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Warhammer 40k Battle Report Eldar v Tau 5th Ed 1250 pts

Warhammer 40k Battle Report Eldar v Tau 5th Ed 1250 pts



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Published by davemcmillan5259

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Published by: davemcmillan5259 on Jun 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tau commander El’Quixo had a lot of thinking to do. With the woods on the far side of the battlefieldalready taken by the Eldar in the night, he thought immediately of reinforcing the Tau position near thefuel accumulator and emplacements. “They are wise, this race of the elders.” He mused. “But our youthcan be our advantage.” Saying this, he summoned a pathfinder to him.“Brother, tell the Q-Guard to prepare for fighting at close quarters. The incinerator units should betested and ready for use. And shasui… please train your markerlights on those advancing scorpions….”Mission: capture & control (one objective in each deployment zone)Deployment: spearhead (table quarters)1
turn: EldarFigures: Before the battle is joined
Eldar turn 1 (E1)The combined might of striking scorpions, dire avengers, wraith lords and Maugan Ra himself advancedup the centre of the battlefield among the destroyed infrastructure.In the shooting phase, Eldar missiles rained down on the Hammerhead which was shielding a squad of 12 fire warriors. There were 5 shots in total, from 3 units of guardians and 2 wraith lords. When thisfusilade had ended, all that was left of the tank was a large crater in the battlefield. The fuel tanksignited, enveloping the fire warriors and roasting 4 alive. The remaining 8 were so terrified by this startto the conflict that they fled the field. 2 units destroyed – not a bad start for the Eldar!
Tau Turn 1 (T 1)The Tau were rather slow to respond to this early setback. The devilfish containing the Kroot advancedaway on the right flank. With the stealth suits and crisis team deep striking there was little else to do.The highlight of the turn was the highly accurate firepower of the broadsides, smashing the wraithlordout of its stride from the sheer power of two railgun direct hits.E2Building on their impressive start, the Eldarphalanx of scorps, avengers, farseer andMaugan Ra, strode up the centre of the field,threatening the pathfinders on the fuel dump.Much fire was trained on the devilfishcontaining the last Tau scoring unit. Thisresulted in the fish being unable to move orfire for a turn.

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