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Secrets to Effortless Spiritual Practice

Secrets to Effortless Spiritual Practice

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Published by scribboz
Tips and secrets to meditation and spiritual practice -- excerpted from Supreme Master Ching Hai's lectures in over 30 years.
Tips and secrets to meditation and spiritual practice -- excerpted from Supreme Master Ching Hai's lectures in over 30 years.

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Published by: scribboz on Sep 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Supreme Master Ching Hai
A Master from the HimalayasThree-time invited lecturer for the United NationsRecipient of the World Peace Award and the World Spiritual Leadership Award
Contents and original words in this book are permeated withgrace and blessings of Supreme Master Ching HaiThe Supreme Master Ching Hai International AssociationOffices in all major cities and countries around the worldHeadquarters: PO Box 730247, San Jose, CA 95173-0247, U.S.A.P.O. Box 9, Hsihu, Miaoli 36899, Formosa (Taiwan)
Secrets To Effortless Spiritual Practice
A collection of spiritual teachings by
Supreme Master Ching Hai
I do not belong to Buddhism orCatholicism. I belong to the Truth andI preach the Truth. You may call itBuddhism, Catholicism, Taoism, orwhatever you like. I welcome all!Since the ancient time there is alwaysa way to go back to the kingdom ofGod, there is always a way to seeGod.I dream that the whole world will becomepeaceful. I dream that all the killing will stop. Idream that all the children will walk in peace andharmony. I dream that all the nations will shakehands with each other, protect each other andhelp each other. I dream that our beautiful planetwill not be destroyed. It took billions of years toproduce this planet and it’s so beautiful, sowonderful. I dream it will continue, but in peace,beauty, and love. Yes, that is my dream.
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Secrets To Effortless Spiritual Practice
The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
PageMaster’s New Year’s wishes to all in 2003
A biography of Supreme Master Ching Hai
Secrets to effortless spiritual practiceTen secrets on the journey of the soul
* Focus on the Truth * Total faith in the Master * Remain focused and detached during retreats * Renounce everything and be free * The benefit of being near spiritual mentors * Humility is close to the Truth * Those with a pure heart progress more quickly * Relax * Be happy * Love your family * The ego and Sound meditation 
Some small secrets to share
* Develop the body, speech and mind together * Anger will hinder our practice * Always keep pure and positive * Take care to eat pure foods * The result of coveting offerings * Create a positive halo of energy * The way to minimize sexual desire * Master’s books and videos tapes are the best spiritual tonic 
The real meaning of “Ba Guan Zhai Jie” – The eight areas of fasting * A tonic is sometimes necessary during the winter of spiritual practice * The best time for meditation * How to get into the habit of early morning meditation * Turning two and a half hours into timelessness * How to meditate a lot and not feel tired * If obstructions occur during meditation 
Supreme Master Ching Hai – Secrets To Effortless Spiritual Practice
The Quan Yin Method – The Key of Immediate Enlightenment and Eternal Liberation
* Concentrating inside on the wisdom center * How to handle the problem of trembling during meditation * Building courage and rising above obstacles * Taming the human brain * Unexpected grace can come anytime! * For those who want to progress more quickly * Asceticism doesn’t erase karmic hindrances * Practicing with the right method * The way to sainthood * Serving selflessly * The more we work, the more enlightened we become * The essence of mastership: Master yourself and become perfect * Train the mind and cultivate self-confidence * Acquiring a faster vibration * Public service is the fastest way to cleanse karma * Be a shining example of sacrifice and true love * Why are incredible benefits gained from group meditation * How to concentrate and meditate better * We strive in order to know that we don’t need to strive * An era full of God’s grace * Cherish the opportunity to practice * We are the luckiest yogis 
Initiation into the Quan Yin method of meditation
The Supreme Master Ching Hai’s teachings on line
How to contact us
Introduction to our publications
Beautiful gifts for yourselves and your loved ones
Alternative living
Supreme Master television

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