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New World Order-Civil War

New World Order-Civil War

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Published by James Bradley
The consequences of a Civil War, and the care of the innocent
The consequences of a Civil War, and the care of the innocent

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Published by: James Bradley on Sep 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Executive Order 962013
By the authority vested by the Supreme Council of the New World Order and the lawshereby set by the same, I, the grand Poo-Bah of the Council, under their discussion andguidance put forth the following procedures to address the action of a Civil War in anycountry that threatens to spill over in any country on the warring countries borders. Inaddition, the procedures outlined will address the collateral damage inflicted upon thewomen and children within the borders of said country. This “order” will apply to all 194members of the present United Nations, including those few who are not presently part of the United Nations – in effect all nations of the world. This order becomes effective onthis date, September 6
, 2013.
Section 1
Statutory Limits
.This law will only apply to those countries that have within the last 60-days refused tonegotiate a peaceful settlement, there will be no exception to this mandate. Thenegotiations must include the leader of the sitting government and their representatives,the opposition must include the same. There will be no lawyers or other membersallowed with a religious affiliation from any religion. Enforcement of these mandates willbe at the discretion of the New World Order and the neighboring countries.
Section 2
If and when the warring parties are assembled and evidence from each side isheard or seen, of the actions of either side, a decision will be rendered on the outcome
of the Civil War, if the sitting government is removed, no government will be approveduntil the opposition proves their capability, and if the opposition has within its partymembers of a terrorist society, these members will be incarcerated a trail proclaimedand dealt with fairly, their fate left to the members of the jury which will only need a 51%approval of the sentence, along with the approval of the Supreme Council 51%.
. If the sitting government proves beyond a shadow that they were defending their country and its inhabitants, they will remain as the government under the watchful eyesof the New World Order, along with submitting 10% of their gross GDP for a period of five-years to the New World Order for distribution amongst those in-country affected bythe Civil War, with a 5% deduction for operating expenses. If unable to achieve thisfinancial obligation, the New World Order will advance the necessary funds at aminimum interest rate of 15% until the country can once again meet their obligation.
Regardless of who remains in power,(a) Wounded victim: All medical costs will be assumed by the remaining power untilno longer necessary, regardless of prior affiliation to the two warring factions, to beoverseen by the New World Order – this plus a monthly pension for each individual untilthey reach age of employment or are able to return to the work force. It either is unableto exist as nature provides they will receive this pension plus 1.25%, their expenses,provide for their families welfare, and children’s education. The New World Order collected fund will participate in this at an amount determined by the Order.(b) Victim Expires: All expenses associated with the death of the victim shall be paid75% by the remaining entity, and 25% by the New World Order fund – his or her survivors will receive a lump sum non-taxable amount of the equivalent of US dollars at$1million, in addition the remaining entity in-country will pay each year for five-years atax-free amount equal to 1.35% of the victims income, if unemployed for four-yearsprevious the amount shall be determined by the needs of the victim’s immediate family.If the victim had children their public or private education will be paid, along with their healthcare until they reach 21-years-of-age. If a child is killed his or her parents willreceive a lump sum non-taxable payment of $1.5 million equivalent, and if a country taxis leveled such as a Federal or State tax the family will be able to claim that child as aliving dependent until the child would have reach 21-years-old.(c) Items a & b will not apply to the combatants in the war – no exceptions,determination of the status will be decided by the New World Order Supreme Council.
Section 3
If no agreement is forthcoming in ten-days, the situation will be deemedunsolvable, with this the following will be undertaken.
With 48-hours of the non-agreement, with the participation of ten nations,leaflets written in Arabic, French, Turkish and English will be dropped across of all Syria. Each leaflet will state the same, offering sanctuary to all who followthe rules.
1.All women and children will have 96-hours to leave Syria, at multiplelocations along its borders – all processions will be searched – uponarrival they will all be given free medical checkups along with medicationthey may need, and then escorted to refugee camps stocked with supplies2.Men who choose to leave will be stripped searched, in addition will not beallowed any weapon on any sort to leave Syria, they will be given thesame care as their families or other individuals and then shuttled to arefugee camp.3.Combatants who choose to leave “any” side once outside of Syria will beimmediately sent to a camp heavily guarded by troops from the tennations, and kept there until the Civil War is over – no exceptions.4.Following the 96-hour time limit the borders will be locked down, no one inor no one out – the complete border of the country will be patrolled,anyone caught going in or out will be shot – no exceptions – the onlyaccess that will be permitted must have approval by the Supreme Council – all members.5.Once the border is locked down, a no-fly zone order will be issued, nocivilian or military planes allowed, any missiles used in the war will betracked their launch location determined and subsequently destroyedutterly – leaving brown sand and rock in the aftermath, by the combinedforces flying overhead in patrol 24/7.6.No arms or their munitions will be allowed into the country, any outsideattempt by any country will be dealt with both physically and a completelock down of country funds, import and export.7.No supplies for human consumption will be allowed in-country, along withno medical supplies.8.If by chance any person, group or otherwise informs the world they wish toleave, they will be met inside Syria by members of the ten nation force andescorted to a camp outside of Syria whereby they will remain until the War is over, any attempt by either side to interfere will be destroyed bywhatever means are available.
Section 3
End of Civil War 
Once the cancer of Aggression has ceased, the New World Order will assume theresponsibility of rebuilding the country, with the victorious party paying the estimatedcosts put forth by the Supreme Council 30-days in advance, for a period that is deemednecessary. If they are unable to meet their financial obligation they will be loaned thenecessary funds from the New World Order at an extremely high-interest rate and their Dept of Treasury under the guidance of the New World Order.

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