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Dbms -Sris Sourcecode

Dbms -Sris Sourcecode

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Published by: Nanyer Asonipse Zelimafed on Sep 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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%aftbck tan`k wd`k td` fjlAll Outtck faptbck bs 'AllBg fjlAll+Faptbck : /'All/ \d`ktxtKaj`+V`tGcfusLbsaom`OuttcksPkmcfnBkputVav`All : \ru`fjlVav`+@kaom`l : \ru`fjl@lbt+@kaom`l : Gams`fjlAll+Faptbck : /'Fakf`m/% pr`par` amm t`xtocx`s gcr allbke oy `jptybke `afd fckt`kttxtKaj`+\`xt : //txtAe`+\`xt : //focE`kl`r+\`xt : //txtAllr`ss+\`xt : //txtJcobm`+\`xt : //txt@jabm+\`xt : //focFcurs`+\`xt : //focJaicr+\`xt : //Bg Lata1+_`fcrls`t+OCG \d`ktxtBLKc+\`xt : /88881/@ms`Lata1+_`fcrls`t+Jcv`MasttxtBLKc+\`xt : Gcrjat$Lata1+_`fcrls`t+Gb`mls$/BLKc/" . 1- /8888&/"Lata1+_`gr`sd@kl Bg @ms`%aftbck tan`k wd`k td` fjlAll Outtck faptbck bs 'Fakf`mCk @rrcr _`suj` K`xtLata1+_`fcrls`t+Fakf`mPplat`@kaom`OuttcksMcfn`lBkputfjlVav`+@kaom`l : Gams`fjl@lbt+@kaom`l : \ru`

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