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Annotated List of WebPages

Annotated List of WebPages

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Published by jmcknight481

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Published by: jmcknight481 on Jun 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Annotated List of WebPages
http://www.besthistorysites.net/USHistory_EarlyRepublic.shtmlThis is a webpage that provides a large amount of different websites that addressdifferent subjects or topics during the Early Republic period. This webpage provides theteacher and the students with multiple sources to acquire historical information about thetime period.http://www.lewisandclarkexhibit.org/index_flash.htmlThis is a webpage that is dedicated to Lewis and Clark. It consists of a virtualtour or video that provides an explanation of the Lewis and Clark expeditions and usefullinks and resources that are useful for a teacher. The virtual tour is an excellent sourcefor creating a visual of this expedition and explains the details of their accounts. Alongwith a primary source of Lewis or Clark, this webpage is a great source to help studentsunderstand who Lewis and Clark are, what their expedition was, and why it wasimportant to history.http://americanhistory.si.edu/militaryhistory/This webpage is called the
 Price of Freedom: America at War 
and consists of awar-based timeline, a brief explanation of each war that America was involved in, a videoexplaining the war, and artifacts from each war. This is an excellent source for studentsto venture into a visual of the War of 1812. It allows them to read about details of thetime period and certain aspects of the war, like “the burning of Washington.” It also provides a number of teaching or learning resources that are easily accessible.http://www.animatedatlas.com/movie.html?OVRAW=american%20early%20history&OVKEY=american%20history&OVMTC=advanced&OVADID=2927996012&OVKWID=32059596012This is a webpage that offers a number of sources that provide ways to createvisuals that explain certain parts of American history. For example, you can createdetailed timelines or maps that change representing the growth of a nation or any other change. It is an excellent source for providing students the tools for creating there ownvisual representations of events and could be used to explain elections, the War of 1812,or the support of the French Revolution.
http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/religion/rel02.htmlThis webpage provides an overall view of religion during the eighteenth century.It provides great textual information on religion during the Early Republic that explainsthe history of the American church, the appearances of the different denominationalchurches, Deism, the Great Awakening, and an entire page focusing on the Religion in the New Nation. The New Nation religion page focuses on the camp meeting, the emergenceof the African American Church, the Mormons, and benevolent societies. This page provides an overall history of religion from the colonial times to the Early Republic. It isvery solid in presenting an overview of religion in this time period for students tocomprehend the evolution of American Christianity.http://www.americanwest.com/This is a webpage that demonstrates the history of the American West. It provideshistorical facts on the development of the American Frontier or West. There arenumerous pages that provide sources for the archeology, pioneers, emigration,expansionism, films, outlaws, Indians, certain events, and the mining industry. Thewebpage provides the students will multiple ways to view the American West that areinteresting and intellectual at the same time. The teacher is provided with numeroussources that can be used for a better knowledge of the content area.http://library.thinkquest.org/11572/creation/framing/feds.htmlThis is a webpage that explains the basics of the Anti-Federalist and Federalist. It provides a basic understanding of the differences and what each group supported.Although the webpage is very weak with information, it does provide a basicunderstanding of the two groups and their stands on certain issues. The teacher can usethis page to introduce the topic and the student can refer to this when studying for a test.http://www.usconstitution.net/consttop_faf.htmlThis webpage consists of an overview of the development of the Constitution. Itexplains the Constitutional Convention, the New York and New Jersey Plans, theAftermath and Arguments of the Anti-Federalist and Federalist. This page gives an indepth analysis of the differences between the two groups and what specific argumentsthey made for or against the Constitution. This webpage gives a more detailed account of the differences between the Anti-Federalist and Federalist and what specifically theysupported.

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