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Published by: ssdt on Jun 23, 2009
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thoughout thei lifetime. As this faculty was developed in a piobith, the wisdom and undestanding of its pope use comes natu-ally to them. But moe commonly, psychic sight develops slowly,almost impeceptibly, though an unboken continuity of 
Though the unveiling gace of Lod Siva we ae allowed to seewhat needs to be seen at the pope time in ou life when we cansustain the esultant eactions. Geneally, if you do have this awak-ened inne peception of auas, you would only notice someone’saua if it wee peculialy dull o stongly adiant. A mystic who hascontol of this faculty does not geneally see auas all of the time,but just when he wants to.
Auric Cleansing:
You as a devotee have often gone to the templewith you poblems and placed them at the feet of the Deity. In theunseen wold of the Devaloka what actually happens is that theDeity and His many devas
wok with you poblems by wokingwith you aua, most especially the inne aua, by disintegating ocleaing up any congestion they nd. Fom the inne sanctum, theylighten the dake colos, which wee ceated by tavel-ing though toubled states of mind, infusing themwith ays of white and violet light. We aelysee this happening, but we can cetainly feelit, and we depat the temple feeling elievedand feed fom congestion and woy.You can also ood you aua withays of white and violet light, just likethe Deities and devas
do. If you aein a negative mood because of having just become angy with somebodybecause you wee jealous of them,thee is a emedy that you can pe-fom fo youself. You aua is nowbownish with muky, dity geen,possibly accented with black anded spaks. To counteact thisheaviness, just add white. Vi-sualize white light ooding outfom the cente of you spine intoand though you aua. Visualizeviolet ays ooding into you newwhite aua, invigoating and cut-ting though the dakness. When you go, as pue awaeness, ightinto the cente of you spine andood white mind-substance outinto you aua, the white mixeswith the black, and gay appeasin you aua. Immediately you expe-ience fea, but this emotion soonpasses as moe white entes theaua. The gay soon disappeas.As still moe white entes theaua, the aming ed of angetuns to the pink shades of tol-eance and compassion. Thedak bowns and the muky dakgeen of jealousy tun to the eme-ald geen of condence and humility.A feeling of peace and contentmentcomes as the new colos eact back onthe emotions. It takes but a little effot on you pat, a little concentation, pesistenceand faith in you ability to change you ownmood by a positive effot of will. You haveno doubt expeienced difculty in getting upin the moning. What is the emedy fo this?Flood you aua with ed, of couse. A nice,bight ed. It doesn’t take much effot to visual-ize the colo ed. You will know that you have succeeded when allof a sudden you physical vitality awakens and you feel invigoatedand eady to jump up fo a wondeful day. All of us at one time oanothe expeience mental laziness. What is the emedy? Simplyood you aua with yellow by visualizing yellow light all aound you, and soon you will be dawn into the thinking aea of the mindand be able to pogessively pusue you studies. Visualizing o-ange stengthens you intellectual aggessiveness because ed isadded to the yellow.If you child is cying uncontollably and you can’t get to sleep,what colo would you bless him with? Would you get angy and yell, “Why don’t you go to sleep! I told you, you’e distubing you fathe!” Flashes of ed? The child would be teied.No, you would hamonize the child’s emotions withshades of blue and pale geen. Beating, beatingand insulting of childen does pemanent dam-age to thei aua. C.W. Leadbeate descibedone case of a child tomented by a teach-e. “The child’s aua changed and twistedabout hoibly, and when it was stillagain, all the beautiful little shootsof lovely colo had disappeaed,and in thei place wee innume-able little scas, ham done whichcould not be cancelled in the pes-ent life.” The colos of deep ed,epesenting suppessed ange,and the gays and black of fea andhated would now pemanentlypedominate.You can familiaize youself withthe individual physical, mental andspiitual effect of each colo by simplylooking at one colo afte anothe andexpeiencing the esults. Each coloand the emotions it eects ae liketwo sides of the same coin. Lean themso well that the thought of one imme-diately bings the idea of the othe. Foexample, how do you feel when you en-te a oom that is painted blue? White?Yellow? Place befoe you a piece of pape of the colo you wish to visu-alize. Look at the pape and thenclose you eyes and ty to see theexact same colo in you mind.Then open you eyes and look atthe pape again and, with eyesstill open, tun you head awayfom the pape and ty to see thecolo in you conscious mind. Lit-eally ll you mind with the coloof the pape. Afte you have accom-plished this execise with one colo,epeat it with anothe, then anothe andthen anothe.
Protecting Your Aura:
Each colo has itsown special potective qualities, which canbe chosen to counteact o balance out thepaticula vibations you ae o will be expe-iencing. Let’s take the example of potecting youself fom the auic emanations of pesonsFo instance, if someone’s awaeness was owing though theealms of depession, that is, the aea within the vast mind sub-stance that contains the vibatoy ate of depession, his aua wouldlook athe gay, dim and dismal. If he was awae in thefeeling of a beautiful love fo all humanity, his auawould look light blue, finged and tinged with yellow. Howeve, if his love fo humanity wasof a supecial, emotional natue, beingmoe idle talk and emotion than sub-supeconscious compassion, his auawould be pink o eddish, telling youthee was still a lot of instinctive e,and should an upsetting cicum-stance occu, he could easily fogetabout univesal love and becomequite angy. Then the pink wouldtun to aming ed steaked withblack. Afte this, if he wee to feelemoseful about the emotional up-heaval, the aua would tun to dakblue, and you could hadly see hisface fo the deep blue mist that wouldfom aound his body. If awaeness wasowing though the aea of the mind of in-feioity and jealousy, the aua would be dakgayish-geen in colo. Someone with healing in-clinations would have a pale geen aua. A studentinceasing his intellectual knowledge would have an aua of billiant yellow. The combinations ae almost endless.Seveal colos often appea in the aua at the same time. Foexample, the ed of suppessed desie and seething ange mightappea along with the yellow of intellectual involvement. Thispeson’s head would be suounded in yellow, and the lowe patof his body steaked in ed. Even a touch of vey dak geen mightappea, showing that jealousy caused his ange. A devotee sittingin meditation, diligently woking within himself, will in the couseof half an hou change the colos of his aua fom thee to fou tove times, as he moves his awaeness fom the instinctive-intel-lectual aeas into the billiancy of subsupeconscious ealms. Hisaua will take on shades of light blue and light yellow intelacedwith white. Then as he moves into supeconsciousness, ays of lightfom the cental souce of enegy will begin to emege fom thecoe of his spine and ood out though his aua and penetate theatmosphee of the oom. You feel his pesence as dashan
The subof the subconscious mind, the home of deep-seated, often emotion-ally chaged impessions, has an aua of its own deep within theoute aua that we have been descibing. It is seen “within” thephysical body itself and is diffeent fom the daily emotional-intel-lectual aua which appeas aound the physical body as a esultof awaeness being in one aea of the mind o anothe. All theeactionay conditions of ou past which ae cuently eactingin ou subconscious mind ae eected in the colos of this innesubconscious aua.The big question always aises, “How do we know whethe o notwe ae seeing an aua, o if it is just ou imagination?” The colosaound the peson ae st seen within you own mind. You wouldnot clealy see them aound thei physical body. Late, afte becom-ing adjusted to this new fom of sight, you may see col-os aound an individual’s physical body. Whee dothese colos come fom? All things in the mindae sound and colo. Look aound you and ob-seve each vibatoy ate of evey physicalobject as having a sound as well as a colo.Eveything is sound. Eveything is colo.Eveything is shape. Theefoe, in theened aeas of the mind, all thingsae colo and all things ae sound,ecognizable though the sixth senseof the all-seeing eye. This faculty isalways awake. You only have to leanhow to be awae of and use it, in asimila way an atist must lean todistinguish with his physical eyes be-tween one shade of colo and anotheand between the dimensions in a paint-ing. The mystic leans how to use his al-eady developed sixth sense, his thid eye.It is used all the time, constantly, day in andday out, though not consciously. Fo example,someone may walk into you home. You look atthem and say, “You ae not feeling vey well today. Youseem distubed.” How do you know? Inside youself you aeseeing thei aua. If they ente looking bight and shiny, you knowhow they feel inside because you see thei aua.Some people ae bon with psychic sight and maintain it
what is hinduism?chapter 18: the human aura
Depiction by artist JosephSmith of Barbara Brennan’sclairvoyant perception of the astral-emotional body’s colorful energy eld known as the aura
Undestanding and Impoving You Coloful Emotional-Enegy Field
m          a          l              i              c          e             ,   h             a          t            r          e          d              
 p   u   r   e    s    p   i    r   i    t    u   a   l     i    t     y   
i   g  d  v  t  i  
  h  i g  h   i n  t e  l  l e c  t
     h   e   a     l    i   n   g     i   n   c     l    i   n   a    t    i   o   n
            u            n                i            v           e            r           s           a                 l                 l           o            v           e
r           e           l                i                   g           i               o           u           s            t             e           a           c           h              i               n               g           s           
d     e   v   o   t    i    o   n   
l   ,  l  i   y  
 jealous y, env y
 s e  l  f s  h  d e s  i  r e
   a   n   g    e   r ,    r   a   g    e
     s     e     r     v       i     c     e
Reading: Man Visible and Invisible,
C.W. Leadbeate, The Theosophical Publishing House, 306 WestGenevea road, Wheaton, Illinois 60187 USA.
Hands of Light,
Babaa Ann Bennan, Bantam Books, 666Fifth Avenue, New Yok, New Yok 10103 USA.
The Raiment of Light, A Study of the Human Aura,
DavidTansley, routledge & Kegan Paul, Ltd., 11 New Fette Lane, London, EC4P 4EE, London, United Kingdom.
illustration originally appears in hands of light (tm), by bar-bara brennan (sm), illustrated by jos a. smith, bantam books
he human aura extends out aroundthe body from three to four feet, evenfrom ve to six feet in the case of moreevolved souls. It is made up of a variety of vi-
batoy ates o colos. Each aea of the mind
that awaeness ows though eects a changein these vibatoy ates of colos in the human
aua. When you have developed a cetain psy-
chic sight, by seeing through the eyes of thesoul, you will be able to look at a person, seethe aura around him and know immediatelythe area of the instinctive, intellectual or su-perconscious mind he is aware in at that par-
ticula time.

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