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00 01 Frml dcsn-mkg process 130909 final.docx

00 01 Frml dcsn-mkg process 130909 final.docx

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00 01 Formal decision-making process
00 01 Formal decision-making process

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Published by: Ashley Elizabeth Ball on Sep 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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00 01 Constitution: formal decision-making process
Potential formal decisions should be notified as early as possible, and ideallywith six months notice.
For more urgent items. The minimum legal notice for a key decision to appear in the Forward Plan is 28 clear days before the decision is planned to betaken.
Published deadlines for cabinet/committees are here:http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/moderngov/mgListCommittees.aspx?bcr=1 Guidance:
Info here on new decision-making site (in the expectation this map will beemailed to key officers as well as appear on that site).
The Council’s Procurement guide is here:
CCOs: Committee Continuity OfficersCLT: Commissioning Leadership TeamCMB: Cabinet Member Briefing meetingCP: Corporate ProcurementD: Director: Commissioning, Delivery or EnablingDLT: Departmental Leadership TeamOB: Operations BoardODD: Officer delegated decisionPB: Procurement BoardSD: Strategic Director 
Stage 1: report commission
consultation with Cabinet Member Step Who Tools
Produce draft CMB pro-forma, havingregarded to decision-making requirementsand submit to CCO
ReportauthorsCorporate anddepartmentalprocurement lists of forthcoming contracts01 05 CMB Pro forma01 06 CCOsCabinet Member Briefing meetings (CMBs) DSS:
OfficePublished cycle of meetingsLists of potential forthcoming decisionssubmitted for discussion at CMBs on amonthly basis. Prior discussion at DLTs.CCO to either:
attend both DLT and CMB; or 
be responsible for the production of the pro forma, and action this onreceipt of CMB minutes.
CCOs 01 05 CMB Pro forma Advises:
Report author 
Leader’s Office
Democratic Serviceson outcome (CMB pro forma amended asnecessary and circulated)CCOs 01 05 CMB Pro forma01 07 CabinetMembers and
Leader’s Office staff 
 01 08 CMB schedule Add issue to Corporate Report List and/or theForward Plan, as necessary.CCOs Modern.gov: on-linepro forma
Stage 2: report preparation
(CMB pro forma will set out decision-making process tobe followed)
Step Who Tools
Plan report production (procurement gatewayprocess commences)Reportauthor 
02 04 Reportguidance
02 03 Single reporttemplate
02 02 Officer reportpro forma cover sheet
Procurement GuideRead relevant advice on report writing asreport is developedReportauthor External consultation and coproductionprocessReportauthor Consultation toolkitConsultation with ward councillors Reportauthor Internal consideration at (and date(s)) (allgovernance meetings must be included hereto enable proper timetable planning):
Governance/programme board
Strategic Board
CMB (progress report, as required;will include Gateway 2 for procurement reports)
Cabinet advisory panels (will work upspecific items/issues)
Informal Cabinet (as required)
Labour Group (as required)Note: report may need to be considered atOB, SB and IC more than once.If issue is to be abandoned, refer first to CMBfor agreementReportauthor withsupportfrom CCOInternal consultation on draft report:
Cabinet Member (c.c. Head of 
Leader’s Office and policy officer 
concerned) (for CM Children &Families, send instead to Victor Ruskin for weekly CMB (report author may be required to attend)
Finance Business Partners
Legal Services
Democratic Services (see alsoseparate Procurement advice)
Scrutiny Lead Officer (if to beCCOsand/or reportauthor 

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