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The Chronicles of the Samuel Hain 5th Series - One More for Dinner

The Chronicles of the Samuel Hain 5th Series - One More for Dinner

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Published by Benjamin F. Kaye
Episode 5
Episode 5

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Published by: Benjamin F. Kaye on Sep 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Chronicles of the Samuel Hain5
One More for Dinner 
Move. Countermove. Sweat. Kiss. Caress. Comfort. I got up from the bed and walked across theroom, my body still quivering from the passion. I looked over my shoulder and gave that
vulnerable-that was special
look. Now the interrogation can begin.
That was incredible!
s words dribbled down her chin like a little waterfall.
Thank you. It was an honor.
I smiled my little
I didn
t think you would-
Go to bed with an alien race? Why not?
I thought that Neredites stick with their own.
Alien races are a delicacy among my people. We have an appetite for the new
the alien.
Ikissed her on the forehead.
Also, you looked lonely.
Really? You picked that up?
Yes. I
m very observant. And, let
s face it
re in a tough situation. All these differentspecies, crammed into one half of a battered old starship. Who do you trust? Who
s your friend?Who
s your enemy?
And you trust me?
I didn
t at first; but after watching you
I decided to take a chance.
Why, Shevu
m grateful that you would trust me.
s the only thing that will get us home
trust. There are too many secrets on board thisold ship; secrets are like walls, they block one
s path.
I agree.
Some people think secrets protect
but all they do is create this horrible emotional maze thatyou have to get through every day. Every day I walk through the ship and I can see it in everybody
re keeping a secret. It
s just dividing us.
re right
more honesty would bring the crew together.
And we can start right now?
Of course.
Then let
s start prying some of those secrets loose
not by force
but by trust.
I smiled.Soon
soon I would know which of those cowards voted to sacrifice Hefu.
Lofiene. No more medicine.
s voice crackled over the speaker above us.
No more medicine in the sick bay?
No. Need options.
Dip-Dip sounded tired. Running a mine was one thing, but running a loosecoalition of aliens in the middle of nowhere was another.
ll take Shevu, Manfred, and Arvyshog with me on a hunting trip. If divinity allows it, we willfind a storeroom
or something.
Careful. Avoid Entity.
Lofiene turned to me.
I just didn
t have the heart to tell him that there is noEntity
s just an illusion based on wildly varying temperatures and light levels.
 And I didn
t have the heart to tell her that there was something very real
and very solid
inthe abandoned parts of the ship. So much for being honest and open.Manfred was standing before us, with a blue print of the ship in his hand.
Now listen up. Thesection of the Hain that we
re going into has some problems. There
s an old biology lab down there thatmight be leaking some materials. There are also several weak sections of the hull that might give way.Keep your ears and eyes open; what we
re doing is unsafe at best.
Is it true that the funeral room is also there?
Lofiene spoke up.
Yes, but that area is not going to cause any problems.
That depends on how the previous crew died.
Lofiene argued.So we headed out. As we walked down the familiar halls and left our little world behind, Iremembered my field trips with my father. My father was a good man, an honest man. But he was also
 courageous to a fault. He just didn
t know what the word
meant. Whenever he got thechance, he would drag me away from the large, clean cities that I loved so much and into the wasteland.We would walk along the barren, chalky ground amid the towering deposits of calcium carbonate just toget little red lizards. I have to admit, those lizards were the best thing I ever ate, but they were the lastthing on my mind when we were enveloped in the thick fog. I would be thinking about the giant squidsthat lived in the lonely towers
and how we were a delicacy to them. I had lots of childhood friendswho went into the wasteland and never came back.
You OK?
Arvyshog came up beside me. Really? A Nethasian is trying to be kind to me? I hadnever been intimate with one of those red-skinned brutes but maybe he had valuable information.
Thanks. I
m just a little unsure of this place. It
s one of those areas of the ship that nobodylikes.
I looked into his eyes with innocence and fear.
t worry, nothing will happen. I
ll keep everyone safe. That
s what Nethasians wereoriginally bred to do you know
protect others.
 Then where did they go wrong? Why did they end up killing billions upon billions of innocentsouls? I lost half my family to one of their little wars. The galaxy would be full of life, culture, and peaceif the Nethasians had never existed.
s very kind of you.
I gently ran my fingertips along his left tentacle.The floor behind us gave way with a loud crash. Lofiene was dangling over a large, gapingshadowy hole. Occasional sparks illuminated jagged metal and broken glass at the bottom.
Hold on!
I reached out my hand and bent over as far as I could. I would not allow my plans todie
nothing would stop my revenge.
Reach! You can do it!
 She was slipping; slowly losing her grasp on the metal cable that was her only hope. Then herfingers slid off and she was falling. Just before she disappeared a red tentacle grabbed her hand.
This is how you conduct a search mission. Next time stay in your quarters and shootyourselves.
s words drifted up from the deck below. With Lofiene securely in his tentacles,he quickly scrambled up and out of the hole. His strength and agility made me question his age.
Arvyshog! Where is my battle staff?
The general turned to his soldier.
It must be down there sir! I
ll get it for you.
The seedling has promise. I might not have to kill him.
The old Nethasian mused.
Your battle staff sir!
Arvyshog presented the general with his weapon.
Is killing the solution for everything General?
hide my disgust.
Killing is a means to an end, Neredite. Those who cannot fight feed those who can.

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