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The Bright Light

The Bright Light



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Published by kayla laird
well i wont wrtie a description so hahahahahha i feel evil right now because i was supposed to go see harry potter today with a curtan guy but he canceled so know i am crying and pissed offfff
well i wont wrtie a description so hahahahahha i feel evil right now because i was supposed to go see harry potter today with a curtan guy but he canceled so know i am crying and pissed offfff

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Published by: kayla laird on Jun 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prologue: It's Over I stood on the edge of the cliff, not looking down. Is it really worth it? To here his voice again? Of course it is. But will I want to hear it forever? It's not worth killing myself over. Is it? He will comeback to me. I know he still loves me... I think. If I have to move on, I have to know for sure.I inched my toes closer to the edge of the cliff and held my breath. Nothing. No voice--yet. I took adeep breath and shouted. "Call me right now, or so help me I will jump!" I waited. My phonestarted buzzing in my pocket. I knew she would know. I flipped it open."What are you thinking Bella? I'm not supposed to talk to you! Back up right now!" a musical voicehissed into the phone. "I need his number Alice. It's important. I need it!" I urgently whispered intothe phone. I could practically hear her sigh. "Bella--" "No Alice! Now!" I cut her off. She grumbledsomething about him not going to like this and grudgingly told me his number. "Thanks Alice," Itold her, then hung up before I could get a reply.Ringing. Ringing. Still ringing. I walked back to my truck and leaned against it. "Hello?" I heardfrom the other end of the line. I gasped. The voice in my mind hadn't done this one justice. It wasbeautiful, smooth, velvety--musical even. "I need to--I need to know..." my voice trailed off. Whatdo I need to know? I need to know what I dont want to know..."Bella..." he warned from the other line. "Ed--Edward. I need to know if what you said before youleft was true. Just tell me. If you honestly and truly say you still dont care, then tell me, but if youhave any feelings left for me, tell me that too," I commanded quickly. I heard nothing on the other end.It seemed like forever before he answered me. "I'm sorry Bella. I already told you what myfeelings for you were," his velvet voice told me harshly. I took a deep breath. "Thank you for telling me," I replied. I could hear that he was going to say something again, but I hung up on him.He really did feel that way about me. He didn't love me anymore. He didn't want me. And he wasnever going to come back. I knew that now, but I wish I would have figured it out sooner. I felt likea huge weight had been picked up off me. I knew I would be able to move on now. Reassurancefrom him was all I needed.A car pulled up behind me, and I turned to face it. Jacob got out of his Rabbit with a relieved lookon his face. "I thought you were going to start without me!" he accused. For the first time in a longtime, I smiled a pure, genuine smile. "Of course not, Jacob. I'll always wait for you."Click!Its been seven years since her final phone call. Seven years since I last heard her voice spokento me. For seven years, Ive watched over her, at the same time watching her move on with her life. I watched her spend her time with Jacob Black. I watched her go to college with Jacob Black.I watched her marry Jacob Black. Then, I watched her have her first child. I stopped watchingthen.I knew what I did was for the best. She would be protected forever now. She would be safer thanwith me. But it was hard to move on. The fault was entirely mine though. She asked if I wantedher back. I said no. She moved on. I stayed behind. Her being alive and healthy was all I neededto know.My phone vibrated and I answered it before the second ring. "Hello?" I answered with a dullexpression in my tone. Edward. "Come to our house in Los Angeles. We need to talk," Carlisle'svoice commanded. He hung up before I could protest. I growled. I didn't want to face him andEsme. When I go see them, it isn't for long. Im usually by myself now.I got in my Volvo and started driving. I was planning on trading it in soon. LA seemed like the

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