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Campaign Report Summer 2012/2013

Campaign Report Summer 2012/2013

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Published by safe_newzealand
Showcasing SAFE's work in New Zealand defending animals from cruelty. Read the latest news and campaign activities for the past six months. We also take a look back at our 80 year history.
Showcasing SAFE's work in New Zealand defending animals from cruelty. Read the latest news and campaign activities for the past six months. We also take a look back at our 80 year history.

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Published by: safe_newzealand on Sep 09, 2013
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SUMMER 2012/13
ShS SFE’S k  E ZEl
In 2009 a campaign led by SAFE beamed images of mother pigs suffering insow stalls to households all over the country. Footage of pigs spending theirwhole lives conned and unable even to turn around featured on nationaltelevision, shocking the nation. The subsequent outcry caused a controversythat eighteen months later led to real change in the welfare and regard of pigswith a phase-out of the cruel stalls (which becomes law in 2016).SAFE has since turned the spotlight on battery and colony cages for hensand is now launching an exciting new campaign called ‘Stop FactoryFarming’, with a broader perspective on all cruel factory farming methods.Stop Factory Farming aims to end the cruelty of intensive farming methods inNew Zealand.
Factory Farming in ‘Clean Green’ New Zealand
With agriculture being the backbone of the New Zealand economy, many of us believe our farmed animals are well-treated and respected. Our “clean,green, 100% pure” reputation depends on it. However, New Zealanderswould be shocked to know that intensive farming has become big businesshere with most animals—one hundred million of them—cruelly conned infactory farms each year.Factory farming is far removed from the traditional scene of animals outsidein pastures, free to roam. In order to maximise prot, farm animals from pigs,chickens, turkeys to cows and ducks endure harsh and cruel lives, deniedtheir most basic needs. Many animals suffer anxiety, boredom, stress andillness in factory farms. They have no sunlight, no fresh air, no room to moveand no way to express their natural behaviour – for their entire life.SAFE’s new Stop Factory Farming campaign will expose cruel farmingpractices, and stop them, through education and advertising in a consumer-driven campaign asking shoppers to avoid factory-farmed products!
Say no to colony cagesNews from SAFE’s Managing DirectorRodeo, jumps racing, SAFE aroundthe country and more!
“I stopped eating chicken years ago when Isaw what chickens who were bred for meat went through, from their sad beginnings totheir cruel and premature end. Why would  anyone support an industry that was so cruel to animals?”
Billy TK Jnr., Musician
Our awesome new campaignmaterials include a newwebsite, videos, infographicsand printed leaets.
Discover more about thecampaign over the page!
ntroducing SFE’s new
Consumer Action
Factory farming continues because it is hidden from public view. It isa practice that we should all be ashamed of and SAFE believes mostNew Zealanders would be horried if they saw the conditions factory-farmed animals live in. The ‘Stop Factory Farming Campaign’ aimsto open the doors on these hidden practices, and galvanise publicopinion and consumer behaviour to take action against cruel, low-cost, mass-produced animal products. As part of this campaign, New Zealander’seyes are being opened by means of amajor national drive involving televisionadvertisements, billboards, posters andbus adverts. Our new ‘cage is a cage’ TV ad is asking consumers not to be fooled by the new colony cage –we’re beaming the message into homes all over the country right now!Watch the ad, plus the trailer for our new short lm about farming inNew Zealand at SAFE’s YouTube channel: SAFEAnimalAdvocacyIt truly is up to each and every one of us to stop factory farmingcruelty– lawmakers cannot be relied upon to do the right thing. SAFEwill be showing that individual actions really count. Together we canstop factory farming.
for more informationand to take action now!
On the campaign trail
Te od saying goes, “once you now,you can’t un-now.” My tae on tisis tat if you continue to tae part insometing you now is wrong, youwi never rest. however nowedgereay is power and if it mobiises youto do someting good, ten it canmae a te difference.en  was sti in my teens  wasorried to nd out about animatesting for cosmetics.  immediateysprang into action and joined a ocaanima advocacy group and begantaing part in a sorts of actions.round te same time  read nimaliberation, by Peter Singer.Tat was some 30 years ago and  ave wored wit a arge number ofanima advocacy groups, incuding SFE, since ten and campaigning as just become a way of ife.fter a ong career in media and sma business,  ave rubbed souderswit some ig proe peope but te ones  ave te most respect for aretose wo wor for te rigts of tose wo can’t defend temseves. Someof tese peope ave pubic proes, but many of tem don’t. Tese are tepeope wo support tose in te frontine ie te staff at SFE, and ourboard members.  can’t say enoug about te dedication of tese peopeand te priviege of woring aong side tem and  am onoured to ave joined ong time campaigner and Executive irector hans krie to co-eadtis remarabe organisation. uge tan you goes out to our supporters and vounteers wo continueto assist us in so many ways. ur ation-wide nnua ppea is nearyupon on us and  urge you to join in te fun on ecember 21 and 22 to epraise desperatey-needed funds so tat SFE can continue in its missionto create awareness of anima cruety and to reduce it by sowing oweasy it is to ive a ife free of anima expoitation.nce you now, tere areno more excuses.ebra ston, Managing irector
“Whenever people say, ‘We mustn’t be sentimental,’ you can take it they areabout to do something cruel. And if they add, ‘We must be realistic,’ they mean they are going to make money out of it.” Brigid Brophy, Author
SY  T lY ES
 As part of the ‘Stop Factory Farming’ campaign many of SAFE’s efforts have been centered on stopping the introduction of the cruel new colony cages for hens.
Successful blockade highlights plight of hens 
In response to the delayed welfare code for hens, and proposal to introducecolony cages, SAFE took part in a dramatic dawn blockade, resulting inaccess to the largest battery cage facility in New Zealand being obstructedfor a day.Eight-metre-high tripod structures, with climbers suspended, were set upat the entrance to the Mainland Poultry complex in Waikouaiti. The activistswere from a collection of animal advocacy groups coming together as theCoalition to End Factory Farming, with SAFE in a supporting role.“The action was carried out to highlight the continued cruelty of cages,” saysCampaign director Eliot Pryor, “and especially to stop the introduction of theproposed colony cage system which Mainland Poultry is trialing.”“Mainland Poultry has refused the media access to these new colony cagesand it is easy to see why,” says Eliot. “They do not want the public to see theabhorrent conditions the animals are forced to live in.” The action attracted huge media interest throughout the day, and the storywas headline news for a number of news outlets, including internationally,successfully highlighting the plight of hens.
What do egg labels really mean?
SAFE often gets asked what egg labels actually mean. Is free range ok?What about barn and organic eggs? With misleading packaging, standardsand claims adding to shopper confusion this handy chart breaks it down.For more details and to download your own chart, check it out or view onlineat safe.org.nz
Keep up the pressure to stop the introduction of colony cages!
 The National Government has had the opportunity to end the cruelconnement of hens but is failing to do so. Labour has indicatedsupport for a ban on current battery hen cages but has not yetestablished a position on colony cages.We ask you to encourage the leader of the Opposition in Parliament tosay NO to colony cages - ask him to take a strong stance and committo banning all cages if Labour comes to power. In doing so, you willalso be reminding him that animal welfare is an important issue.
Send your e-card now at stopfactoryfarming.org.nz!
Tasmanian ban on battery cages welcomed
 A great boost to the campaign against battery hen farming comes from Australia where Tasmania has become the rst Australian state to commit toa complete phase-out of battery hen cages. The Tasmanian government willalso phase out sow stalls by the middle of next year – well before the pork industry’s own target of 2017. Well done, Tasmania!

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