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Alkaline Ionized Water

Alkaline Ionized Water

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Published by ladia

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Published by: ladia on Jun 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Alkaline Ionized Water and the Skeptics
There are those who are skeptical about water ionization. They claim that alkaline water is of no benefit because - although the theory may make sense - there is no proof.On the other hand, there are those making extravagant claims for the benefits of alkalineionized water. These are easy targets for the skeptics.And then there are the millions of consumers, hospitals, doctors and other health practitioners in Japan, Korea, North America and Australia who take the health benefitsof water ionization for granted.So, what do we actually know? (New: See what Dr.Kurzweil, distinguished scientist, hasto say about alkaline water here)First of all, there are 3 objective tests which distinguish alkaline ionized water:--as Alkaline: this is established by simple pH test -- see Lab Analysis in our Researchsection. Typically our water ionizers will raise the pH of acid or neutral tap water to between ph8 and ph10.5, considerably more alkaline than any conventional drinkingwater.--as Antioxidant: This is measured by O.R.P. meter (a measure in millivolts of theoxidation reduction potential of a liquid). Values for ionized water are in the 250mV to400mV range (i.e. antioxidant), compared to positive (oxidizing) values for all other conventional waters. Click here for an explanation of O.R.P. and for tested results.--as to size of molecular cluster: Through electrolysis (ionization), original tap water clusters made up of 11-13 water molecules are restructured into smaller clusters made upof 5-6 water molecules. This has been verified with the use of both NMR (Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging) devices and Raman Spectroscopic Meters. The width of theoxygen-17 peak in a NMR test is interpreted to be related to the size of molecular clustersin water. The width of the NMR O-17 peak for electrolyzed water is half of that for tapwater (65Hz vs. 130 Hz).With this in mind, let's take a look at the chief criticisms of the skeptics:a) The body is a self-regulating system and it does not matter whether one takes inalkaline food or water. To understand how this faulty understanding arises, here is SangWhang, researcher, with the chemistry:What happens to the alkaline water once it reaches the stomach, which is highly acidic?In order to digest food and kill bacteria found in our foods, our stomach produces acid(pH of 4). When we intake alkaline water, the pH level of the stomach rises. The stomachdetects the alkaline water and commands itself to produce more acid, bringing the pH
level back to 4. At first thought this seems counter productive. But once you understandhow the stomach wall makes hydrochloric acid, the process becomes clear. The cells inthe stomach must produce hydrochloric acid on an as needed basis. The ingredients tomake the acid are carbon dioxide, water, sodium chloride or potassium chloride. The by- product of this acid is sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate that is delivered tothe blood stream (e.g. NaCl + H2O + CO2 = HCl + NaHCO3). These bicarbonates arethe alkaline buffers that neutralize excess acids in the blood, as well as dissolving acidwastes. As our bodies age, and accumulate more acid waste, the natural alkaline buffersthat are made cannot handle such a big job. Thats where alkaline water comes into play.We need these alkaline buffers in our blood to help our cells from becoming too acidicand producing disease.By looking at the pH value of the stomach alone, it seems that alkaline water never reaches the body. But when you look at the whole body, there is a net gain of alkalinity.(For a more complete explanation, read the Article by Sang Whang)This is a partial explanation why an alkaline diet is, internationally, one of the most well-established recommendations of Naturopathic and Complementary medicine. Health practitioners prescribe alkaline ionized water to avoid stressing the body's self-regulatingsystem. b) Alkaline water is common throughout the Western United States, but to my knowledgeit has not protected anyone from the diseases and disorders that occur elsewhere in theU.S.The alkaline hard water found in the western United States differs from alkaline water from water ionization in three respects:1. Ionizer water has had a substantial percentage of the acid minerals removed to the acidstream. Not so with hard water. Alkaline ionized water is more alkaline than hard water.2. The O.R.P. of alkaline ionized water has a negative (i.e. antioxidant) value; hard water tests with a plus value, i.e. it has no antioxidant properties.3. Although both waters have dissolved calcium, the calcium in alkaline ionized water is predominantly in hydroxide form. The calcium in hard water is not electrically chargedand does not test as high in pH.Furthermore, there is significant evidence that the calcium and magnesium in typically"hard" water do, in fact protect against disease. See selected research here.c) The benefits are unproven.--A substantial body of clinical proof does exist. For a sampling see our Research section.--For articles by doctors and other health care practitioners, see our Articles section.--Lastly, there are the benefits claimed in numerous Testimonials. Scientifically,testimonials are considered as hearsay and are sometimes rejected as inadmissibleevidence of benefits of an agent for health. Are these improvements due to the placeboeffect (in other words because people believe in the treatment), or not? With some of thehealth claims made, we don't know the answer for sure. However, when the number of 

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