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Published by Anahiti Atena

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Published by: Anahiti Atena on Sep 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ANYARA-ASTROLOGY* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Dwads in Anyara
The dwadasamsa [dwad] sign tells us what the person wants,what he is growing towards in the present lifetime, whatqualities he will develop as he grows and fulfills hisevolutionary process (dharma). - David & Gina Cochrane
DWAD-ESSAYS:Dwads - Our Inner Resources|Why dwads?|Cats and Dwads|The Dwad-chart| Pluto in action - and Neptune as a Defendant|Dwad Creativity|Dwad synastry| Soul mates in dwads|Setting up a Dwad-chart|Using dwads - Questions and  Answers|There are many references to dwads even inother essays. HOROSCOPE SIGNS AND DWADSs:Aries|Taurus|Gemini|Cancer|Leo|Virgo|Libra|Scorpio|Sagittarius| Capricorn|Aquarius|Pisces| DWAD QUOTE PROFILES:John Lilly|Carl Rogers|Alan Watts|Uranus|Pluto| There is a tendency to the dwadasamsa to become stronger and more evident in one'spersonality as one reaches adulthood. - David & Gina CochraneMore quotations? Welcome toAnyara-Aphorisms © Anyara 2004
ANYARA-ASTROLOGY~ Dwads (Dwadasamsas) ~* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Our Inner Resources
The inner man is the substantial reality; while the other one isonly an apparition. - ParacelsusDwads are like another Zodiac within each horoscope sign. And a veryinteresting Zodiac! Although dwads are an underlying influence, they do notjust emphasize radix placements, they also add a whole lot of new content toall your astrological interpretations. Dwads can be seen as sub-types ofhoroscope signs describing deep inner characteristics you are trying todevelop and express through your Sun-Sign and through your whole birthchart. If you manage not to express those inner resources, you may thenproject them onto others and sort of live your own dwads through them.Traditionally the Zodiac is first divided into 12 signs and then each of thesesigns into twelve dwads (from the Sanskrit dwadasamsa). Each dwad is twoand one half degrees. The first dwad in each sign is ruled by the sign itself,the second by the next sign and so on. Thus, for instance in Aries the firstdwad is ruled by Aries, the second by Taurus, the third one by Gemini...Likewise in Taurus: the first dwad is ruled by Taurus, the second one byGemini, the third one by Cancer... See theDwad tablebelow.Although dwads reflect deeper inner potentials than your birth chart, theyhave a way of influencing your outer life and personality as well, even the wayyou look. Dwads are often extremely useful in rectification, because quiteoften the first impression we have of someone may be more influenced by heror his Ascendant's dwad than by anything else. The first impression is kind ofgut feeling, it comes from deep within, from dwads. When we have more timeto study the person we meet, then we begin to react to her or his Ascendant.And dwads are in no way weaker because of their inner nature, on thecontrary, they can be strikingly powerful especially in inner-oriented typesand in creative personalities. Often they become more powerful and also morevisible with advancing age when most of us become more inner-oriented. The
older you get, the more you may also become aware of the way your dwadsare influencing you and working out in your life.In relationships dwad can be very powerful. We do not only find people whotruly resemble our dwads, often we unconsciously project dwads on ourpartners, sometimes without them having any resemblance at all. Dwads'unconscious power is sometimes quite remarkable in making us blind to ourown projections which, of course, makes the relationship quite frustrating forthe partner who may feel that he or she is not seen at all. The partner livesthen in a same kind of situation than many a Neptunian with her or hisinvisible identity. The more intensive and powerful the relationship is, themore enlightening dwads usually are...For studying your dwads you need, of course, your birth chart. If you don'thave it yet,choose an astrologerand ask her or him to cast your birth chart.You will then have an exciting journey inwards - you may not only study dwad-signs of all the planets and angles, we may even castyour dwad chart, whichgives you a whole new astrological picture of yourself, within and without."For according to the outward man, we are in this world, and according to theinward man, we are in the inward world... Since then we are generated out ofboth worlds, we speak in two languages, and we must be understood also bytwo languages." (Jacob Böhme)Any time you wonder how two people with quite similar horoscopes can be sodifferent, look at their dwads. You may see how one of your Leonian friends istruly a pure Leo (Sun in Leo's Leo-dwad) and yet another Leonian friend ismore like a Virgo wit all her or his critical talents (Sun in Leo's Virgo-dwad),and the third one is extremely sensitive and compassionate (Sun in Leo'sPisces-dwad). Or why a Scorpio you know has such a talkative and lightpersonality (Sun in Scorpio's Gemini-dwad). And so on.If you want to take an even deeper journey inwards, you can also calculate so-called super-dwads by dividing each dwad further into twelve parts - and thenusing your super-dwads to study an even deeper layer of your personality.Just remember that for good results with super-dwads your birth-time must bealmost exact. Happy journey inwards!Read more about dwads:Dwads in Anyara 

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