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Catalyzed KNSU propellant (PP)

Catalyzed KNSU propellant (PP)

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Published by Chingyg
This is a little article on one of my formula of catalyzed KNSU propellant, it burns very fast and is suitable for all sorts of applications.
This is a little article on one of my formula of catalyzed KNSU propellant, it burns very fast and is suitable for all sorts of applications.

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Published by: Chingyg on Jun 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 This publication contains depictions and descriptions of dangerous mixtures. Theinformation is based on the experience of the author using specific tools andingredients under specific conditions not necessarily described in the text. Nowarranties are made. Readers are cautioned that they must form their ownopinion as to the application of anything found in this book.
Most of us have experimented with some kind of a combustible mixture when wewhile a child. Most of them are Fuel Oxidizer mixture, the most common basematter is KNO
when heated alone it decompose into KNO
and O, however theprocess is very different when mix with other material.Black powder:The most well known is black powder, where 15parts of KNO
is mixed with 2 partof sulfur and 3 part of Charcoal. When properly made it is very powerful, but mosthome experimenter will not have access to the equipments are skills, things likeball mill and properly made softwood charcoal. The most irritating property aboutblack powder is the need for charcoal. Charcoal whose composition varies over alarge range means the many uncertainties in mixing black powder. It is said thesoftwood charred at 400°C with the retort method; apparently willow is the bestwood, followed by maple, apple, and beech and Grape vein. The mixing is alsovery time-consuming and a ball mill is compulsory. The uncertainties with charcoalstop the use of black powder in the underprivileged chemists. Even in theprofessional world people attempted to replace Charcoal with phenolphthalein. Incommercial black powder the maker first ball mill all ingredients to dust, then theymix it when it is damp and wheel mill it. After that it is dried into cakes thenbroken down and pressed with huge machines to cakes again, this cake is thenbroken in to granules and properly dried, now do you think you can reproducethat? Alternatively if you are interested in the making of Black powder you canhave a look at “Black powder manufacturing, testing and optimizing” by Ian vonMaltitz.Other MixturesAnother common mix is Potassium Nitrate and common table sugar, there aremany advantages of this mix, it produce a large amount of smoke, which ismainly, water vapor and fine suspended dust of Potassium Carbonate. The
mixture is cheap, easy to make and easy to use. It does not need proper rationcontrol, are crushing basically any crude mix will burn, but not very good. Throughexperiment many have found out that this mixture works best at a ratio of 2Nitrate to 1 Sugar, this mixture is good in amateur rockets. It is also said that anaddition of Iron Oxide to the mix can improve its burning speed; the author hasfound out that an addition of about 1% of red dehydrated Iron oxide is the bestratio; the addition can help with heat transfer and provide oxygen in the reaction.Chlorates and Perchlorate based mixture are much better than the Nitrate basedones. Chlorate can be synthesized in a cell with graphite electrodes with KCl orNaCl, Perchlorate need lead dioxide or platinum anodes to work properly. HoweverChlorate is very unstable and can be dangerous for the less skilled chemist.Pebble propellant The author have been experimenting with these things for a long time now, thisPebble type is somewhat one of the best mixture for the under equipped chemistof the kitchen. This mixture is dense, hard, fast burning, and closely resemblesthe texture and shape of sand grains and pebbles of marble, that’s where thename come from. To the Left it shows a pellet of Pebble propellant nextto a 50c coin.
In the following document the manufacture procedure of the hazards PP (pebblepropellant) will be mentioned. As mention earlier the author carried out hismanufacture with tools and processes not necessarily mentioned below. You thereader need to think throughout the reading and making of this to find your wayof doing it safety, although the author strongly recommend you to not do it at all. This article is for educational purposes only, and the author will not takeresponsibilities for your actions using this mixture. All experiment done at yourown risk.PP is a rather dangerous mixture, the hazards of manufacturing will be mentionedlater, and here I will mention something about the end product. It is sensitive toanything that a mixture of this natural can be sensitive to, statics, heat, dumb andirresponsible person. This mixture is a low explosive capable of exploding whenthe burn is confine. The mixture burn at a temperature that can ignite most of allthings that are ignitable, plastics, oil, flammable liquid, wood, paper, skin and etc. The mixture burn and release a larger amount of Potassium carbonate and
potassium sulfate with water vapor. These can corrode most metals and are badfor people’s health because of the potassium hydroxide formed.Hope you enjoy this article
Ingredients and EquipmentPotassium Nitrate, and will be abbreviated with KN Table sugar, will be abbrev as SUSulfurIron Oxide red, abbrev with FeOContainers, metal and plasticStirring EquipmentHeating source, electric skillet with thermal control, heating should be done with adouble boiler that contains oil or wax; this can effectively reduce the chance of local hotspotsBlender or Coffee grinderScaleSafety clothingSAFETY:1.Small is beautiful, make small batch of this at once, or at least do thedangerous parts in small batches. So if something goes critical it won’t bedevastating as it would be with large batch.2.Protective cloth, things like fireproof coat, thick heat proof gloves and facemask with good safety goggles. The author has had experience withaccident without protective clothes. He has suffered from bad burns onboth of his hands and eye lids, luckily his eye survived intact. Clothes likesynthetic material is no, as it will melt and catch or fire where cotton, wooland leather can’t.3.Ground yourself with ground to reduce statics, by wearing a static wristband or something.4.Stay cautious and do not be over confidante, this is where you will killyourself. It takes one mistakes to kill you.5.Have someone with you to save you, but remember when things happentry not to use the emergency services; chemist can be deemed as terrorist

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