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Agenda of Illuminati

Agenda of Illuminati



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Published by sir sly babs

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Published by: sir sly babs on Jun 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AGENDA OF ILLUMINATI (NWO=OWNTHE WORLD) BySANNIE MOHAMMED GIBRILThe illuminati are pushing their NWO (which is OWN theworld in a reverse form) agenda to the fullest. Anyonefollowing the so called the war on terror (actually war of terror) will realize that the illuminati will never leaveanything to chance and every opposition will have to becleared on the way.This is a war which former president bush said is going onforever. There are two basic descriptions for presidentbush depending on the side you belong.If you are an ordinary citizen of the world then Bush toyou forever will remain one of the worse Presidents in thehistory of America.On the other hand if you are among the elite division of the world, then Bush to you is one of the best Presidentsever.Why do I say this, Bush has made the poor citizens of theworld poorer especially the innocent Arab citizens in Iraqand Afghanistan.The elite have also increase in power and money withthese wars going on Middle East. War contract we know attimes run in billions which companies like Halliburton,Black Water etc are in the forefront. These companies areowned by the elite.No doubt they had the courage to place their secretagenda at the back of American dollars. In GOD we trust.The GOD they talk about is not the God of creation but
GOD of Gold, Oil and Drug. Throughout history the elitedivision have fought over these three things ie Gold, Oiland Drug.After milking the world dry of it natural mineral resourcesespecially those in the third world continents namelyAfrica, Asia and South America they will then introduceinto the world the final phase of the New World Order.They will tell us the only way to stop wars in the world isput an end to the five causes of wars. Secretly they knowwars were and are created by their Zionist and illuminatipsychopaths who plan, provoke and profit from wars.Their peace plan will be:
Border wars will only end by creating a world withoutborders.2.Religious wars will only end by joining one worldreligion or religion of inter faith with united backedmodel being Baha’i faith. In actual sense the religionto be sold to the world is Freemasonry (illuminati).
Economic wars will end only by cashless and debt freesociety as is seriously being championed in Africaespecially in Ghana in the ezwich, electronic passport, national ID Cards, driving license which isalready IC carded etc.4.Rivalry wars between rulers will only end by creatingone world ruler (antichrist).5.The tools used for wars from hand guns to nuclearwar heads and biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction will be eliminated and one worldarmy will be created which will guarantee worldpeace.
After these peace plans will be accomplished throughUnited Nations (United Neocons) which has left death,poverty and civil wars almost anywhere they have been.The UN was created by the committee of 300 which has ontop of the ladder the Zionist and British Royalty.The UN made their mission statement very clearly:NWO=one world governmentNATO=one worldWB=World Bank ILLUMINATI=one world religion (worship of Satan orLucifer)The UN will use the Zionist psychopath Karl Marx’scommunist manifesto. These social Darwinist who believelife is a struggle and survival of the fittest.When their agenda come to fruition people will loose theirfreedom and privacy. They would be monitored 24 hours 7days in every week.No one will have their God given right to travel withoutapproval from the powers that be.No one will have their God given right to have childrenwithout approval.No one will have their God given right to own propertywithout approval.No one will have their God given right buy, sale or do whatever they want.The world in fact is going to one big prison planet.It is time for the religious bodies especially Muslims andChristians to fight the common enemy who is antichrist

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