b. Repeatedly c. Stable d. Fickle e. Constant10. Poorness represent one of interconnected society phenomenon sliver with the problema. Stupidity b. Difference Social c. Demoralization d. Institution Social e. Community11. most guaranting norm incidence of regularity social in society [is] norma. Custom b. Diffraction c. Courtesy d. Punish the e. Religion12. A process of the increasing of norm become the pranata social can be referred as by a process
Socialization b. Normalization c. Institusonalisasi d. Internalisasi e. Karakterisasi13. Student which impinge the school regulation better be given by the actiona. Refretif b. Persuatif c. Rehabilitate the d. Preventif e. Permisif 14. Mass scuffle between students including deviant behavior, becausea.violate the school rulesb.violate the lawc.violate the traffic regulationsd.disturb the process of integration of the natione.ethical norms violate association15. It is prohibited by the government drug addict because of damage to health, especiallya.headb.stomachc.nerved.livere.skin16. Our young people must be saved from the dangers of drug addict, for the generation of mudrepresentinga.replacement parents
b.generation successor developerc.successor aspiration groupsd.connective peoplee.the member of a strong group of nations17. Sociological prediction is used as materiala.consultation policyb.communication massc.comparation datad.speculation politicale. the searching of absolute value18. A sociologist can convey information to the common people must bea.profesional and akuntabilb.netral and subjectivec.netral and objectived.valid and accuratee.democratic and transparent19. Knowledge of individualistict the attention on certain people are calleda.esocericb.impersonalc.egoistisd.egosentrise.internalization20. Most important contribution of the social systems perspective isa.definitionb.apologic.predictiond.ambtione.polisemi21. The concept of them and we are raised bya.knowledge of fenomenalogisb.knowledge of individualisticc.knoweledge of powerd.knowledge of social systeme.knowledge of community22. Conflicts can occur in the community,. The following factors cause the conflict, unlessa.difference of interestb.there’s a similarity goalc.the different of descentd.the different of racial and ethnice.the different of perspective23. Behavior of individuals in the community which is determined by the social role and can not bebargained isa.profand.sentimentb.sakral e.egoisc.profil24. Terms of the occurrence of social interaction isa.suggestion and imitationb.contact and communicationc.tolerance and imitationd.imitation and asimilasie.contact primary and secondary25. Associative and social interaction can bea.accomodation and competitionb.accomodation and conflictc.cooperation and accommodationd.cooperation and competitione.cooperation and conflict
26. Socialization is needed so that every childa.they able to live in communities with goodb.they able to play the role of reason and their mindc.community able to utilize natural resourcesd.community not lose memberse.dia can stand on its own27. The influence of pornography in mass media can invite young people to doa.the theftb.misusec.using drugd.have a drinke.gambling28. Embed learning in the discipline of children is a social control that isa.spontanb.represifvec.preventived.instructivee.reactive29.Someone only absorb norms and values of the criteriaa.have a benefitb.already longstandingc.matchfor himself d.easy ti do ite.not imposed30. Behavior that does not comply with social norms isa.disorganitationb.identifikationc.communicationd.interactione.deviation31. Deviant behavior is behavior thata.violate the normsb.ignore the values and normsc.comply the valued.violate we desiree.give the attention for the instinct32. A process of increasing regulation of social norms to bea.socialitationb.normalizationc.institucionalitationd.internalitatione.characteristic33. Coastal population in general, even harder, because the influence of factorsa.offspringb.social habitc.environment of cultured.environment of physicale.environment of regulation34. The personality of an individual obtained through the process of sociologicala.internalitationb.enkulturationc.socialitationd.imitatione.publication35. all important Contribution from knowledge of system social isa. Definition b. Apologi c. Prediksi d. Ambition e. Polisemi

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