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Published by hal4511

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Published by: hal4511 on Jun 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Webbot ran it's last report, Clif and George are not running any more reports now. The Last Reportis all over the
in full, except, for some reason people are not publishing part 6 of the report,because they say it is too scary.So, I really can not imagine what exactly is in there, because what is out - is in my opinion, prettyextreme and scary on it's own.I am only informing everyone here, what is in the reports, I am NOT saying I believe these things willcompletely happen as the Webbots say. They have been wrong before and have read the informationwrong ie: earthquakes in Dec. - but that quake was Madoff - which came out exactly the day they saidan earthquake would happen. Though the Madoff news did shake everyone up.I will put the full report in here, to give you a summary of it though:They said miles long trains will be carrying bodies of the U.S. the trains will go for as far as the eye cansee. (FEMA trains? - dead or not?)Everyone needs to have EVERYTHING they will need for the future by mid July - otherwise you willbe out of luck. Anything needed that is shipped in from another country needs to be gotten NOW!Whistleblowers will be coming out about NASA and other things.PTB will be trying to stop information from getting out, but won't be able to.PTB will have many blocks put in their way.Coastal Event.War - Israel will attack another country - BUT in the end, Israel will be decimated - our Military will bedecimated - due to abuse of them by the PTB.No more health care nor medicines by Winter.A problem that causes huge amounts of death (pandemic by winter?) - I hear that is in the part 6 - thatno one will publish right now.No more stock markets - will cease in WinterFood a big problem - come winter.A woman with a scar will be part of the disclosure of the PTB information and whistleblowers.
Here is the full report: - except for Part 6 - when I get that - I will insert it in the thread. People justseem very reluctant to publish it.It seems that Clif and George feel they need to spend their time preparing and get everything in orderfor mid July. They may come back with an extended type report in a few months. I think, they feel theyhave done all they could and now it is kind of like - gameover, for them.The Complete ALTA Report:Terra - Boats (not) afloat, Mechanism TheoryThe beginning of the [global coastal phenomena] is eitherpending for about mid May, or started recently with the near-toTonga volcano sub seas eruption (and land building), or beganthis week with the rupture of the ice bridge in Antarctica, or the'freak' waves that struck around the planet over 2008, or someother 'event' in the future, or not. While there is ample room fordebate on something as wide a forecast as a [global coastal phenomena], and a 5/five months wide'initiation' period,nonetheless, the separation of the Antarctica ice bridge is clearlya very large HMMMMM! within the total context of a [global coastal phenomena]. The issue is thatthis 'ice bridge' needs toreally be considered in the context of a [cork], or [bouchon] aswe had forecast some number of years back. At the time the dataseemed to be suggesting that the [cork] was to be moved by[underseas volcanoes] that would be causing [current shifts] thatin turn would [erode] the [cork's position]. Perhaps the shift of the Antarctic 'ice bridge' is this cork being moved. The detailsmay not be knowable. Within a day of the shift or cracking of theice bridge, various sources within Antarctica report that thegovernmental presence there started to crack down on alloutgoing information streams.The forecast for the [global coastal phenomena] from theimmediacy values set suggests yet another round of [grounding (of) vessels] occurring, though in thisinstance the data sets aresuggesting clear [antarctic] associations, and further that the[grounding] will be a result, as well as a temporal marker, for thenext phase of the [global coastal phenomena]. The shorter term
values indicate that the [visible] component of the [global coastal phenomena] increases for the [5/fivemonths period] startingslightly before the Summer solstice, and now, given the actualmanifestations of this year so far, it would appear that the[visible] rise of the context within the global mediastream *will*be the result of actual emerging circumstances, rather than merefear talk about the potential for such. As a temporal marker forthe next set of emerging manifestations within the [global coastal phenomena], the [vessel grounding]is indicated to be very high in[visibility]. Further the data sets indicate that the [grounding] willbe a problem for the [mission/activity] involved, which isindicated to be [forced ahead] in spite of [dangers], and[difficulties]. The data shows that there will be a [wash/overlay]of [obstructions/obstacles] around the [boat/vessel grounding].Also, and quite curiously, there are several supporting sets withinboth the general [antarctica] sub set, as well as the [vessel aground/useless] sub sets, there areaspects/attributes of [grasses],and [trees], and these are filled with a number of [botanical species] references. Again, probably wrong,or else a real bigHMMMM!The data sets are now able, due to the far side of the longer termvalues now extending into 2013, to offer some indications as tothe [2012 problem(s)]. It would seem as though the [squeeze]aspect/attribute set is a very key element here. The data sets areindicating that the [galactic core magnetic field] is [squeezing]our [solar system] and everything in it. As we progress furthertoward the [hunab ku (alignment with galactic center on Dec. 21.2012], the [squeeze] will become even more severe, which isindicated to cause all manner of problems from [increased magma activity], to [dampened/crushed sun]to a wide range of other[magnetic pressure vessel effects] including [headaches], and[sudden death], and [mass deaths (animals, specifically birds andsea life)]. This last is indicated to include [humans], but unlikethe [dead flocks], the [humans] will be [dying] in [disparate]areas, so it will take a while to reconcile the [death rate increase]to the same cause as the [devastation (of) bird life].The data sets indicate that 2012 will have a very early, perhaps asearly as March, but likely after the [equinox], period of [solar crises]. These are indicated to be verysevere from the humanperspective, but nothing compared to the problems to be

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