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Of Imagination

Of Imagination

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Published by lett0123

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Published by: lett0123 on Jun 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Juan PachecoOf ImaginationImagination is like the air we breathe. We need imagination like air tocontinue living. The ability to imagine is mankind’s greatest gift. If youcan put your imagination to work, you can discover and create.Children use their imagination for play, but adults use it to create anddiscover new things. Our skill to imagine can have significant uses, likediscovering new information about the world we live in. The most famous man to put imagination to work is Albert Einstein.Albert Einstein used to be criticized by his professors. They would saythat Albert had an over active imagination. When Albert wasquestioned about his theories, he would began his responses with“imagine”."Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledgedefines allwe currently know and understand, imagination points to all we mightyetdiscover and create." Albert Einstein To discover or create we first need an idea; like a seed to plant. The
seed must grow into a tall and healthy plant, for it to contribute to theworld. If the seed is toxic, it will become the unwanted weeds in yourgarden. Positive thoughts will pave the way to success. Since positivethoughts can exists; there must also be negative ones. Can negativethoughts produce a negative outcome? The outcome will depend onhow productivity is interpreted. Productivity is defined: having thepower to produce. Productivity is a neutral word; it does not have to beutilized for the good of mankind. Sadly, inspiration does not alwayslead to good. Take notice of previous “bad apples”. Social leader MaoZedong’s had an inspiring idea to improve China’s economy. He calledit A Great Leap Forward . His idea became a major economic disaster;similar to a weed in your garden. It’s no surprise that society paid theprice. Everyone was on weed pulling duties shortly after. There havebeen people that made a positive difference in the world. Not allthoughts created by us become evil; if held by the right hands, it canbenefit a society."Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer,but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the worldwill live as one." John LennonImagination is the root of our accomplishments. One simple idea couldevolve into a garden of opportunity . When we engage these
opportunities, we learn more about our selves, and we becomeproductive. Humans have never been more productive then the time of the renaissance. The renaissance was a time of great advancement. The teachings of ancient philosophers encouraged humans to thinkabstract, and seek truth in the world. First their thoughts wereexperimental. Over time these thoughts developed into newdiscoveries and creations; The discoveries of divine proportion’ andcreations of new forms of architecture. These paintings, sculptures, andarchitecture are still studied today. When we use imagination positivelywe are able to contribute positively.Humans have an advantage over all other species. We can askourselves “what if“, and then analyze rational outcomes. Imagination isanything and everything. Today we still base much of our society,morals, and ethics on the thoughts of ancient philosophers.Imagination influences everything we do and have. For something tohave been created it must of came from the imagination first. Platooften dreamed of the perfect society; he called it The Republic . Hethought about every possibility and consequence that came from anaction. Plato’s goal was to understand and contribute to mankind. Oneof his many thoughts of contribution was to encourage the use of music.

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