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Star Letters to Ford

Star Letters to Ford

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Published by Steve Ladurantaye
Star letters to Ford
Star letters to Ford

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Published by: Steve Ladurantaye on Sep 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Appendix #3
Toronto Star letter to Mayor Rob Ford seeking his side of the story regarding allegationsabout Garrison Ball and substance abuseMarch 22, 2013Dear Mayor Ford,We are writing to alert you to a story we are working on. The story deals with your beingasked to leave the Garrison Ball and also the long term concern that you have a substanceabuse problem that, at times, has affected your performance as Mayor of Toronto.Our hope is that you, or your staff, will speak with us today about these two matters.Contact information to arrange an interview is at the bottom of this email. Substanceabuse of any kind is obviously a very difficult and sensitive issue. We are hoping that youwill be able to shed light on this and how, if at all, it has affected you as Mayor.The Garrison BallWe have interviewed five people who have told us that you arrived at the event in somedistress, clearly either under the influence of some substance (alcohol is the one mostcommonly mentioned) or suffering from a medical problem. We have further been toldthat organizers of this important military charity event, and some of the military people inattendance, were distressed by this. You apparently staggered and fell down the stairs,were seen to be inebriated or under some other distress near the coat check and thewashroom, and were speaking in an incoherent, rambling, oddly excited manner.Organizers and others in attendance apparently encouraged Councillor Paul Ainslie to ask you to leave. Mr. Ainslie did encourage your chief of staff, Mark Towhey, to ask you toleave. You left the event.We would like to ask you to provide any additional information regarding this incident.Among our questions: Did you drink prior to the event, at the event, or both? How didyou get the the event (by car on your own, or driven)? Where were you prior to the eventand where were you after the event?A Substance abuse problem?For more than a year, we have been speaking to people involved in City Hall about the perception that you have an untreated substance abuse problem. The people we havespoken to are both current and former staff, and city councillors. Among them are peoplewho like you and would prefer to see you get help. We have been told the following:Counselling or a rehab program has been suggested and rebuffed by you several times; aneffort to have an important person with knowledge of substance abuse issues counsel you
was also rebuffed; your substance abuse issues have affected your job negatively (cominglate to work or not coming at all on some days).
Note: A final paragragh of this letter has been redacted as it included questionsabout allegations the Star is continuing to investigate.
Please contact Kevin Donovan, today, to discuss this. He can be reached at 416-312-3503or kdonovan@thestar.ca.Kevin DonovanRobyn DoolittleToronto Star 
Appendix#3 (b)
Toronto Star letter to Mayor Rob Ford seeking his side of ongoing investigationinto ‘crack cocaine’ video in week before May 30 report. Similar letters sent toDoug Ford, and five staffers in mayor’s office. These letters were published onthestar.com with the story.
Dear Mayor Ford,We are continuing to investigate allegations related to the video witnessed by twoToronto Star reporters. Today we published a story detailing a portion of DavidPrice's involvement.For Thursday's paper we are preparing a more detailed story which will state thaton the day we published the story of the video (Friday, May 17) it was Mayor RobFord who blurted out to aides the exact address where drug dealers involved withthe video could be found.To all of you who are receiving this letter, please be aware that we are askingthese questions in the public interest about a serious matter. We strongly adviseyou to reach out to us to discuss this story. We want to hear your side of it. Mostimportantly, if there is anything you believe is not factual, or anything you wouldlike to add, please contact us by this Wednesday at 3 pm.Here is what we believed transpired on Friday, May 17, the day the story of thevideo was published on the front page of the Toronto Star:

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