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DEVC 11 Malunggay - Gathering Data

DEVC 11 Malunggay - Gathering Data

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Published by Laysa Salonga

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Published by: Laysa Salonga on Jun 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DEVC 11 Exercise 1December 1, 2008Name:
Paola Ysabel A. Salonga
Malunggay Ice Cream
Type of SourceSourceNotes
PrimaryRummel, D. J. (2005).
Useful Plants of the Philippines, Vol. 1 A Scientific Guide to ModernBotanical Medicine.
QuezonCity, Philippines: C & EPublishing, Inc.
Malunggay can be grown in any kindof soil and in any climate provided thatit is well-drained.
“Mature Malunggay cuttings of 2 cm or more in diameter and not less than 80cm in length are preferred, becausethey sprout earlier, and grow muchfaster.” (pg. 285)
The only pests known to attackMalunggay is called Mites(
Tetranychus spp.
It is recommended to use organic,non-toxic insecticides for the plant ismainly used for nutritive or cosmeticpurposes.
All parts of the Malunggay tree can beused.
The consumption of Malunggaystimulates hair growth,
Heals wounds and ulcers,
Facilitates menstruation,
Increases lactation (galactagogue),
For constipation and as a laxative;
Leaves can be eaten as vegetable.
The leaves that taste best are thoseleaves that are young to mediumtender.PrimaryQuisimbing, Dr. Eduardo(1978).
Medicinal Plants of thePhilippines.
Quezon City,Philippines: JMC Press Inc.
The tree is often used as fencematerial in the Philippines.
Malunggay leaves are very rich incalcium, iron and phosphorus.
The young fruit show that they arehigh in protein and phosphorus, a fair source of calcium and iron, as well.
Malunggay roots are used for seasoning.
When used as a poultice, malunggayleaves can be used to reduceglandular swellings.
The leaves are said to have purgativeproperties and they are also
recommended to be eaten when aperson suffers gonorrhea on accountof their diuretic action.PrimaryScience Education Center,University of the Philippines.
Plants of the Philippines.
(1980). Philippines: M & LLicudine Enterprises.
Propagation of Malunggay is by seedsand stem cutting.
Malunggay can grow in all kinds of well-drained soils because it isdrought resistance.
The oil from Malunggay seeds isknown as the ben oil and is used asan illuminant, an ointment base andan absorbent in the enfleurageprocess of extracting volatile oils fromflowers.SecondaryAquino, PhD., M. U., (2007,October).BAR Chronicle.
Nutritious malunggay-based recipe wins 2007 Agri-Cookfest.
(Vol. 8, Issue 10).
Malunggay was chosen to be themain ingredient in the Agri-Cook fest2007 for its affordability and nutrition.SecondaryDela Cruz, R. T. (2007,October). BAR Chronicle.
Food Company Eyes the Potential Probem of Malunggay for Biofortification.
(Vol. 8, Issue10).
Prevalence of malnutrition in thecountryside made a noodle companyeye on Malunggay for thebiofortification of noodles to complyand support the campaign againstmalnutrition.SecondaryNagpala, E. G. (2007). BARChronicle. Beverage fromMalunggay.
(Vol. 8, Issue 10).
Malunggay tea bags are wildly sold for malunggay’s health benefits.
Moringa is a vitamin rich vegetable;contains protein, iron and potassium.It also contains anti-oxidants thatreduces activity of free radicals whichcauses cell-death.
Moringa’s exploitation is a part of Department of Agriculture’s campaignto combat poverty, malnutrition andother health disorders.PrimaryDiaz, G. C., Lo, R. R., & RamiloR. C. (2007).
Identifying theNutritive Value of Malunggay (Moringa oleifera) – Soybean(Glycine max) Ice Cream.
(Unpublished UndergraduateResearch). Santa Cruz, Laguna
The results of the sensory evaluationamong 20 people to test theacceptability of MaluSoy (Malunggayand Soybean) Ice Cream showed thatthere is no significant difference interms of taste, color, odor, and texturecompared to the standard ice cream.
Chemical analyses between MaluSoyIce Cream and the standard ice creamproved that the Malunggay-SoymilkIce Cream contains more nutrientsthat the latter.
Moringa is said to be nature’smedicine cabinet in the tropical partsof the world.
Malunggay is renowned as anexcellent source of nutrition and actsas a natural energy booster, as well.
Moringa has a well-documenteddetoxifying effect that makes you feelrelaxed; giving you back energy youthought was lost.
University laboratories have studiesMoringa’s ability to purify water.
“Moringa preparations have beencited in the scientific literature ashaving antibiotic, antitrypanosomal,hypotensive, antipasmodic, antiulcer,anti-inflammatory,hypocholesterolemic, andhypoglycemic activities, as well ashaving considerable efficacy in water purification by flocculation,sedimentation, antibiosis and evenreduction of Schistosome cercariaetiter.PrimaryBenaning, M. N. (2008, June).
Ilocana food technologist makes malunggay recipesspacer.
Dr. Lorma Valera, a food technologistfrom Ilocos Region is crafting dishesput of Malunggay which she sayswould help children who are deficientin iron, Vitamin A and other nutrientsand reduce the rate of malnutritionamong millions of mothers.PrimaryAbilgos, R.G. (1996).
Utilizationof malunggay (Moringa oleiferaLam.) leaves in rice (Oryzasativa L.) flat noodle production.
College, Laguna: RetrievedNovember 28, 2008, from AgrisRepository database.
Chemical analyses indicated anincrease in nutrients of flat noodleswith 5% malunggay leaves substitute,among others.
A significant increase in the level of Calcium, iron and Beta carotene whenthe level of malunggay leavessubstitution was increased from 5percent to 15 percent.PrimaryGuevara, A.P. Vargas, C. Uy, M.(1996).
 Anti-inflammatory and antitumor activities of seed extracts of malunggay, Moringaoleifera L. (Moringaceae)
.Retrieved November 28, 2008,from Agris Repository database.
These results indicate the strong anti-inflammatory activities of the crudeethanol extract and the hexanefraction. On the other hand, theethylacetate fraction caused a 267percent increase in inflammation andexhibited toxicity results from the

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