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Sofitel Luxury Hotels

Sofitel Luxury Hotels



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Published by chienthang
Sofitel Standard for 5 Star Hotels
Sofitel Standard for 5 Star Hotels

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Published by: chienthang on Jun 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Creating an ambiance
What people remember about a hotel is its atmosphere, how it personally affected them,spoke to them, moved them.It involves a quality of relationship with the customer that will be found in our words andgestures – subtly modified to conform to different times of the day – and especially our intentions.Making our surroundings and service intimate and sensitive creates somethingmemorable, because the customer, the hotel and we ourselves are all special and unique.
The Art of Hospitality
Our guests choose Sofitel for the supreme care and attention that we give to their well- being in the hotel. The entire stay is characterized by highly personalized service.
The Bread Ritual
| As important to the French as the dish itself, the best French baguette, as well asthe best quality local bread, will be featured at every meal.
| The noble croissant. Although maybe not French in origin butadopted as the star at breakfast, will add a touch of extra pleasure to the first meal of theday.
The Wine Ritual
Traditionally associated with the finest of the world’s wines, we will also feature the bestthat each region has to offer.
The Cheese Ritual
With over 500 different registered cheese, France offers an unmatched variety of tastes.A cheese board available on every menu is an opportunity for guests to discover andappreciate this high point of French gastronomy.
The Patisserie Ritual
A tray of Parisian pastries will be offered to all guests after the main course to give themthe flavour of the famous Salons de Thés appreciated by Parisians for centuries.
The Sofitel World
“Luxury is a subtle blend of freedom, pleasure and elegance. In order to become a major  player in the world of luxury, we must all enhance our expertise in the art of Frenchhospitality. The Three Sofitel Values provide guidance for enlivening our guests’ staywith magical moments. The Excellence of Sofitel Service is in your hands…”
Yann Caillère
, Sofitel
A Passion for Excellence
Our ambition and pleasure is to strive constantly for one more step towards perfection: toexcel in what we do and always be able to push ourselves a little further. For us at Sofitelthis means:Acting and behaving under all circumstances with care, precision and dedication, notonly paying attention to every detail, but considering each detail to be essential.Being able, in everything we are and do, to contribute ‘a little more soul’, refinement andimagination: the French touch.Creating the conditions or everyone to become a virtuoso in their field, and to grow personality and together.
The passion for Excellence:
A Commitment from each one of us At Every Moment to Attain theSummit.
The Essence of Plaisir 
Create a harmonious balance between the pleasure of feeling at home and the exquisitefeeling of being elsewhere. For us at Sofitel this means:Considering each customer as a unique and exceptional guest, providing him/her with asubtle combination of care and discretion.Working alongside men and women who take pleasure in providing pleasure.Surprising our guests with initiatives and unexpected thoughtfulness, which light up their stay with magical moments.
The Essence of Plaisir:
The Mark Of Sofitel Refinement.
The Spirit of Openness
In our eyes, difference is a source of wealth. We have a taste for cultural mix and a thirstfor everything new for us at Sofitel this means:Bringing together different cultures, different ways of thinking and acting.Daring to venture away from the well-trodden path.Being strong enough to accept criticism and observations; and being talented enough touse them to positive ends and to make improvements.
The Spirit of Openness:
To Conquer New Horizons
The Sofitel Style
The Sofitel Style creates harmony between elegance, freedom and what makes usdistinctively different: The French Touch.

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