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How to Heal Chronic Lymes Disease

How to Heal Chronic Lymes Disease

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Published by Chaffee
How to Heal Chronic Lymes Disease
How to Heal Chronic Lymes Disease

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Published by: Chaffee on Sep 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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©Daniel Kinderlehrer M.D.
HEALING LYME DISEASE: An Integrated  Approach to Curing Chronic Infection
Daniel A. Kinderlehrer, M.D.
This document is for informational purposes only. It is not meant for diagnostic purposesand/or prescription recommendations for any specific individual.HEALING LYME DISEASE: An Integrated Approach to CuringChronic InfectionDaniel A. Kinderlehrer, M.D. This document is for informational purposes only. Not meant for diagnostic purposes and/or prescription recommendations for any specific individual.  Antimicrobial Interventions Rife Machine: The Rife technology is based on the conceptthat specific electromagneticfrequencies resonate with the LymeSpirochete and cause it to break apart. This hasbeen observed with light microscopy and Ipersonally have talked with Chronic Lymesufferers who now feel cured after usingthis machine. It can cause significantHerxheimer reactions. For more info contact: www.rifelabs.com/Rife-Home.html Recommended reading: The Cancer Cure ThatWorked, by Barry Lynes Hyperthermia: Sauna/hot tubIncreasing body temp to 102 will increaseantibiotic activity fourfold; increasing bodytemp to 104 can kill Bb spirochetes. Contact:
 Hyperthermia is a treatment used outside the United States to treat cancer aswell aschronic infections.www.cancer2000.com Page 1 Colloidal Silver: Dosing depends on concentrationGeneral well toleratedHas anti-yeast activityAnecdotally helpful in Lyme Suzanne’s Supplements 978-356-6966Recommendation:Colloidal silver 500 ppm 1/2 tsp, 2X/day Carnivora: Dionaea Muscipula/Venus Fly TrapAvailable in capsules and extractIntravenous available in MexicoHas antimicrobial, tumoricidal and immuneenhancing activity www.cancer2000.com www.carnivora.comSuzanne’s Supplements 978-356-6966Carnivora Research, Inc. 866-836-8735Native Essence Herb Co. 800-377-4229Recommendation: Carnivora, 4-8 caps/day Bee Venom: Melittin has a strong inhibitory effect on Bb at verylow doses Given as subcutaneous injection, with or withoutanesthetic. Dr. Glen Rothfeld 781-641-1901 www.neuraltherapy.comApitronic Services 604-271-9414 has productsand literature Digestive enzymes: Taken between meals may break up thecyst wall making the cyst more vulnerable toantimicrobials and host’s immune function. 
Suzanne’s Supplements 978-356-6966Recommendation: Wobenzyme, 8-10 tabs 3 times daily,between meals2Olive leaf extractGenerally well toleratedHas anti-yeast activityUnclear activity against Lyme  Artemisia annuaHas anti-protozoal activity, anti-malarialEvidence of anti-Babesia activitySuzanne’s Supplements 978-356-6966Recommendation:  Artemisia Forte 1-2 caps 3X/day Immune Enhancement Herbs that stimulate immune function EchinaceaAstraglusIscador (mistletoe): Available by injection www.Iscador.comSee Alternative Therapies in Health and DiseaseMay 2001 Cat’s Claw, Una De GatoHas immune stimulating and anti-inflammatoryActivity www.rain-tree.com/catclaw.htmNative Essence Herb Co. 800-377-4229Suzanne’s Supplements 978-356-6966Recommendation:Cat’s Claw, 1.5 gm, 1-4 caps 3X/day MushroomsMany studies document the immune stimulatingbenefits of specific mushrooms. 3

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