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Renesmee's POV-Overcast Chapter 1

Renesmee's POV-Overcast Chapter 1

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Published by Fayth
This is the rewritten version of chapter 1. If you want to find the rest of the story it is being uploaded and completed on my fanfiction. net account. It is much more adult but it still has the same basic story line and cutesy scenes. Jacob and Renesmee always have and always will hold a special place in my heart and I stupidly stopped writing about it. Here is the new link, please follow the story there! http://www.fanfiction.net/u/4677671/
This is the rewritten version of chapter 1. If you want to find the rest of the story it is being uploaded and completed on my fanfiction. net account. It is much more adult but it still has the same basic story line and cutesy scenes. Jacob and Renesmee always have and always will hold a special place in my heart and I stupidly stopped writing about it. Here is the new link, please follow the story there! http://www.fanfiction.net/u/4677671/

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Published by: Fayth on Sep 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Does this story seem familiar to any of you? If it does you probably read it on my scribd-Daboodedabooda- The story is getting revamped (pun intended, wink wink). If youhaven't read it, Hi! Enjoy ;)I am going to provide you with how I see Renesmee so you'll better understand her character going into this. Physically- Shes 5'6. Copper hair almost to her waist. Mother'seyes, duh. She's ...not lacking in her (insert fergie voice here) lovely lady lumps. Lips likeher mom. Sharp, elegant brows. She's just really gorgeous, looking more like Edwardthen Bella. When she says shes putting on make up, we're talking mascara and a littleliner because shes perfect. Obviously.Personality- Renesmee is very caring, selfless, stubbron, sarcastic,confident,intelligent(shes already finished and exceled at school,homeschool of course) and verywell put together. Though she is adorable and sweet, she can also be veryseductive,intimidating and slightly manipulative when she wants to be.Please leave reviews! :) _______________________________________________________________________  _ I opened my eyes to stare at the ceiling. My dreams had been nothing but memories fromthe past 7 years of my life - a typical dream for me. Going from when I was nothing but achild up to now, standing 5'6 with a slender but toned body that curved enough to givemy ego a boost. I looked the age of eighteen and haven't grown in months, I finally fit inwith my family. Other from that not much had changed in the years.I groaned as I sat up straight. To my right Rosalie was sitting with a book in her hands and Emmett draped across her lap and he seemed to be counting threads in acertain spot of the carpet. I pulled my phone out from between the cushions to check thetime- Seriously, Only 6:30 AM? Standing up, I pulled my cover with me and quicklyfolded it placing it back on the arm of the sofa. Last night I had been sitting on the smallsectional couch in the cottage flipping through multiple channels a second when my parents walked through the door with that happy couple look in their eyes. I ignored atthem first, still pouting that Jacob had to leave earlier then normal, but it only took me amatter of seconds to figure out it was the type of night I didn't want to be around.I shuffled my way to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my hair beforeheading up the steps to my and Alice's work studio. I paused outside the door searchingfor her thoughts so I could invade them with my own "
" I mentally said. In our last
visit to see the Amazonians Zafrina taught me how to project my thoughts to other peopleand how to protect my own, which I do all the time now unless I have something privateto say to daddy. Over the years I have gotten stronger rather then weaker and discoveredmany new things I was capable of doing. Like Jake, I heal when hurt but it takes quiet a bit to cut through my skin. Alice interrupted my thought at that moment by opening thedoor."Why are you standing out here? Get in here." She urged before flitting to the other sideof the room where our drawings of desgins were plastered across the wall. I sat down inthe middle of the room at our vanity to put on my make up."So when do you think I'll be able to go back to my room?" I asked while applying mymascara.She frowned, "Do I really have to look?" We both giggled at the same time but then sheanswered with a simple 'soon'.I got up from the stool, smiled at alice and made my way back downstairs to the kitchen.I made a quick breakfast of orange juice then grabbed a granola bar before slipping onmy tennis shoes before heading back to the cottage. I jumped off the top step and landedon the ground, smirking to myself then began to run. It was a typical dark and drury dayin Forks, Washington. When I got back I had to kick my shoes off outside of the door so Iwouldn't track in any of the muddiness.My sight zeroed in on a note that read:
Gone hunting. Sorry for last night. We love you, always! -M & D
I smiled to myself before running over to my iHome that was plugged into thesurrond sound and turning on my playlist. I proceeded to dance around as I dressed in mytan skinny jeans and blue ruffle tank top. I was jumping around backwards in the livingroom when someone grabbed my arm and pulled me into them.Jacob. I beamed. He played along by bopping his head and holding my hands as Itwirled. When the song ended we hugged tightly while laughing. My best friend. Whenhe was here it felt like a thousand tons had been lifted off my shoulders."You're adorable." He mumbled into my hair before dropping his arms. I wanted to objectto the lost contact but just stepped back."I know." I said, flipping my hair.He rolled his eyes while mumbling the word "Egotistical."I turned my head slightly and retorted, "And you're not Jacob Black?"
He did that smirk that makes my heart flutter in a weird way I had never experiencedwith anybody but him. I ,of course, knew that he had imprinted on me and we would betogether one day...if I wanted. Just recently had I started getting romantic feelings of him,Dreaming of him, and watching his muscles under his beautiful russet skin twitch whenhe moved his arm. I had no idea how to express what I was feeling. Being perfectlyhonest
had no idea what I was feeling or what it meant. Whatever it was, Jacob didn'tseem ready for it. He hadn't even took notice."Ness?" He asked stepping closer with a concerned look on his face causing me to snapout of it. I looked up to him and he carried on "Are you ready to go?"
We pulled up to Billy's house, having to park in the front yard there were so many carsthere. Jacob got out and was opening my door before I could even move. He offered mehis hand and I smiled happily taking it. This was normal for us, we hugged, we heldhands, we even occasionally sleep in the same bed even though it was rare now that I wasolder and it made my family uncomfortable. I really didn't feel like doing this, I just wantto be with my Jacob. This makes him happy so I can't complain.We entered the house and a "hey" errupted from everybody. I felt an arm wraparound my neck that I instantly recognized as Leah Clearwater, I let go of Jake's hand tohug her back. It took a few years to make Leah like me but ever since then she consideredme her best friend even though we didn't hang out by ourselves or talk that often. She hadconfided in me about her depressions when she hadn't to anybody else. She let me gowith a small smile. Jacob and I locked hands again for me to only be pulled away byanother arm around my waist this time."Ness!" Seth exclaimed hugging me tightly to him. I tugged on my hand that Jake washolding but he didn't seem notice so I hugged Seth one-armed. The hug lasted for quiet awhile before somebody cleared their throat and he released me. Jacob changed fromholding my hand to wrapping his arm around me. I looked up at him confused and hegave me a friendly smile. Hey, I'm not complaining.He pulled me into the living room which was less crowded and thar is where wefound Billy, Quil, Paul and Embry. I was careful to avoid Paul's eyes. No matter what Idid I couldn't get him to like me. Opposite to his wife and Jacob's sister Rachel wholoved me. Beside Quil was ten year old Claire who came flying towards me as soon asshe layed eyes on me. I knelt down and hugged her gently. "Nene come sit with me anduncle Quil!" She said tugging at my hand. I pulled away from Jacob to go sit besideQuil's feet to play with her and Jacob sat in the recliner beside his dad's wheelchair.

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