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13821382 the Integration of Gun Fighting 7677

13821382 the Integration of Gun Fighting 7677

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Published by rajesh kumar

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Published by: rajesh kumar on Jun 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From the Integrated Close Combat Forumhttp://kilogulf59.proboards80.com 
This is an excellent bit of knowledge and I do have it in my personal notes. “7677” is the nom de plume of a man who is a former U.S. Army combat veteran, police officer, and currently an active federal officer andrenowned trainer. He is definitely a man worth listening to, not to mention a heck of a nice guy.
The Integration of Gun Fighting
By 7677
I do not start many threads but I thought this would be a good topic. I have spent the lastthree years trying to promote an integrated system of gun fighting that uses both sightedand point shooting techniques.
I have found that Mindset is the most important element to surviving.Mindset is more then being mentally capable of taking another humans life, as the lack of awareness of ones surrounding will get you killed. In the LE community, the failure torecognize threats is the biggest killer. Being the best shot in the world doesn't do you one bit of good if you never see it coming. Real world incidents never occur when you wantthem to or in conditions that favor you. When a person goes to a shooting competitionthey know it is draw and shoot and there are no surprises. The targets do not move towardyou and ask for a light and then suddenly attack you. Targets do not shoot back nor dothey find you like they do it the real world at the moment when your head is planted inyour rear end. Try shooting after you have been physically assaulted and punched in thenose or a face full of OC, and/or in a dark environment. It changes the whole game.Mindset includes the determination to win, conditioning to mind to scan for threats andthreat identification. Once a thread is identified the person has to employ appropriatetactics to deal with the threat which includes making the appropriate determination todisengage or engage.
The platform should be learned in its most basic form andeverything should be just an extension of a punch. You simply look where you want your  punch to land and your mind does the rest. Knives, Swords and Firearms either extendthe range of your punch and/or its lethality. This fighting system should flow from thefighting stance to the use of weapons.
I came up with the sight continuum to explain when to use point shooting and when to use the sights by the urgency of making shot and the distanceinvolved. Other things like movement and the use of cover are other considerations that play a part in the sight continuum. The final piece of sight continuum came to me one daywhile watching simunitions training and I noticed that people A) do as they were trainedor B) spray and prey or C) nothing (until to late). Well sometimes people do what theywere trained a little to well. No one every told them that they could go from the mind setof I’m going to draw and take a aimed shot to of oh crap I need to make the shot rightnow. When these happened most shooters didn’t use PS and make the shot they rushedthe draw which usually threw the gun even more off target and then it took them evenlonger to recover their sight picture and by this time you could play connect the dots onthem. The distance which most handgun fight take place at are within 10 feet and thevictim is usually reacting to the attacker which further puts them behind the curve. Theonly way I have found to off set the attackers advantage is for the victim to move draw

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