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Intro to Wellness-Lesson 5-Determinants of Health Group Project-MOST UPDATED

Intro to Wellness-Lesson 5-Determinants of Health Group Project-MOST UPDATED

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Published by Woodridgeturtle
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Published by: Woodridgeturtle on Sep 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Intro to Wellness: (Co-op) Lesson 5, Determinants of Health
Type of Work:
Coop Tables
: Class Coop Google Presentation
: Period
: Embedded Google Pres in Lesson 5
So we started the class with what it means to be healthy, assessed your level of wellness and last class spoke about
why we might not necessary do everything we know we should. Let’s talk about all the driving forces behind this last concept
.If it were
easy being healthy we wouldn’t see the levels of many unhealthy
 behaviors we see in modern day society.
Lesson Link 
Activity Tech Goal:
Familiarize yourself with the basic concepts, components and functionality of Google Presentations. For this coop lesson I created a template for you. By the end of the week you will be creating your own from scratch!
Every one of you in class will be playing a role in creating a class presentation on the influences of health (determinants). You will be working incooperative groups of 3-4. Once you have your group number look at your topic below and decide who will perform each role.
Your group task is to complete 3slides on a single determinant (influence) of health.
Upon completion of assignment embed the class pres into your LESSON 5.
Breakdown of Roles
The roles below are just a guide. Once you are done help the group-
I NEVER want to hear “I’m done with my part.”
Group #BelowRole 1 Role 2 Role 3 Role 4Role inGroup
“The Psychologist”
“The Tech Guru”
“Research Specialist”
Responsible for Placing
the Following in the Class
Presentation (Your Topic):
You will lookup the definition of yourdeterminant and cite it.
(Simply: According to…. Or
the Url)*place inside presentation 
3 Pictures
(SummarizingRole of Determinant onHealth)*place inside presentation Embed class presentationinto your Portoflio (Well-5) 
Responsible for Placing the Following in
the Class Presentation (Your Topic):
Rate Your Determinant on Level of Control.
How much control do you havein regards to how much influence yourdeterminant has on us?0 is No Control,10 is Total Control.Explain Why*place inside presentation Come Up With
1 Selling Point
on Why
Your Determinant is More Influentialthan the Others. If done early help
research specialist….
 *place inside presentation Embed class presentation into yourPortoflio (Well-5) 
Responsible for facilitating your
group members (Your Topic):
: Help Everyone Find thePresentation in their Google
Drive or via their gmail
: Help them edit thepresentation. Inserting pictures,cutting and pasting, findingwhere their info goes, etc.
Help each group memberembed the class presentationinto their ePortfolio.Embed class presentation intoyour Portoflio (Well-5) 
Responsible for Placing the
Following in the ClassPresentation (Your Topic):
3 Examples
of How Your Group’s
Determinant Influences Health(Use
Brain….don’t just ask
1 BRIEF Stat on Each Example
with Citation
(No more than 15words)
: Heredity and Diabetes. “
: “Genetic variations in CD152
have been reported to confersusceptibility to the developmentof type-1-
Embed class presentation intoyour Portoflio (Well-5)

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