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Hawaiian Magic

Hawaiian Magic



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Published by thepower123

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Published by: thepower123 on Jun 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Greetings!We will not teach anything to anyone which we have not proven to be true.The message we will bring you is divine truth, and can be proven by anyone whowill try it. This book is a beginning at the root of science which is good andpowerful - a science which will change your life to a wonderful way of health,truth and wisdom, if you will only apply it.These chapters are written in sequence to guide you into the Way of self-mastery. It does no good to know the Cosmic Laws if you do not apply them inyour daily living for the benefit of all life.The question of how to develop perfect health and happiness is one whichis on everyone's mind. The answer to this question is mental self. mastery. After you have mastered positive speaking and improved your concentration, youcan clear your mind of negative and undesirable fixations and complexes if you will apply the instructions which follow, thus increasing your mind power athousandfold. Control of your positive speech, alone, will help to clear your mindand bring you good health.Never say anything harmful about anything or anyone. For example:You witnessed an automobile accident in which several people were injuredbut none were killed. Using positive speech in relating to others what you hadseen you might say, "The people were badly injured in the accident. I hope theywill recover." But in speaking negatively, you would say, "The people werebadly injured in the accident. I do not think they will live." The latter would be verynegative or undesirable speech. When you had witnessed the accident, thosewho had been injured had not been killed.The most horrible thing you can possibly do is to damn yourself. Manypeople have the bad habit or fixation of saying, "I'll be damned" or "I'll bedarned." When they say this, they are cursing themselves and they will be"damned" in one way or another. If you find it necessary to say somethingabout yourself, say, "I'll be blessed." Then you will have spoken positively.NEVER say anything harmful.
If your automobile is not running properly or is giving you trouble in anyway,do not say, "this God-damned car." If you do, the car will never be any goodagain no matter how many times it is repaired.When you speak with emotion, your words have more power. When you feelanger toward anything, do not curse it or it will become cursed. Learn to controlyour speech.A good way to begin positive speech control is to make a game out of itwith an associate. If you say anything negative, you forfeit a dollar to the one whonoticed your blunder. This is a rapid way to develop positive speech. One studentbecame so positive that he was able to offer one thousand dollars to anyonehearing him say anything negative. He never had to pay anyone the thousanddollars because he did not slip and say anything negative.When correcting children, it is very important that you do not place anyundesirable thoughts in their subconscious minds. If you do so, these willbecome fixed negative thoughts or negative fixations. You would never have asick day in your life if you did not harbor negative fixations and complexes in your mind. Negative example: Tell a child to get out of a mud puddle, OR HE WILLCATCH A COLD. Positive example: Tell a child to get out of a mud puddle, for heis getting his shoes muddy.The subconscious mind will make you do that which it accepts, whether itbe right or wrong, so do not plant negative fixations in the minds of children. Donot tell a child he will become sick if he does this or that. Train him to speakpositively and he will never be sick.Repetition is the same as hypnosis. If you repeat to a child often enoughthat standing in a draft will cause him to catch a cold, the subconscious mind of the child will believe and accept what it has been told. Thereafter, every timethe child gets in a draft, he will catch a cold simply because your negative speechhas planted a negative fixation in the child's subconscious mind.The human body has within it every conceivable acid and electrical current.All this is controlled by your mind. If the subconscious mind, or sub-mind, isworking in harmony with the conscious mind, nothing can possibly make you ill.By speaking and thinking positively, you clear the aura or magnetic field aroundyour body. This, in turn, automatically casts from you undesirable vibrations andheals you. When your aura has been cleared of all black or muddy brown color,
you will have made a wonderful beginning toward self-mastery, for likeattracts like. You will notice your taste for many things will change for the better and even your friends will become positive thinkers and positive speakers. Theclearer the aura around you becomes, the greater the number of advancedthinkers who will be attracted to you and become your friends. You will bevibrating at a higher rate and they will be drawn to you.The more positively you speak, the greater the number of positive thingswhich will come your way. This is a natural law or Cosmic Law, not a man. madelaw. There are thirty. three Cosmic Laws and the moment you master positivespeaking, you will have put several of them to work for your benefit.. Start now.Never, never say anything harmful about anything. "Whatsoever ye sow, ye shallalso reap." You must reap what you sow. You must account for every idle word..The Law of Karma is just this : You will receive that which you send out. Send outwords which are positive and helpful to all life. You will find in so doing thatpositive things and deeds will return to you with many blessings.Make a list of your negative faults and break one a week, if you can. If youfind this hard to do, break one bad habit a month and you will become self-mastered. When you have become master of yourself, you will have alsobecome master of everything else.We are here for only one reason: To advance mentally and spiritually. Thisis the only thing you can take with you when you leave here. Nothing which is of a material nature can be taken.It is not a sin to have material possessions. No one ever had peace of mindwhile he had debts to worry him. It is necessary to stay in balancematerially, mentally and spiritually. Begin to think and speak in a positive manner right now. Do not put it off until tomorrow or next week; start now. The sooner you start speaking positively, the sooner you will achieve progress on the pathto understanding and per. feet health.The Kahunas of ancient Hawaii mastered positive thought and positivespeech. They were able to perform all sorts of magic with their power. Theycontrolled the elements, walked through fire, controlled the fish, healedthemselves and healed others.There is a very good reason for developing positive speech, other thansending out good into .the ethers. If you acquire the power of the Spoken Word,

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