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Published by harsimer

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Published by: harsimer on Jun 20, 2009
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Calgary-Montrose Volume 1, Issue 2 Spring 2009
#1017, 2220 - 68 Street NE
Calgary, AB T1Y 6Y7Phone: 403-248-4487Fax: 403-273-2898calgary.montrose@assembly.ab.ca
 Applewood, Abbeydale, Monterey Park,Penbrooke and Marlborough Park
Dear friends,
little more than a year has passed since I was elected as your MLA for Calgary-Montrose – a year when I was able to share so many memorable occasionswith you, from joyous award ceremonies and inspiring volunteer appreciationnights to beautiful and diverse wedding ceremonies and emotionally moving funeralswhere I was invited to honour the lives of loved ones with my constituents. Sharingsuch pivotal moments with you has been one of the most meaningful aspects of my position. I am committed as ever to ensure causes important to you are heard in theLegislature and the needs of our constituency are addressed. I am extremely proud tobe the MLA for a constituency where the greatness of the human spirit is so readily displayed through its volunteers, its educators, and the fortitude of neighbors willingto help each other.
hrough my conversations with constituents about the global economic climate, Ihave heard its effects on you, from changes in day-to-day expenses to being laidoff. It seems as though you cannot turn on a television or pick up a magazinewithout there being mention of the economy. While all of this economic talk mightseem overwhelming to some, for those of you who have felt its effects, the economicsituation is very real. Without downplaying the hardships some of our neighbours areexperiencing right now, it is important to know that Alberta is well-situated to weatherthe storm. The government has a three-year economic plan to address the currentsituation.• We will keep a close eye on spending and make sure we get the best return ontaxpayers’ dollars.• We will draw on our emergency savings to protect the programs and services Albertans rely on and support the most vulnerable in our society. I want to assureconstituents that core services are staying in place.• We will continue building our province and investing in our future. Our recentprosperity can help ensure we sustain a bright future for Alberta. With over $21 billiondollars saved by the provincial government since 2005, including $8 billion in theSustainability Fund and $6 billion in the Capital Fund, we are the only jurisdiction withmoney in the bank and are ready to face challenges and ensure infrastructure needs,
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Free Income Tax Clinicfor Calgary-MontroseConstituents
On March 31st and April 1st,I am hosting an Income TaxClinic for the constituentsof Calgary-Montrose. Thisclinic, made possible by the Chartered Accountant Association, provides a freeof cost tax filing service forthose constituents whowould otherwise be unableto obtain professionalservices. I realize that many people have been affectedby the current economicclimate and am dedicated toassisting constituents in any way possible.
 Alberta’s MinimumWage to Increase
If you are currently earningminimum wage, your wagewill be increasing from$8.40 to $8.80 per houreffective April 1, 2009. With20,000 minimum wageearners in our province,this will certainly be awelcome increase for many workers, most of whom arepeople between 15 and 19 years of age who work inaccommodation and foodservices industries.
Page 2 Manmeet S. Bhullar, MLA
Letter to Constituents
continued from front page
like roads, schools, and hospitals, are met, while still keeping the Heritage Trust Fund in place for futuregenerations. Investments are still being made in infrastructure, such as the SE section of the Calgary RingRoad.
We will maintain a strong presence on the world stage, promoting our province and its productsto a global market. Alberta is doing its best to protect you right now through this four step plan and has maintainedits commitment to ensure that more money stays in the pockets of everyday Albertans by eliminating Alberta Health Care Premiums.
ince my appointment as Parliamentary Assistant to Advanced Education and Technology, I havebeen honoured to be a keynote speaker at different educational events around the province.Promoting education and literacy, especially adult literacy, is a cause I am very committed to. Iam excited to continue to raise awareness while promoting the importance of Education through my speaking engagements and pieces of legislation such as Bill 4.Last sitting, I introduced Bill 30, my second piece of legislation. Bill 30, the Evidence Amendment Act, promotes alternative dispute resolution so that an apology can be made without fear of legalliability in the context of civil litigation. Thislegislation was received very positively even amongst the opposition parties, withone Member saying, “My congratulationsto the sponsor of the bill, who is steeringthis through in his first year as an MLA.That’s good work.” Another oppositionmember stated that “this is just one of those good ideas that as soon as you lookat it, you think: yep, that’s where we needto go.” I am proud that this legislation wasso readily supported and am equally proudthat Bill 4, my third piece of legislation, hasbeen introduced in the Legislature.
ransportation concerns have been a key issue affecting our constituency and I have been workinghard to get results. I am very proud that the SE leg of the Ring Road will be the next portionof the Ring Road to be completed. In addition I am pleased that I was able to get the Ministerof Transportation to re-open negotiations with land owners so the residents of Chateau Estates havebetter access to the new Ring Road.I aim to use Question Period as a tool to bring forward constituent concerns. Recently I asked theMinister of Seniors and Community Supports what the government is doing to recognize the varyingabilities of AISH clients. And it was through contact with agencies in east Calgary about changes totheir client base that I was able to ask the Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs some questions abouthomelessness in Calgary.I am always glad to meet constituents and hear your concerns directly. As always, please feel free tocontact me to discuss your concerns.Yours truly,
Manmeet S. Bhullar
“[Bill 30] is just one of those good ideas thatas soon as you look at it, you think: yep, that’swhere we need to go”
MLA from Alberta’s Official Opposition commenting on Bill 30,the Alberta Evidence Amendment Act, 2008,which Manmeet sponsored.
“We will protect Albertans through these difficult times.”
ManmeetBhullarMLA.ca Page 3
Manmeet was named by Minister of Education Dave Hancock as a representative on a new steeringcommittee, Inspiring Education: A Dialogue with Albertans. Manmeet is proud to serve as a partof this unique public engagement initiative that will involve Albertans from across the province.This discussion with Albertans will centre on education as a foundation for the future societal andeconomic success of the province, focusing on five values: opportunity, fairness, citizenship, choice,and diversity. There are many opportunities for Albertans to participate, so please contact theCalgary-Montrose office if you would like to be involved. You can be assured that you will be keptinformed about any of these opportunities available to you.
Manmeet was on hand to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Village Square Library. This was especially moving as heremembers the many days he spent at Village Square Library as a young child and youth. He especially enjoyed reading andplaying educational games with the children in attendance.What a receptive audience!The awards ceremony at Forest Lawn High Schoolallowed Manmeet to meet and present awardsto the 66 recipients of the Alexander RutherfordScholarship and to a Forest Lawn High Schoolstudent who participated in the Alberta Heritage Youth Research Summer Program.Manmeet handing out the ceremonial scarf tothe first person “Caught Reading” for the Calgary Public Library’s “Get Caught Reading Kick Off”.Manmeet was joined by Alderman Joe Ceci (left)and Mike Labinjo of the Calgary Stampeders.

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