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Her Perspective 2004 Part One

Her Perspective 2004 Part One

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Published by roach2

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Published by: roach2 on Jun 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Part One
First Contact
I had heard people talk about the Goddess, but to be quite honest I had turned myback on her, because I thought she was only a myth and worshipped only by sad fat womenin long dresses. Whenever I came across her energy, I was met with weird pagan rites andstrange old hippies trying to dramatise their lives with such things. Until the day on TrencromHill, for me, she was just a story.The rain was beating down; it was hard to see any of the landscape below as it wasshrouded in mist. I sat upon a rock perched upon the top of the hill. There were many womenthere, some visiting from Germany. They were attending a seminar, during which they visitedall the sacred sites of the south west of Cornwall, England.I was tired, wet and cold; because we had been dragging ourselves around thecountryside, with the rain beating down all day long and I was struggling to find anyenthusiasm. “Close your eyes,” said the leader. “Feel the energy of the place.” This was the lastthing I heard her say. I was no longer in the rain, yet the mist was still thick. Up ahead Icould see tiny balls of light, as they got closer I saw that they were lanterns, the lanterns of aprocession of women moving towards me. They wore white gowns and veils across theirfaces. I watched with tears streaming down my face, as these women slowly became like themist and went into the Earth.I could see inside of the hillside, there were caves and tunnels. “These arePriestesses,” I thought. In that moment I began to feel a presence, unknown to me, strange,it made my body ache. The emotion was too much to bear, I wept. “She is leaving.” I heard avoice whisper. I saw the brides of the Goddess, walking with anguished faces; tears fallingfrom their eyes, they began to fade from sight. Their heads were held down in resignation,resigning themselves to the situation, sombrely they walked into the Earth. Hidden from viewor perceived only as energy, these female forms were the hidden ones, the hidden women. Icould feel the energy within me, seeping down my body into the very Earth. For a moment Ithought I would die.I had little or no understanding of what I had experienced. All I knew was that I hadfelt a being, called the Goddess, who was now sleeping inside the planet awaiting her rebirth.I knew that when she had left this world, she had taken the energy of her Priestesses withher. Like water she had seeped inside every crack in every rock, running further and furtherdown inside the very womb of the Earth. There she slept, holding all female power within herarms, waiting for the day when she could rise like the spring inside of the body of everywomen and every man on the planet. I had no more understanding than that. I pushed theexperience away from my mind, but my body would not let me forget. Strange things werehappening to me. I felt a strange and strong power in my bones; it made me feel sick andtired. Suddenly I heard the voice of the seminar leader and I came to, with the rain dribblingdown my face.We moved on from the hilltop to the Men–An–Tol, a holy stone, a circle with a hole inthe middle. Its name means "stone of the hole”; there is a lot of folklore attached to it. It wasa fertility stone, women passed through the stone on a full moon, to please the Goddess, so,she would give them a baby. The women attending the seminar had been divided into groupsand each group were to design their own ritual, at each sacred place. I must admit I was notinterested in rituals, so I watched on, but I did not take it seriously. There was muchcommotion as the women forgot who was supposed to be doing what. One woman poured aglass of red wine onto the stone. As she did, I felt a sudden pain and blood ran down my legs.I was bleeding heavily. I was embarrassed and shocked. I was not due for my menstruationfor two more weeks.

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