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Y9 Planning Grid

Y9 Planning Grid

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Published by: José Pedro Mesquita on Sep 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lesson TopicsLearning Objectives
Powers Indices and Calculations (Chapter 3)Bidmas intro (Chapter 3)Powers Indices and Calculations (Chapter 3)Consolidation Bidmas (Chapter 3)Integers (Chapter 1)FactorsHCF, LCMPrime n.; Prime factorisation-
Be able to Identifying factors and multiple of numbers-
Be able to prime factorise a term-
Find LCM and HCF
Powers Indices and Calculations (Chapter 3)Squares and cubes; square roots and cube roots, usinga calculator.Squares, cubes and roots to memorise.Index notation and laws-
Work out squares; cubes; square roots; cube roots ofnumbers, with and without a calculator (including the use oftrial and improvement.=trial and error-
Be able to memorise some important Squares, cubes, roots.-
Be able to identify index notation and learn all index laws.Powers Indices and Calculations (Chapter 3)Index notation exercises and standard form-
Being able to identify index laws, and the relevance tostandard form.-
To be able to convert numbers into standard form.-
To be able to use standard form in written calculations.Powers Indices and Calculations (Chapter 3)Standard formCalculator work-
Revisit standard form notation and calculations-
Be able to use a calculator efficiently, typing data correctlyand using Bidmas to help.
Fractions decimals Percentages (Chapter 2)Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers andvice versa.Finding equivalent fractions in their simplest form.Ordering fractions by converting them to equivalentfractions with the same number.-
Understand a fraction as part of a whole-
Recognise and write fractions in everyday situations-
Write a fraction in its simplest form and recognise equivalentfractions-
Compare the sizes of fractions using a common denominatorWrite an improper fraction as a mixed fraction.Fractions decimals Percentages (Chapter 2)Converting between fractions and decimals.Rounding whole numbers and decimals to 1s.f.Estimating by rounding all numbers in a calculation to1s.f.Rounding up or down in the context of the problem.Using trial and improvement where there is no obvioussimple method.- Convert a fraction to a decimal (including recurring numbers);convert a decimal to a fraction (not including recurringdecimals)- Round whole numbers and decimal numbers to 1s.f. andcalculate an estimate (including practical examples) to checktheir calculations.- Solve problems by trial and improvement to solve practicalproblems.Fractions decimals Percentages (Chapter 2)Ordering fractions by converting to percentagesPercentages of quantities- Percentages which convert to recurring decimals (e.g. 33
%),and situations which lead to percentages of more than 100%.- Simple interest calculations.- Discuss why reducing a quantity by 10%, and then by 10%again, is not the same as reducing a quantity by 20%.
Coordinates and essential algebraReading and plotting coordinatesReading and plotting positive and negative coordinates-Plot and read coordinates on a coordinate grid (in all fourquadrants)-Understand that one coordinate identifies a point on a line, two
Finding the coordinates of the final point to make ashapecoordinates identify a point in a plane and three coordinatesidentify
a point in space, and use the terms ‘1
D’, ‘2
D’ and ‘3
 -Find the coordinates of a third point to complete an isoscelestriangle-Find the coordinates of the fourth vertex of a parallelogram,trapezium, rhombus and kiteCoordinates and essential algebraFinding the mid-point of a linear functionUsing the formula to find the coordinates of the mid-pointIdentifying 2-D and 3-D shapes; using 3-Dcoordinates-Use the mid-point formula to work out the coordinates of themid-point of the line connecting two point with givencoordinates-Identify the coordinates of the vertex of a cuboid on a 3-Dgrid.Coordinates and essential algebra Coordinates and essential algebra
Coordinates and essential algebra Coordinates and essential algebraCoordinates and essential algebra Coordinates and essential algebraCoordinates and essential algebra Coordinates and essential algebra
Topic Test
ICT integrated lesson

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