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Secret of True Success

Secret of True Success

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Published by glennpease

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Published by: glennpease on Sep 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WE want to succeed in life.God wants us to suc-ceed in life. He maynot want me to succeedin all my undertakingsbut he wants my lifeto be a success. Itis folly to imagine that any man canbest glorify God by being a failure. Hemay not want us to have this or that par-ticular thing which men are accustomed toidentify with success — money, or socialposition, or freedom from misfortune —nevertheless he w^ants us to succeed inlife ; he does not want us to fail. He nevercalls a man or woman or child to be a fail-ure.28 LITTLE GUIDEPOSTSWhen God called Joshua to the leader-ship of Israel he wanted him to succeedand pointed out to him the key to success.God wants us to succeed, and thereforehe has given us this story of Joshua inwhich we may see the divine finger point-ing to the key. "Where is it?*' you ask;for the finger does not seem to point toanything which we have not seen before.Ah! there's the rub. It is not that thekey is something new or strange, that wefail to recognize it; it is because it is soold and so simple. This secret of sucess,God tells us in this story, consists simplyin accepting the work which he gives usto do, in going forward with courage to dothat work, in continually studying his willas we go along, and in conforming to thatwill as fast as we learn it."This is all very well,*' you say, "buthow may I know what God wants me todo? He told Joshua what he would have
him do, but he does not tell me.'' Areyou sure ? If you will read the story againyou will find that God simply pointed outSECRET OF TRUE SUCCESSto Joshua the duty immediately beforehim. That was all. And that much Goddoes for you and me. He called Joshuato a life of consecration to his service,and told him the first thing he wanted himto do. He calls us to a life of consecra-tion to his service and tells us the firstthing he wants us to do. And when wehave done that he will tell us the nextthing. If you and I are in the dark thismoment as to the way God would haveus go, we may be sure that it is becausewe have turned away from the duty im-mediately at hand. If we will always at-tend to the duty directly before us the nextduty will be made plain to us. SupposeJoshua had ignored God's command tocross the Jordan and had sat down to un-ravel the problem of conquering Jericho;would God have given him any light onthat point? The trouble with us is thatinstead of giving our strength to the dutyimmediately at hand, whether great orsmall, we consume our vitality in worry-ing over the darkness that shuts out the30 LITTLE GUIDEPOSTSduties ahead. God called Joshua to goover the Jordan. God calls a child to obeyhis mother. God calls you and me to bekind and helpful to a neighbor. It is utterfolly for a child who neglects to obey hismother to complain that he does not knowwhat God would have him do. It is utterfolly for you and me who have left thekind word unspoken and the helpful deedundone to complain that God does not tellus what he wants us to do. The light that

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