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The Rule of Life

The Rule of Life

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Sep 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE RULE OF LIFEBY EDWARD LEIGH PELLTHE Lord is thy life;therefore love him andobey him and thoushalt live, and it shallbe well with thee."He is my life!'' ex-claimed a beautifulwoman who had clung to a brute of ahusband with a devotion which, to herfriends, was inexplicable. "He is my life;I cannot live without him." And whenhe died she literally ceased to live, thoughshe continued in a sort of dead exist-ence for some weeks after he was gone.In an infinitely higher, stronger sensethe Lord is your life; you cannot livewithout him. If you would have lifeTHE RULE OF LIFE 21you must have the Lord, and the Lordmust have you. You must throw yourself at his feet. You must set your heart onhim. You must love him to adoration.You must worship him and him alone.Man is a worshiping animal. He mustworship something. If he does not sethis heart on that which is good he willset his heart on that which is bad. Thegreatest tendency of our modern life is toidolatry. We are not often tempted toatheism, but we are continually tempted
to worship some other God than Jehovah,and to depend upon some other means of learning the divine will than the meanswhich God himself has provided. Oneman worships pleasure; another bowsdown to his own reason ; another sacrificeshimself to his ambition; and a multitudeof us go down on both knees to the al-mighty dollar. It is so much easier tobow down to these things, which havetheir root in selfishness, than to worshipthe true God, which requires an utter re-nunciation of self. And we must bow22 LITTLE GUIDEPOSTSdown to something. All the world is seeth-ing and burning with intense desire. Itis a day when men do nothing by halves.If they welcome money as their god they jump into the very middle of the mad racefor wealth. If it is pleasure they have noother thought. We need to have it runginto our ears every day we live, "Keepyourselves from idols." And we need tobe reminded every day that there is butone way. Every heart has its throne; onevery throne some god must sit. We donot allow our heart-thrones to be empty.If we would keep out of our hearts allidols we must enthrone the one true God.There is room for him, but when he is onthe throne there is room for no more. Itis impossible to worship God and Mam-mon. It is useless for us to say to-daythat we will not allow ourselves to be car-ried away by the love of this or that orthe other. The thing for us to say is thatwe will allow ourselves to be carried awaywith love for our God, and then when we
love him as we ought there will be no dan-THE RULE OF LIFE 23ger; our hearts will be too full for idols.God is my life — the source and providerand preserver of my life. If I would havelife — not physical life merely, but spirituallife also — I must be vitally united to Godas the branches are united to the vine.The more perfectly I am united with Godthe more abundant will my life be.How can I maintain this vital connec-tion with God? The answer is plain: Bycontinuing to obey Him whom we haveenthroned in our hearts. The most fruit-ful source of trouble in this life is disobedi-ence. Nearly all the trouble that comesto us in childhood comes from disobedi-ence. A disobedient child has no peaceand he will not let anybody around himhave any. Nearly all the trouble thatcomes to us in manhood or womanhoodcomes from disobedience. You disobeyedthe laws of health yesterday and to-day youhave a splitting headache. My neighbordisobeyed the laws of business yesterdayand to-day he is ruined. That woman onthe next block disobeyed the laws of so-24 LITTLE GUIDEPOSTSciety and to-day she is in tears becauseher best friend shuns her. The man whohauls your coal disobeyed the laws of theland and to-day he is in the police court.

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