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The Book of Exodus

The Book of Exodus

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Bishop of Derry

Bishop of Derry

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Sep 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE BOOK OF EXODUSBY REV. A. CHADWICK, D.D.,Bishop of DerryPREFACE.MUCH is now denied or doubted, within theChurch itself, concerning the Book of Exodus,which was formerly accepted with confidence by allChristians.But one thing can neither be doubted nor denied.Jesus Christ did certainly treat this book, taking itas He found it, as possessed of spiritual authority,a sacred scripture. He taught His disciples toregard it thus, and they did so.Therefore, however widely His followers maydiffer about its date and origin, they must admit theright of a Christian teacher to treat this book, takingit as he finds it, as a sacred scripture and investedwith spiritual authority. It is the legitimate subjectof exposition in the Church.Such work this volume strives, howler imper-fectly, to perform. Its object is to edify in the firstplace, and also, but in the second place, to inform.Nor has the author consciously shrunk from sayingwhat seemed to him proper to be said because theutterance would be unwelcome, either to the latestcritical theory, or to the last sensational gospel of an hour.But sines controversv has not been sought,b
PREFACE.although exposition has not been suppressed whenit carried weapons, by far the greater part of thevolume appeals to all who accept their Bible as, inany true sense, a gift from God.No task is more difficult than to exhibit the OldTestament in the light of the New, discovering thepermanent in the evanescent, and the spiritual inthe form and type which it inhabited and illuminated.This book is at least the result of a firm belief thatsuch a connection between the two Testaments doesexist, and of a patient endeavour to receive theedification offered by each Scripture, rather than toforce into it, and then extort from it, what theexpositor desires to find. Nor has it been supposedthat by allowing the imagination to assume, insacred things, that rank as a guide which reasonholds in all other practical affairs, any honour wouldbe done to Him Who is called the Spirit of know-ledge and wisdom, but not of fancy and quaintconceits.If such an attempt does, in any degree, provesuccessful and bear fruit, this fact will be of thenature of a scientific demonstration.If this ancient Book of Exodus yields solid resultsto a sober devotional exposition in the nineteenthChristian century, if it is not an idle fancy that itsteaching harmonises with the principles and theologyof the New Testament, and even demands the NewTestament as the true commentary upon the Old,what follows ? How comes it that the oak ispotentially in the acorn, and the living creature inthe egg ? No germ is a manufactured article : itis a part of the system of the universe.
ANALYSIS OF CONTENTS.CHAPTER LThe Prologue, i I — 6.Books linked by conjunction "And :" Scripture history a con-nected whole, I. — So is secular history organic : " Philosophyof history." The Pentateuch being a still closer unity, Exodusrehearses the descent into Egypt, 2. — Heredity : the family of Jacob, 3. — Death of Joseph. Influence of Egypt on the shep-herd race, 4. — A healthy stock: good breeding. Goethe'saphorism, 5. — Ourselves and our descendants, 6.God in History, i. 7.In Exodus, national history replaces biography, 6. — Contrastednarratives of Jacob and Moses. Spiritual progress from Genesisto Exodus, 7-— St. Paul's view: Law prepares for Gospel,especially by our failures, 8. — This explains other phenomena :failures in various circumstances, of innocence in Eden ; of anelect family ; now of a race, a nation, 9. — Israel, failing withall advantages, needs a Messiah. Faith justifies, in Old Testa,ment as in New, 10. — Scripture history reveals God in thislife, in all things, 11. — True spirituality owns God in thesecular : this is a gospel for our days, 13-13.The Oppression, i. 7 — 22.Early prosperity: its dangers: political supports vain, 13. —Joseph forgotten. National responsibilities : despotism, 14. —Nations and their chiefs. Our subject races, 15. — The Churchand her King : imputation, Pharaoh precipitates what hefears, 16. — Egypt and her aliens: modern parallels, 17. —Tyranny is tyrannous even when cultured, 18. — Our undueestrangement from the fallen : Jesus a brother. Toil crushesthe spirit, 19. — Israel idolatrous. Religious dependence, 20.—Direct interposition required. Bitter oppression, 21. —

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