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The Word of Thoth - A Smite Mechanics Guide

The Word of Thoth - A Smite Mechanics Guide



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Published by Flareb00t
A long-in-the-making guide on various Smite-related mechanics and mathermatics.
A long-in-the-making guide on various Smite-related mechanics and mathermatics.

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Published by: Flareb00t on Sep 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Word of Thoth: A Smite Mechanics and Formulae Guide Season 2 Edition
Version: 2.02573.5
The Word of Thoth offers an insight to the internal mechanisms and formulae responsible for the gears underneath the shiny, polished and god-filled surface that is Smite. With Season 2 there have been a lot of changes, so it may be a good idea to read even if you think you know everything! Special thanks to HiRezPonPon for being extremely co-operative in letting me get some of this info, along with all of the other contributors to some of the more difficult formulae.
Tier 1 Towers have 2000 HP and the first shot will deal 170 damage. Killing a Tier 1 Tower will grant the entire team 100 exp and 100 gold. Tier 2 Towers also have 2000 HP, but their first shot will deal 230 damage. Along with this, they will be immune to all forms of damage until the Tier 1 tower in that lane has been destroyed. Killing one will grant the entire team 200 exp and 300 gold. After the first shot, towers become progressively more damaging towards enemy gods. For each hit, you add on 20% of the first hit. This can be shown through the formula:
 where D is the tower damage, T is how many shots the tower has fired, and X is armour. So for the first shot on a Tier 1 tower, it would be
 where X is armour.
Tower/Phoenix shots cannot be dodged once it has been fired, and once it has been fired the damage it will deal is locked. Towers have 150 Physical and Magical Protections. Unlike a normal basic attack, physical basic attacks on towers will only deal 85% of your physical power. This means that at 300 physical power and zero pen, you would be dealing (300*0.85) * (100/100+150) = 102 damage, with 153 damage being mitigated.
They can’t be affected by debuffs such as Executioner, only penetration will work
on them. Magical basic attack damage on towers has a 1.2x damage coefficient on it, so if your basic attacks are dealing 100 damage with zero
pen, you’ll deal (100*1.2) * (100/100+150) = 48 damage.
 If there are no minions within range of the tower (
and this extends slightly outwards of the tower’s
maximum firing range) then the tower will take 50% damage. Once the final minion has been killed and there are none left in the range to make the tower take 100% damage and someone is still attacking the tower, then there is a roughly 2-3 second gap in which there will be no minions but you are hitting for 100% damage. You can also use pets to break the backdoor coefficient.
 Phoenixes are quite similar to towers, with a couple of small but noticeable differences. Phoenixes deal 300 base damage as physical, with the same damage scaling formula as towers have. This damage number also applies to the gryphons in Arena. Their base HP is 2500, although Joust Phoenixes have 1500 HP. Phoenixes will be immune until both the Tier 1 and Tier 2 towers on that lane have been destroyed. Phoenixes have the same physical and magical protections as a tower, and are hit by basic attacks in the same manner. 4 minutes after a Phoenix has been killed, it will respawn with 25% HP. Phoenixes that have been destroyed previously have 50% max HP and 50% damage on their shots, so base is 150, with 1250 max HP(750 in Joust). Phoenixes take the same damage that towers would, including the damage reduction if a minion is not in range. Killing a Phoenix will grant your entire team 150 gold. Once a phoenix has been killed in a lane, fire minions will begin to spawn in that lane.
 The Titans of Order and Chaos are the most varied case in terms of stats, as their strength is determined by the number of structures presently up and alive. This means, for every tower and Phoenix that is alive, the Titan will be stronger. The less towers and phoenixes alive, the less HP, damage and protections the Titan has. Alongside this, Titans cannot be damaged by something outside of their leash range, so if you want to damage it you need to stay and fight. This scaling is based on a formula of
 where x is the increase in stats, and p is equal to the number of phoenixes up, and t is equal to the number of towers up. At the moment, x is an unknown constant for Health and Protections.
 If all 3 phoenixes are alive, then the Titan is immune to damage, unless you are attacking it
when the last phoenix comes back up. Then, it will only be immune when you reset it to the Titan’s
starting position. With 0 Phoenixes and Towers up, the Titan has 5500 HP.
 Magical Protection: 45 at 0 Structures. Physical Protection: 61-64(Precise number yet to be calculated).
 The Titan has a base damage of 250 on the first hit, but this is increased by 20 for every tower left standing, and 60 for every Phoenix left standing. He is subject to the same scaling damage formula as towers, where 20% of the first hit is added every successive hit. Another way of putting
the Titan’s damage would be as so:
 Where p is phoenixes alive and t is towers alive. The Titan will regenerate 15% of its maximum HP if it leashes to its starting position and a god has attacked it. Minions:
All minions are subject to a percentage mitigation formula as the game progresses. At the start of a match, minions will mitigate 10% of damage dealt, increasing by 1% every minute up until 40, at which point they have 50% damage mitigation. This does not apply to damage from NPCs such as Towers and other minions, although damage from player pets will still be reduced.
Normal Melee
: Base damage: 12. Protections: 1 physical, 0 magical + Damage Mitigation. Health: 375 HP.
Normal Ranged
: Base damage: 25 Protections: 1 magical, 0 physical + Damage Mitigation. Health: 265 HP
Normal Brute
: Base damage: 50. Protections: 16 physical, 0 magical + Damage Mitigation. Health: 720 HP
Fire Ranged
: Base damage: 50. Protections: Unknown + Damage Mitigation. HP: 465 HP
Fire Melee
: Base damage: 24. Protections: Unknown + Damage Mitigation. HP: 750 HP
Fire Brute
: Base Damage: 100. Protections: Unknown + Damage Mitigation. Health: 900 HP
Melee: 65xp, 17 gold without a last hit, 25 gold with last hit. Brute: 65xp, 17 gold without last hit, 25 gold with last hit Archer: 45xp, 12 gold without last hit, 18 gold with last hit
Fire Giant
: The Fire Giant is the toughest non-god enemy in the game, and you should only be fighting him if you feel you have the strength to take him down. The Fire Giant has 4 main attacks. The first two are similar, with the exception of range. This is his Mighty Swing and Boulder Toss. He will use these depending on if the person who is the target for
the FG’s aggro is in melee range or not. Both of these will deal 155 physical damage.
 Next, is the deadliest move the FG has, Magma Blast. He will slam his weapon into the ground, creating a line of lava into the floor towards his target. Anyone standing on the lava line will be slowed by 80 %(before diminishing returns). After 1.5s, the line will detonate, knocking up anyone who is still standing on it, dealing 500 magical damage to all targets there. Lastly is the Molten Pools. The Fire Giant will summon pools of magma around where each player in range of his attacks is, dealing 225 magical damage upon spawn, then again once every second for 5 seconds. If you are standing over multiple pools, the damage is applied for each pool.
All of the Fire Giant’s attacks will apply a debuff that causes you to take 40% less healing and
regeneration, and deal 20% less damage. Boulder Toss applies Flaming Boulder, whilst Mighty Swing applies Cleave, but they have the same effect.
 Attack Pattern:

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AlexanderEdoja reviewed this
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ust started reading, cant help but notice there is a problem with your math xD
Tower damage that you do:(100*1.2) * (100/100+150) this should be ((100 * 1.2) * 100) / (100 + 150)
Titan damage: 250 + (20 * ((3 * 3) + 4))
Just thought you should know.
this guy's account that im using :)

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So moist Kreygasm :)
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Great Job~!
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