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Published by hisyedadil
a brief information about the Prophet Sulaymaan according to Islam , He had control over winds, could talk to jinns and animals. he had the power of extracting copper from the soil. sorry if its coming up clean and clear. will try to put it in a diff format. try downloading and then wathcing the ppt.
a brief information about the Prophet Sulaymaan according to Islam , He had control over winds, could talk to jinns and animals. he had the power of extracting copper from the soil. sorry if its coming up clean and clear. will try to put it in a diff format. try downloading and then wathcing the ppt.

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Published by: hisyedadil on Jun 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hazrath SulaimanSulaymaan was one of the prominent Prophets of Allaah. His story,which is an interesting one, is mentioned in the Noble Quran.Sulaymaan inherited his prophethood and dominion from his fatherDaawood .In the Quran, Allaah Almighty Says (what means
"And We hadcertainly given to Daawood and Sulaymaan knowledge, and theysaid: 'Praise [is due] to Allaah, who has favoured us over many of His believing servants.' And Sulaymaan inherited Daawood. Hesaid: 'O People! We have been taught the language of birds, wehave been given from all things. Indeed, this is an evidentbounty.' And gathered for Sulaymaan were his soldiers of the jinnand men and birds, and they were [marching] in rows."[Quran:27:15-17]
After his father's death, Sulaymaan became king. He begged Allaahfor a kingdom of the stature that none after him would have, and Allaahgranted him his wish. Besides wisdom, Allaah had blessed Sulaymaanwith many abilities. He could command the winds and understand and talkto birds and animals. Allaah directed him to teach both men and jinn tomine the earth and extract its minerals to make tools and weapons. Healso favoured him by giving him a mine of copper, which was a rare metalin that era.Indeed, this entire story is related in the Quran as follows, the meaning of which is:
"And to Daawood We gave Sulaymaan. An excellentservant, indeed he was one who repeatedly turned back [toAllaah]. [Mention] when there were exhibited before him in theafternoon the poised [standing] racehorses. And he said: '
IndeedI gave preference to the love of good [things] over theremembrance of my Lord until it [i.e., the sun] disappearedinto the curtain [of darkness].' [He said]: 'Return them to me,'and set about striking [their] legs and necks. And We certainlytried Sulaymaan and placed on his throne a body; then hereturned. He said: 'My Lord! Forgive me and grant me akingdom such as will not belong to anyone after me. Indeed, You are the Bestower.' So We subjected to him the windblowing by his command, gently, wherever he directed, And[also] the devils [of jinn] – every builder and diver. And othersbound together in shackles. [We said]: 'This is Our gift, sogrant or withhold without account.' And indeed, for him isnearness to Us and a good place of return."
[Quran: 38:30-40]
One day, Sulaymaan gathered his army, which had different battalionsof men, jinn, birds, and animals, and marched them to Askalon (inPalestine). While they were passing through a valley, an ant saw theapproaching army and cried out to warn the other ants saying (whatmeans):
"…Enter your dwellings that you not be crushed bySulaymaan and his soldiers while they perceive not."[Quran:27:18]
Sulaymaan hearing the cry of the ant, smiled. He was gladthat the ant knew him to be a Prophet who would not intentionally harmAllaah's creation. He thanked Allaah for saving the ants' lives.Allaah the Almighty narrated (what means
"And gathered forSulaymaan were his soldiers of the jinn and men and birds, andthey were [marching] in rows until, when they came upon thevalley of the ants, an ant said: 'O ants! Enter your dwellings thatyou not be crushed by Sulaymaan and his soldiers while theyperceive not.' So [Sulaymaan] smiled, amused at her speech, andsaid: 'My Lord! Enable me to be grateful for Your favour which You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents and dorighteousness of which You approve. And admit me by Your mercyinto [the ranks of] Your righteous servants'"[Quran: 27:17-19]
In Jerusalem, on a huge rock, Sulaymaan built a beautiful temple todraw the people to worship Allaah. Today, this building is known as theDome of the Rock. From there, a large band of followers joined Sulaymaanon pilgrimage to the Holy Mosque in Makkah. After they hadcompleted their Hajj, they travelled to Yemen and arrived in the city of Sana'a. Sulaymaan was impressed by the clever method of channelling water all over the cities that the Yemenis deployed. He waskeen to build similar water systems in his own country but did not haveenough springs.He set out to find a hoopoe bird, which could detect water under theground. He sent signals all over for the hoopoe to call on him, but it wasnowhere to be found. In anger, he declared that unless the bird had agood reason for its absence, he would punish it severely. The hoopoe eventually came and explained to Sulaymaan the reasonfor its delay. "I have discovered something of which you are not aware. Ihave come from Sheba (Saba') with important news," said the bird.Sulaymaan became curious, and his anger subsided. The birdcontinued: "Saba' is ruled by a queen who has plenty of everything,including a splendid throne. But in spite of all this wealth, Satan hasentered her heart and the hearts of her people. She rules their mindscompletely. I was shocked to learn that they worship the sun instead of Allaah, the Almighty."
 To check the hoopoe's information, Sulaymaan sent a letter to thequeen with the bird. He instructed the bird to remain hidden and toobserve everything it saw. The hoopoe dropped the letter in front of the queen and flew away tohide. She excitedly opened and read its content (which means
"Indeed,it is from Sulaymaan, and indeed. It is [i.e., reads]: 'In the Nameof Allaah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful, Be nothaughty with me but come to me in submission [as Muslims].'"[Quran: 27:30-31]
 The queen of Sheba, upon receiving the letter from Sulaymaan wasvery disturbed and hurriedly summoned her advisors. They reacted as toa challenge, for they felt that there was someone challenging them,hinting at war and defeat, and asking them to submit to his conditions. They told her that they could only offer advice, but it was her right tocommand action. She sensed that they wanted to meet Sulaymaan'sthreat of invasion with a battle. However, she told them: "Peace andfriendship are better and wiser; war only brings humiliation, enslavespeople and destroys everything that is good. I have decided to send giftsto Sulaymaan, selected from our most precious treasures. The courtierswho will deliver the gifts will also have an opportunity to learn aboutSulaymaan and his military might."Sulaymaan's 'reconnaissance team' brought him the news of the arrival of the queen’s messengers with gifts. He immediately realised that thequeen had sent her men on a probing mission and, therefore, gave ordersto rally his army. The envoys of the queen, entering amidst the well-equipped army of Sulaymaan realised that their wealth was nothing incomparison to that of the kingdom of Sulaymaan, in which the floors of hispalace were made of sandalwood and inlaid with pure gold. They noticedSulaymaan surveying his army, and were amazed at the number andvariety of soldiers, which included lions, tigers, and birds. The messengersstood awestruck, realising that they were in front of an irresistible army. The envoys marvelled at the splendour surrounding them. They eagerlypresented their queen's precious gifts and told Sulaymaan that thequeen wished that he would accept them as a token of friendship. Theywere shocked by his reaction: he did not even ask to open the covers of the containers! He told them: "Allaah has given me plenty of wealth, a

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