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Hazrath Hassan and Hussain

Hazrath Hassan and Hussain

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Published by hisyedadil
a small decription about the life of Hazrath Hassan and Hussain , not in detail though.
a small decription about the life of Hazrath Hassan and Hussain , not in detail though.

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Published by: hisyedadil on Jun 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A peek into the history before Hazrath Hassan and Hussain.1. Hazrath Osman is assassinated and Hazrat Ali is the next Caliph
After Hazrath Osman’s assassination for three day there was no Caliph . Therioters had started to create a riot in the whole of meccah. They proposed HazrathAli to become the next Caliph , he spoke to the companions and they told him heshould come forward to serve the people. So Hazrath Ali agreed to become thenext Caliph.The people wanted the revenge of Hazrath Osmans murder and they wanted thethe rioters punished. Hazrath Ali told them to wait for some time and the murdererswill be punished , some were ready to wait some were not . The rioters createdmore misunderstanding among the people and kept the riots going on.
Battle of the Camel
Hazrath Aisha had gone for Hajj when Hazrath Osman was slain. On her way back she got the news of his murder, she went back to makkah to avenge the death of thelate Caliph. Thousands of men joined her to fight , she was advised to go to Basrafor more help .They reached Basra and the Governor of Basra asked for the objective of their visitand they told him they had come to avenge the death of the late Caliph. TheGovernor of Basra opposed them as Hazrath Ali was the Caliph and the people hadnot pledged loyalty to Hazrath Ali. Now two armies stood face to face. Before theWar Hazrath Aisha explained the need of revenge and half the army of Basramoved to Hazrath Aisha’s side.The War began and the Governor of Basra was defeated and Hazrath Aishaoccupies Basra. 
Battle of Siffin
Hazath Ali now turned the attention towards Muawia. Except Syria which wasunder Muawia ,the whole empire had now accepted Hazrath Ali as the Caliph.Hazrath Ali sent an envoy to Muawia. The envoy requested the Syria Governer toaccept Hazrath Ali as the new Caliph, to this Muawia replied “ Let the murderersof Hazrath Osman be slain first, then let the Muslims choose their Caliph by vote ”.It was clear Muawia would not accept Hazrath Ali as the new Caliph and hewanted bloodshed. Harath Ali prepared himself for the war and moved from Kufawith a large army towards Syria. Muawia came to know of Hazrath Ali’s advanceand He too led an army to face him. Before the war began all Peace talk didhappen but none came out with a positive result, Muawia stuck to his point andHazrath Ali would not agree to Muawias terms and conditions. 
Finally the war is pronounce and Hazrath Ali gave orders to attack the Syrianarmy and the fierce battle begins.The war goes on for a long time. The Historicwords of Prophet(SAW) last sermon kept ringing in their years
“ The life, honor and property of a brother Muslim is more sacred to you than the sacred monthof Hajj and the sacred area of Makkah” 
. There were men in both the armies whohad heard the Prophet(SAW) utter these words , but they were in such a positionthat they had to fight and they had no other option.Muawia’s army was under a powerful attack and his army was not able to standthe attack of Hazrath Ali’s army. Muawia hastily consults Hazrath Amr bin Aas anda signal is passed to the army. After some time the Qurans are hanging with thespears of the Syrian and they said “ This is the Book of Allah, the Almighty, let itdecide between us. If we are gone who will defend the western frontiers? And if you are gone who will defend the eastern frontiers?”Hazrath Ali understands the trap and says “This is a trap laid by the enemydon’t fall into it, Go on fighting victory is already in sight. This is a move todeceive you”. But many of the men in Hazrath Ali’s army refuse to listen to him. “How can it be ? They cried “ we are being called out towards the book of Allah andhow can we refuse?. Hazrath Ali pressed his point that fighting be carried on, butthose men said” Either order the army for stop fighting or we will deal with youthe way we dealt with Hazrath Osman”. Hazrath Ali felt hepless and disappointedthat his own army was helping the enemy. He unwillingly called his army back.An agreement was signed by leading men of both sides , which said that the judges from both sides would finalize the award by the month of Ramadan.
Battle of Nahrwan
A separate group was formed called as Khariji they were people who objectedto the Agreement of Siffin. They said when the rules are set by Allah in the Quranwhy should we follow the judgment of these judges. They said Hazrath Ali hasgone against the Allah’s command by accepting the agreement. The award wasannounced they decided not to have Hazrath Ali or Muawia as the Caliph and letthe prople choose a new Chalip . Amr one of the judges said that Hazrath Ali isunfit and he would prefer Muawia as the next Chaliph. There was a big uproar andall honest people left the place in great disgust.The Kharijis began torturing Muslims and killing Muslim men, women and old people who said they were followers of the Caliph. Hazrath Ali sent two notedcompanions to tell the Khariji leaders to stop the killing and surrender the peoplewho have killed the Muslims but they dint agree and they continued with their immoral killings. Hazrath Ali sent a big army and the Kharijis were defeated butsome still remained , they moved to different places and created unrest over there.
Hazrath Hasan(AS)
Hasan ibn ‘Alī 
was the grandson of Muhammad, son of ‘Alī ibn Abī Tālib(final Rashidun Caliph
 and firstShī‘ah Imām) and Fātimah Zahrā(daughter of Muhammad). He is an important figure inIslāmas he is a member of theAhlul Bayt (the household of Muhammad it has been narrated that upon the birth of his grandson in 3 AH, Muhammadwas ordered by the archangel Gabrielto name him
- a name that had not yet been used in the pre-Islāmic period.
 Muhammad also honoured his grandson by reciting theAdhānin his right ear,
 theIqāmahin his left ear ,
shaved the head of his grandson,
and sacrificed a ram in his name.
Hasan ibn Ali and his younger brother,Husayn ibn Ali, are said to have been greatly beloved bytheir grandfather. There are numerous Hadiths (oral traditions) that affirm this claim. There arealso Hadiths which states that Hasan ibn Ali and Husayn ibn Ali are the leaders of the youth in paradise. Muhammad also said that Hasan and Hussain are Imams, whether they sit (agree to a peace treaty) or stand (go to war).
Imam Hasan (a.s.) faced extremely difficult conditions from the start. He observed that fear,anxiety and much distress were ever present in Kufa, Basrah, Medina and other towns. Theanxiety, uncertainty and insecurity were caused by Mu'awiya's ill dealing of sincere Muslims.Mu'awiya had spread secret agents all over to defame Ahlul Bayt. Imam Hasan knew that hisfather Imam Ali (a.s.) had stood like a lion in all difficulties and fought battles against Mu'awiya, but these confrontations had resulted in heavy casualties on both sides. A mass scale familydevastation was visible everywhere. Considering all circumstances, Imam Hasan (a.s.) discussedthe matter with his brother Husain (a.s.) and other relatives. He revealed to them that in order toend the bloodshed and to provide a reasonable safety and security to the Ummah, he would makea peace agreement with Mu'awiya and abdicate until after Mu'awiya's death. After a few days of careful consideration, Imam Hasan (a.s.) accepted an agreement as per the terms dictated by theImam and agreed to by Mu'awiya.
Four noteworthy terms of this agreement were
People of Syria, Iraq, Hijaz, Yemen and other places shall enjoy amnesty against persecution,
Friends and companions of Imam Ali (a.s.) and all their women and children shall be protected from all dangers,
Mu'awiya is to immediately stop the use of abusive language with reference toAhlul Bayt (cursing Imam Ali) after Salat of Jumu'a), and
Mu'awiya shall not appoint anyone as his successor.

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