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Nothing is Safer Than God's Way, Esp in Food & Sex

Nothing is Safer Than God's Way, Esp in Food & Sex

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Published by cocoy777
An article which reminds us of the safety of ancient way taught by God to humanity.
An article which reminds us of the safety of ancient way taught by God to humanity.

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Published by: cocoy777 on Sep 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By: Arnulfo Yu LanibaAgape Foundation (Agasoft)/7 SC Pillars Consultancy Services
September 7, 2013, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines -
Today’s array of pains and sufferings,
diseases and bankruptcies,can be traced to our raising up the otherwise brain-less tongueto the rank of a god,whom we obey and follow!
Dear fellow humanity:Let us first go back to the ancient mind when things wereclearer.Do we remember of our ancestors' morality that talkedagainst sex perversion? They referred to what we now call as 69sex position, oral sex, anal sex, which we can admit thatperversion is reversion, e.g., instead of mouth to mouth, lips tolips, penis to vagina, we have reversed it, e.g., mouth-tongue tovagina, or mouth to penis, etc.... in our quest for greater thrilland satisfaction. Or in our desire to satisfy our partner moreintensely...especially because we have invented a disease
system that produces penile impotence (diabetes leads the list).Erectile dysfunction.Now, fellow men, in lieu of the penis, we use our tongue.Now, take note that there are three sources of germs withregards to sex. They are namely: mouth esp due to decayingteeth, anus and the sex organs especially vagina.Now, if we engage in sex which uses anus, mouth-tongueand vagina/penis, we are therefore, maximizing the mixing of different germs. What has escaped our attention in our questfor supreme stimulation is the fact that the "germs" in themouth is far more lethal because not only are they sonumerous but some of them are so "sharp-teethed" that eventhe hardest part of the human body, namely, teeth, are easy forthem to be eaten... then and therefore, is the vagina or penis sohard for these germs to devour? I imagine these germs to looklike the crabs we use as symbol for the Zodiac sign of Cancer.Germs that look like crabs with sharp 'teeth'.To my opinion, God put the mouth-teeth some 3 feet indistance from the genitals, because He knew they must nottouch. But we had shortened the distance by installing a bridgebetween the mouth and the genitals, namely: the tongue.In the epistle of James, we were forewarned of the dangerof tongue. This is one of the specifics the apostle did not go farto mention and discuss. Another danger of tongue, besides
using it for sexual purposes, is its inability to determine whichfood is safe and beneficial. The tongue is blind and is ineffectivein using the taste buds alone to determine what is good andwhat is bad. Thus, this little thing, to paraphrase the apostleJames, has led us into several severe dangers... when we used itand trusted it to rudder us into the food and sex territories.
Today’s array of pains and su
fferings, diseases andbankruptcies, can be traced to our raising up the otherwisebrain-less tongue to the rank of a god, whom we obey andfollow!I had seen years ago before the publication and expose of oral sex linked to throat and genital cancers.Besides the germs from the mouth, anus and genitalsworking in one to produce throat and genital cancers, may Ialso point your attention to the present form of sugar, thewhite and brown sugar, and other processed sugars: they aresynthetically made to stick to our teeth, a stroke of genius bythe Illuminati (global elite).Natural sugars like juices of fruits or honey, don't stick toour teeth but quickly slide to our throat, leaving no food for thetooth germs. But processed sugars especially those in candies,etc., do stick to our teeth, thus, giving the "germs" the chanceto have enough sweet "food" thus, enough time to reproducethemselves... and lo and behold, the tooth decay!

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