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Apotheosis Psych Erotica

Apotheosis Psych Erotica

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Published by amarykan

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Published by: amarykan on Jun 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Testament of Psychosis
Apotheosis Psycherotica- or -How Not to Build a Cult
as produced by
The Happy Flowers CabalThe Psycherotic Church, Pittsburghfuck the pilusophy revolutionThe Assitian Order
The Sequel Production Company
)+( 267 )+(
For Petrofski hath said,“Lo, for the day shall be cheesyand the nights full of nougat;Whomsoever takes this to have meaningHath missed the point.”
 Dedicated to Hekate, Arana, Eris, Amani,and all of the goddesses we've known.Without you, we wouldn't be.
written bythe otheranonymous
To those who have contributed: Here's how it ended.The Church of Psycherotica was founded in 1998CE. This you know. What you may not know is whatoccured during the final months of The Church in 2002CE, which can only be described as The Scandal.Not much was recorded about The Scandal at the time, except for a brief article on page 4 of the PittsburghPost-Gazette which got many of the facts wrong [1] and mis-spelled “Trachtenberg” while also mis-identifyingher as the inspiration for Arana (in truth, it was Hekate, a good friend of Lord Chuff). What we have managedto piece together from those willing to talk about it and the police records is as follows:An organization calling itself “fuck the pilusophy revolution” (ftpr) showed up at a local coffeehousecalled “The Bee-Hive” which was the official meeting place for The Church of Psycherotica. The groupportrayed itself as a surrealist art group focusing primarily on surrealist pornography and philosophically socio-political ranting.At that time, there were only three members in the group:
Saul MacTheknife,
an older gentleman who,while soft-spoken, carried a big pen;
v]&s decabiA,
who disappeared after the first day and was never spokenof again (as Sarah Sinclair would later find out, he had been arrested for exposing himself at a playground inthe Brookline neighborhood); and
Kristan Xara,
a fourteen-year-old girl who fancied herself to be some form of divine prostitute but, in the course of the investigation, was discovered to be a virgin (by a hymen-relatedtechnicality).Having no advance knowledge of events to come, nor of the true nature of the group, The Church of Psycherotica recognized ftpr as members in an anaceremony which was never held (which is what one does anddoes not do with anaceremonies).Around the time that the other anonymous was finishing trade school and Lord Chuff was forced to redactthe writings of Dos (pronounced “Dose”) after Dos quit working at the Bee-Hive, Joseph Raschack was invitedto watch an ftpr art session. After the session was completed, Joseph quickly alerted the police.According to the evidence the police found in Saul MacTheknife's house, he and his daughter Kristan Xarawere in the habit of making copious amounts of child pornography and snuff films, featuring Kristan and her“friends” from school.All Joseph ever said about that day was:“Having just watched a teenage girl be molested, raped, and
, I can only say, without a doubt,that everything ftpr has ever written is en-fucking-theta. Fuck ftpr. Just delete it and hope there's a hellfor them to burn in.”Shorty thereafter, The Church of Psycherotica broke up, due mainly to Lord Chuff's refusal to perform thedesired redactions. According to him: “Enough material was lost after Dos left. I mean, shit, just read the Bookof the Introduction. It doesn't matter if it's removed or not. If you don't like it, don't read it. It's not scripture,y'know.”To this day, the bodies of the children seen in the recovered photos and film have not been found. Ourdeepest sympathies are with their families.
No one endorses the writings of ftpr.
I have included their writings in this edition as a warning sign forothers who attempt to form their own cults: Some philosophies and ideas, while liberating, may not liberate youin the manner that you want to be liberated.
the other anonymous
March, 2006
1. Everyone gets the factswrong because there are no facts to get right.
The Book of the Preface
written by LordChuff 
The foregoing document was revealed to Mal-2 by the Goddess Herself through many consultations withHer within his Pineal Gland. It is guaranteed to be the Word of Goddess. However, it is only fair to statethat Goddess doesn't always say the same thing to each listener, and that other Episkoposes aresometimes told quite different things in their Revelations, which are also the Word of Goddess.Consequently, if you prefer a Discordian Sect other than POEE, then none of these Truths are binding,and it is a rotten shame that you have read all the way down to the very last word.
“The Last Word”, Principia Discordia, pg 00075
Unfortunately for me, Eris spoke to me. Before I had ever heard of Her, She was inspiring me to create a cult.A few scriptures popped up, mostly one-page lame attempts at starting orgy clubs so I could finally lose myvirginity.Then, one day, a classmate named “Jesus Joe” typed up a one-page pamphlet about him being “Jesus,Lord of the Monkeys” and it included a short quote from the
Book of Chuff 
(chapter 6, verse 66, of course). Iforget what the quote said, but the idea of a
Book of Chuff 
stuck with me.Eventually, I wrote it. The book was a bunch of nonsense about pet rocks, hooker cats, and a psychotic inthe woods with a big knife who kept trying to stab me.The day after I wrote it, I decided an entire
Testament of Psychosis
was in order. Unfortunately, only oneother person bothered writing anything, and it was about dyslexic ducks and some guy named Petrofski.So, I started writing more books on my own, astro-turfing several pseudonymns (not really, I just want youto
I did). Eventually, I began believing what I was writing: the divine Psychosis, the Inner Cheese, theducks are our friends, drugs not substances, and then, in the middle of weeks of obsessed expansion upon theseideas that created an entire philosophy, it happened.A goddess spoke to me. Her name was Arana, and she was the goddess of fetishism. By way of introduction, she gave me an earth-shattering orgasm in the shower.Needless to say, it was all down-hill from there.Eventually, I broke free of the obsession simply by being obsessed. The very nature of the obsessioncaused it to break itself. I realized that the definition of religion has nothing to do with gods or creation orphilosophy or morality; a religion is anything that so consumes a person that the person actually confuses itwith their own existance (divine plan, meaning of life, holy mission, et cetera).I started at the end of the Principia, and ended up on page 00004: “A Discordian is Prohibited of BelievingWhat he Reads.” I said to myself, If so, then a Psycherotic is prohibited of believing what he
(Oddlyenough, the entire time I was obsessed, there was a thing with the number four being bad or evil or justsomething to be avoided.)The point of this essay is simple: Read the Principia forward, backward, or randomly, but however youread it,
pay attention!
It could just save your mind.“This book is a mirror. When a monkey looks in, no apostle looks out.”
 Lichtenberg, Principia Discordia, pg 00022

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