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Star Craft Tactical Miniatures Combat

Star Craft Tactical Miniatures Combat

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Published by sinisterbutt
A miniatures game rule set based on Starcraft
A miniatures game rule set based on Starcraft

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Published by: sinisterbutt on Jun 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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01. Introduction
 This game is about winning in the gloriousfuture of the Starcraft Universe; you willcommand small bands or small armies of soldiers, machines, aliens and more intobattle against enemies to totally obliteratethem as you shoot them, engage into closecombat with them, blow them up, and morein this game of total war and destruction.The idea for Starcraft: Tactical MiniaturesCombat came from Neuicon and SeanDaniels in an attempt to create small battleson a tabletop, which meant that one couldcommand forces of Terrans, Protoss andZerg into battle and fight it out, without usinghex grids or 1” grids; this game was meantto be played on regular 3-D terrain.This game is also similar to games likeWizards of the Coast’s Star Wars Miniaturesand Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures andproduces some awesome combat as thereare no Save Rolls, nor are there anydiscussions and long debates about whatrules mean what; our rules are simple, easyto understand and quick, because combatshould always be resolved fairly and quickly,in any game you play.Some things to keep in mind: this game isnot for you if you hate losing and choose tothrow girly-fits every time you lose, becauseyou will lose, and losing is normal! Somegames you’ll win, and others you’ll lose, soalways remember that if you love to arguewhile playing and love to complain aboutthings, then please, play another game,because this game was created for playersto interact together and have fun whileplaying. Another thing to keep in mind is toalways talk with your opponent, becausethat will ensure that the two of you cancommunicate without leading to argumentsand will help in providing quick gameplay,quick combat resolvement and more.This game was also play-tested by Neuicon,Sean Daniels, Kathy Ahern, Doug Ahern,Scott Travis and John Douglas. Manythanks go out to these people for their timeand the fun we had while playing thishomebrew rules system, free for the entireworld to enjoy and play.Now, for the legal stuff: all of the images inthis booklet are copyright, BlizzardEntertainment and we do not choose toclaim these as our own property; theStarcraft game itself is copyright, BlizzardEntertainment and again, we choose not toclaim ownership of any kind to the Starcrafttitle. We simply claim that is a fan-createdrules system, free and non-commercial.Thanks again to everyone for picking thisgame up, and we truly hope that you enjoyplaying it as much as we had fun working onit and play-testing it for all of you to enjoy;now go, kill, conquer and destroy!
02. Understanding the Basics
 In this section, we’ll be going over the basicsof the game, and how the mechanics work,in order to help you get a feel for the gameand the way combat is worked out.The following information below shoulddescribe the stats for each model in thegame; Game Mechanics will be shownbelow the example model’s stats.
A Model’s Statistics
 Understanding the stats is crucial whenplaying Starcraft: Tactical MiniaturesCombat.
Cost / CST:
This is the model’s cost, whichis simply the number of points you must payto add the creature to your warband.
Hit Points / HP:
How much damage acharacter can withstand before falling inbattle. When a character’s Hit Points arereduced to 0, the character is defeated andremoved from the game.
Defense / DEF:
How hard the character isto hit in combat. An attacker must roll thisnumber or higher to hit the creature and dealdamage.
Attack / ATK:
How effective the character isin combat. When the character makes anattack, roll the d20 and add this number. If the result equals or exceeds the enemy’sDefense, the attack hits.
Damage / DMG:
How much damage thecharacter deals when an attack hits.
Special Abilities:
These include any specialattacks, qualities, or limits a character has;the glossary contains terms used for creatures with special abilities and providesyou with information about what eachspecial ability can do.An example of a Terran Marine:
20 +8 15 10 40Special Abilities:
Melee / Range Combat:
This model mayattack in both Melee and Ranged situationsduring its controller’s turn.
Gauss Rifle:
Whenever this model attacks,he may make a second attack against thesame target.An example of a Zerg Hydralisk:
25 +10 17 20 80Special Abilities:
Melee Combat:
This model may only makeMelee Attacks against enemies in MeleeRange during its controller’s turn.
Spine Projectiles:
30 Damage dealt to allmodels within 6”. All models make a SaveRoll of 11+ (replaces attacks).As you can see, the point costs of thesemodels isn’t that high; this is because we’reaiming for small skirmish-sized battleswhere you’ll be commanding armies or 

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