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Published by muraliala
SAP Notes
SAP Notes

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Published by: muraliala on Jun 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SAP - Systems Applications & Products for data processingABAP - Advanced Business Application Programming.SAP ECC - SAP ERP Central Component.IDES - International Demo and Educational SystemIMG - Implementation ProjectsR/3 - ? is an integrated suite of applications designed to handle the data processing for large corporations.BAdI - Business Ad-Ins.RICEFW- Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Extensions, Forms & Workflow.STO- Stock Transport Orders.RM- Receipt Management.PI- Process Integration.IDoc- Intermediate Document.BDC - Batch Data Communications sessionRFC - Remote Function CallDG - Data Governance GroupALE - Application Link EnablingKanban - Similar to fixed storage bins in SAP PP. Sold units -->electronically-->whse--->replenished to whse.SAP AFS - SAP Apparel & Footwear SolutionsATP - Available-to-PromiseAPO - Advanced Planner and Optimizer P & D - Pick-up & Drop-off ARUN - Allocation RUN (AFS retail function). You must carry out the allocation run inthe AFS system. A sales order requirement cannot be delivered until an allocation run hasalready released it.POS - Point of saleMAP - Merchandise and Assortment Planning.ASAP - AcceleratedSAP (Implementation process).Development system (sand box(diff. client) or crash and burn), QA or Test system and aProduction system.Client CodeEnvironment Description100Training200To review and approve business logic300Production System (end user work or day today work)500Development activity900QA or Test client
Warehouse: To define, copy, delete, check warehouse number use code EC09(tables T300, T300T, T320)
 Number of warehouses assigned to a more than one storage locationwithin a plant.
SAP with out WM function will go with only storage location. If SAP WMhas been activated then that storage location has to be linked withwarehouse and assign it to plant.
Warehouse Control Parameters: IMG * Logistics Execution * WarehouseManagement * Master Data * Define control parameters for warehousenumber (tables V_T3000)
To check the company code use transaction code EC01 (table T001)
To check about plant use transaction code EC02 (table T001W)
To assign a plant to a company code use code OX18 (table T001K)
To maintain storage location use code OX09 (table T001L)
Print Control for WM: Use code OMLV
Print program per warehouse number is RLVSDR40.
Print control program for multiple processing is RLK0MM00 (Groupdeliveries), RLK0MM40 (Group of TR).
To go SAP Enhancements use code CMOD.
Debug: On screen go to option system on menu bar and select status, then doubleclick to see the source code and select option test under program and debug.
SAPScript Form (Reports) Transaction code SE71.
Decentralized warehouse management refers to the use of SAP as a stand aloneWMS system, with SAP (or another ERP system) as a separate core system. Thetwo system communicate by using BAPIs for transactions or IDoc for master data. Goods movements are done through delivery notes from the core system tothe stand-alone WMS.
To define a storage type use menu path in customizing: Logistics Execution *Warehouse Management * Master Data * Define Storage Type (tables T331) - Note no transaction code for this SAP uses Table view (SM30).
Standard Storage Type:-Storage TypeDescription001High rack storage002Shelf storage003Open storage004Block storage (PkMS - Bulk storage)005Fixed bin storage035Packed Materials (Used in Near picking Bin putaway strategy) page 306 (SAP WM)100Production supply110Finished goods (pallets strategy)
301 - 303Raw/semi-finished901GR area for Production902GR area for external receipts904Returns910GI area general911GI area for cost cente912GI area for customer orde914GI area for production orders915Fixed bin picking area916Shipping area deliveries918Planned SU interim area Page 360.999Differences
To define a storage section use menu path in customizing: Logistics Execution *Warehouse Management * Master Data * Define Storage section (tables T302,T302T)
Storage bins of certain capacities (volume or storage weight or item ABCclassification ) are combined together as storage sections.
Dynamic storage bins are created automatically by the system when goodsreceipts and goods issues are posted.
Storage unit: If you also manage your stocks in the WM system with pallets or other loading equipment (wire baskets, metal containers, etc,.) you have toconfigure storage units for the relevant storage types.
To define storage unit type use code OMM1 (T307, T307T)
Storage Bin Type (2 character): is a grouping that can be assigned to storage binsof similar nature. Example: Bin Height One Meter.
Menu path:
 IMG * Logistics Execution * Warehouse Management *Master Data * Storage Bins * Define Storage Bin Types
(tables T303).
Storage Bin Structure: Code LS10
Storage Bin: To Create manually use code LS10N (tables LAGP)
Automatically create bins: Code LS10 and use the header menu and select
 Environment * Create Bins
Block storage bins: use code LS08
To display storage bin use code LS03N
Bin status report use code LX03
Transferring storage bins from legacy system to SAP:- Use web-link undefavorites.
You can use the RLPLAT00 program to transfer storage bins automaticallyfrom a legacy system to the R/3 System.
Blocking reasons: Menu path:
 IMG * Logistics Execution * WarehouseManagement * Master Data * Storage Bins * Define Blocking Reasons
(tablesT330, T330T).
Empty Bins: Use code LX01 (got memory error with this code)
Stock Category:Stock Category codeDescriptionQStock in quality control

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