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The Spiritual Significance of UFOs

The Spiritual Significance of UFOs

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Published by: Earthcat on Jun 23, 2009
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The Spiritual Significance of UFOsA lecture by Don Elkins Copyright © 2008 L/L ResearchLecture by Don Elkins
, given at Jefferson Community College
April 21, 1981(Please note that this is a transcription of the cassette recording, â
œThe Spiritual Significance of UFOs, which can be ordered from L/L Research. You canread about this cassetteL/LResearch.com.)
This lecture was offered by Donald Tully Elkins just four months after the beginning of L/L Research’s contact with those of Ra. The reader can seea bit of the Ra slant on things in his presentation. However the concepts which the Ra group enunciated so well are present also in many other, earlierConfederation channelings which our research group had been collecting since the mid-fifties and creating in our own group since 1962.Don was thoroughly grounded in the entire range of UFO research, up to but not including the multitude of conspiracy theories, which he did not feel hadmuch impact on the area he quickly became convinced was the richest vein of ore in this area of research: the spiritually or metaphysically oriented UFOmessages and their implications.This speech was given to an audience of seven, including myself, and was recorded on a cheap tape recorder which was placed on the floor close to Don ashe spoke in the large, nearly empty lecture theater. The recording was corrupted in places by interference from a radio station which broadcast its signalfrom the top of a high-rise building in the same downtown Louisville neighborhood as the college. An advantage of reading this text version over listeningto the recording is that the reader does not have to filter Don’s voice out from the music which inadvertently accompanies his words from time to time!I have often wished I had recorded Don’s talks more often. He gave multitudes of them, and I never tired of listening to him, for he was a born storytellerand a man of great charm, wit and articulateness. However, Don was a relatively young man, born in 1930 and at this time only 51. No one could guess thatwe would lose his voice so soon. Don died only three years later.At the time, Don was a bit concerned that his audience was so small, and in the Ra sessions, you can find this question to the Ra group concerning this issuein Session 48, which was recorded on April 22, 1981. Don asked:My lecture yesterday was attended by only a few. If this had occurred during a UFO flap, many more would have attended. Since Orion[1]entities causethe flaps, what is Orion’s reward for visibility, in that they actually create greater opportunities for the dissemination of information such as this informationat those times?The Ra group replied:This assumption is incorrect. The flaps cause many fears among your peoples, many speakings, understandings concerning plots, cover-ups, mutilations,killings and other negative impressions. Even those supposedly positive reports which gain public awareness speak of doom. You may understand yourself as one who will be in the minority due to the understanding which you wish to share, if we may use that misnomer.[2]We perceive there is a further point we may posit at this time. The audience brought about by Orion-type publicity is not seeded by seniority of vibration toa great extent. The audiences receiving teach/learnings without stimulus from publicity will be more greatly oriented towards illumination. Therefore,forget you the counting.In [any] event, we have sold hundreds of recordings of this talk, and the text’s presence on our web site will make it available literally to millions more. Thecounting has taken care of itself!
Don Elkins:
What I’m going to do is first tell you what is known about UFOs.I’ve been at this business for a long time. I got interested in UFOs in 1948. Maybe some of you remember Tom Mantell, who was killed flying an F-51because a UFO was sighted flying near Fort Knox. I was a student pilot in the Elkins Mantell Flying School[3]at Bowman Field[4]when he got killed. So I was greatly interested in UFOs starting in 1948. I didnâ
™t really get to devote much time to research in that area, and related areas, until 1955.[5]In1955 I really went to it and I’ve been researching the subject ever since.This phenomenon has been reported since the early 50’s. The scientific community in general looked at most of the reports of people being taken on boardUFOs in the early 50’s as reports of kooks or nuts because they were just too anomalistic for the reports to come anywhere close to fitting into the scientificview of reality that everyone had then and most people have now.The scientific view of reality has changed quite a bit for the people who have been deeply into UFO studies. For instance, Dr. Heynek, who was hired bythe Air Force in 1948 to study UFOs, went in as a total skeptic. He thought that UFOs were probably weather balloons, mistaken Venus sightings, andthings like that. At the time he finished his work with the Air Force in 1968, he was totally changed in his opinion. I know this because I talked to himseveral times. In fact, the last time I talked to him was about two weeks ago, in Chicago.Currently he has a completely different view of the physical universe, brought about by his investigation of the UFO phenomenon. Most of the people whohave been investigating UFO phenomena deeply, that is, really putting some time into discovering what is available in hard data, hard evidence, have
changed their view of reality and of the universe in which we live. Radically changed! I don’t mean just a little bit, like some of the science-fictionprograms you see on TV or motion pictures would have you believe, but much more radically than that.The reason for this is what Dr. Heynek calls the “high strangeness factor” in many of the cases, in most of the cases. Now, what is really behind the UFOphenomena is, I believe, possible to understand within certain limits, but it’s not possible to understand quickly, because it’s not something we’re used to.If we were to experience contact from outer space; from another planet, I think the most unusual thing we could possibly experience would be a type of contact we might expect.You have to think about that statement a little bit.If you look at the history of scientific thought you’ll find that the unexpected has been the norm, in science. If you can just move back, say, a hundred ortwo hundred years and try to get into the mode of thinking that people experienced at that time, and then suddenly come forward to the society in which welive, you’ll find that most of it was unexpected. In fact they tried to close the patent office around the turn of the century because they thought everythinghad been invented.Back about six or seven years ago, the Center for UFO Studies and the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, and other organizations like that, hadwell over 2,000 good cases, very well documented cases, of abductions, people being taken on board and then returned.I’ll tell you about a few of the abductions. The earliest well-known abduction was the Betty and Barney Hill case that occurred in 1961. The man and hiswife were taken on board, but they didn’t know it. Actually, all they knew was that they got home much later than they should’ve, and they had somestrange symptoms. And they had some very strange dreams or nightmares for quite a few months.Since they were both having these problems, they went to a psychiatrist and told their story. He hypnotized each of them separately and didn’t let either of them know what was coming out of these hypnotic sessions. He got the same story from both Betty and Barney. That was that they’d been taken on boardand had been examined. They had what you might call a physical examination.One of the interesting things I always like to tell about this story is that Betty and Barney were taken to different rooms in the ship, and while they wereexamining Betty, some of the entities from the other room ran in very excited, and started a conversation with the entities examining Betty. Then the onesexamining Betty reached in and started trying to pull on her teeth.She said, “What are you doing?”And they said, “Well, his came out!”And she said, “Well, he has false teeth.”And they said, “Why?”By the way, this communication is telepathic. Most [UFO] communications are telepathic.So Betty said, “Well, when you get old, sometimes your teeth go bad and you have to get false teeth.”And they said, “Well, what do you eat?”And she tried to explain what we ate. They couldn’t believe that our teeth could rot away. That’s just a small part of the story.Staff Sergeant Moody of the United States Air Force was watching some stars, a meteor shower actually, in the summer of 1975, near Alamogordo, NewMexico, and one of the stars landed on the road in front of him. It was a disc-shaped ship. He was in his car and he was petrified, literally. He couldn’tmove. He tried but he couldn’t.A small entity came out of the ship, walked up to him, touched him on the shoulder through the open window, and at that point Moody could move. And helost all fear. He communicated telepathically with the entity. The entity took him on board and told him quite a few things. They showed him the engine.And Moody then got back in his car and drove home. He was very reluctant to tell anybody. However, he had to be hospitalized for a skin problem andproblems with his eyes. That is very common with close encounters with UFOs.He contacted the head of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization because he was close to Tucson and he found out they were there. He privately toldthe head of the organization what had happened to him. And Dr. Sprinkle from Laramie, the man we’re going to see next month, came down from Laramieand did a hypnotic regression. Under hypnosis the witness was taken back to the time of the encounter, so more total recall can be acquired, and Moody toldhis story under hypnosis.Since Sgt. Moody was a career Air Force sergeant, he certainly didn’t want anybody in the Air Force to know about this contact, because he was sure hewould have some problems; if nothing else, ridicule. So it was kept a secret.These were very good cases. They weren’t people looking for publicity, because they didn’t want any publicity.The point I’m trying to make with a few stories of abductions is that this type of abduction has been increasing since roughly the early 60’s, and today wehave an unbelievably large number of abductions. Because we have a known number of abductions that is unbelievably large, we’re quite sure that less than
ten percent of the total abductions are known about. I know of many cases that we haven’t had the time or facilities to investigate that I’m quite sure areabductions. We just haven’t had time to get around to it.We get many, many reports of people seeing a UFO and having a very close encounter with a UFO. The first question an investigator will ask is: Did youget home at the time you thought you should get home? Quite often the answer is, no, I was two hours late, or twenty minutes late, and can’t account for it.If a person has unaccountably lost time, the next step is to subject them to regressive hypnosis, to take them back to the encounter and then try to find outthrough hypnosis what happened.Usually what comes out of hypnosis is that the person has been taken on board the UFO and had an experience on board. They have been given some sortof memory block so that they don’t consciously remember what occurred.There’s a reason for this. Most of the organizations are at a point today of knowing without the shadow of a doubt that real abductions are taking place, thatyou can get matching information using regressive hypnosis, and that every once in awhile a condition occurs where the individual remembers being takenon board, like Charlie Hickson in Pascagoula in 1973 ”total recall of everything that happened to him” or someone who remembers part of it, like TravisWalton in 1975 near Phoenix, or Sgt. Moody in 1975 near Alamogordo.However, a very, very large percentage of abductions are the type where the individual taken on board only remembers the close encounter and not the on-board part. We’re only able to get that under hypnosis.Where the organizations are today, they’re necessarily taking the stance of modern science. Modern science says: do certain things to investigate. They aredoing those things, very carefully, because they are scientists, and it is a valid thing to do. In performing a valuable function, they are telling us that UFOsexist, that they are abducting people, and that there are some very high strangeness factors involved. They are telling us this without a shadow of a doubt.Most of the organizations have stopped at that point. They’re probing into the phenomenon but stop at a certain point simply because they don’t have thetools to probe further. Those tools, I believe, are techniques that are different from the techniques we use to study the natural environment. In other words,in order to go further in this investigation, it’s necessary to develop some new techniques.That’s what we’ve been up to here, in, of all places, Louisville, Kentucky.Let’s go back now to the history of, shall we say, “kook-dom” in ufology. In the early 50’s, the first reports of UFO contact were even stranger than thereports we’re getting now. They were reports of face-to-face encounters, reports of telepathic communication, reports of other kinds of communication fromUFOs.[One] of the people involved [was] an anthropologist, Dr. George Hunt Williamson, who wrote quite a few books in the 50’s, most of which were firstpublished in England, about communications with UFO communicants. They were just too weird for anyone in the scientific community even to read, muchless get interested in. I read it. A few other people did. They were highly unusual, but they gave certain clues about how you might attempt to set up amethod of investigating the phenomena.There were some other people doing some very unusual types of investigating. Noetics Science Research at San Diego was using a trance medium tocommunicate with an entity, a discarnate entity, that was supposed to know something about UFOs.George Van Tassel was visited by a UFO in the Mojave Desert, where he lived. He was sleeping outside one night because it was warm and a UFO landedon his little airport. An entity got out and talked to him. He was taken on board and after that, for several years, he got communications by telepathy. Hewrote all these things down that he got by telepathy. The UFO left, but he kept getting these communications, every day, and he wrote them all down. I readall of his communications.Things like this were reported all around the world. Slowly, what the scientists called cults began to spring up around the world. These cults were composedof people who were getting what the scientific community called pseudo-religious information, by what they called telepathic contact with UFO entities. Iread all of this I could get my hands on, and a way of investigating the phenomena began to indicate itself to me as well as some other researchers. One of the other researchers was Dr. Andrija Puharich.Now, Dr. Puharich started his investigation into paranormal phenomena in 1947. He was the first person to bring Peter Hurkos to the United States. In caseyou don’t know who he is, Peter Hurkos was the Dutch psychic that worked with the Dutch police for years. He could psychometrize things. For instance,they could give him a clue left at the scene of a crime. He could hold it in his hand and close his eyes and see the entire crime, or get certain informationabout the crime. He solved many crimes for the police and became well known in Europe.Then Dr. Puharich brought him to the United States. They tested him carefully. Dr. Puharich was very active in this type of research and other types of research from 1947 right on to the present. Dr. Puharich was rather a brilliant man in that he had fifty-six patents in medical electronics. He’s a medicaldoctor. He became independently wealthy from his patents, primarily devices for allowing the totally deaf to hear. He’s in Who’s Who in the East. In 1971he retired. He was a millionaire at that time with his inventions. He decided to devote his full time to the investigation of paranormal phenomena, the typeof phenomena of which I’ve been speaking.At that time, Uri Geller was becoming known. Geller is an Israeli who was one of the first people to bend metal mentally. Geller bends metal just bylooking at it and asking it to bend.(Don holds up a bent spoon.)Like this. He bent this. This was a straight spoon. Geller looks at it and says, “Bend,” and it bends, or if he rubs it like this, very lightly, and it bends.

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