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Ways of Overcoming Temptation

Ways of Overcoming Temptation

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Published by glennpease

" My brethren, be strong in tbe Lord, ai
His might. Put on the whole armour of G
able to stand against the wiles of the devil.' '-

" My brethren, be strong in tbe Lord, ai
His might. Put on the whole armour of G
able to stand against the wiles of the devil.' '-

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Published by: glennpease on Sep 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WAYS OF OVERCOMIG TEMPTATIOREV. R. GEORGE BOODLE, M.A." My brethren, be strong in tbe Lord, aiHis might. Put on the whole armour of Gable to stand against the wiles of the devil.' '-PREFACE.The following is a humble offering to Christ's children forHis sake. It has been sent out in the hope that it may, underHis blessing, help them in some little way to live more closelyto Him ; and guide them in their battle against the enemies of their souls. It was not therefore written, nor does it seem fit,for those who have turned wilfully back after the world, theflesh, or the deyil. They need to be warned of their danger ,before they will attend to any rules for overcoming temptation.Those for whom it is intended are : — 1. Young persons, before or after Confirmation; amongwhom, even in the most hopeiful cases, there is necessarilymuch ignorance both of the many snares of the devH, and thebest means of escaping them. They ought clearly to under-stand, that they must expect to he tempted^ but that they mustwar against and overcome the very beginnings of temptation.3. Those who have fallen into any great sin, or have beenliving in careless and evil habits, from which they have beennewly awakened. It is of the greatest consequence that theseshould be set to the work of taking up the cross, and followingJesus : that they should be'^prepared to press toward heaventhrough the many hard struggles which await them ; lest they
fall back, and *' their last state be worse than the first.''3. It is intended for those who have for some time been lead-ing a regular life, but have not yet set with sufficient earnest-ness to the work of daily watchfulness, careful self-amendment,and growth in the life of Christ.^aucu mi» Uhrist's holy Church. Itvords are addressed, '* Ye are the salt of lave blessings, and means of attaining to auch as no other bodies qf men possess,nd blessing of others depends much on/hurchmen make in brotherly love and hoiomplaining of Disinters, that such as aducation, or an ill-directed zeal, will be binger into the truth ; but by Churchmenduing the truth, and by showing forth, iniworldliness, self-denial, and brotherly \oyresence among them, which there is not iat it is a blessing to have fellowship \\lurch, because her ** fellowship is withth Jesus Christ, our Lord.'*The writer has only to request that, if ainve any benefit from these pages, they wctheir pravem. <•>»««• n«« ' ' •WATS or OVERCOMIa TEMPTmO,ETC.I.EED AD MEAS OF GRACE.1. Firmly believe your own exceeding weakness and
readiness to sin, tmthout the help of the HolyGhost. Your weakness is in all points, your temp-tation on all sides : in your business and your pleasure;in the use of your time, your money, your friends ;in supplying the wants of your body, of food, or rest ;in guiding your desires and your temper ; in the useof the powers of your mind, your imagination, rea-son, memory ; your words with others, your thoughtswithin yourself; in the employment of the membersof your body, your, eyes, hands, feet, and tongue.The offices of life also bring their several tempta-tions : parents, masters, husbands, and wives, chil-dren, and servants, have each their peculiar duties,and therefore their peculiar temptations. Then thereare hopes and fears, joys, distresses, sorrows ; severepoverty, riches ; sudden changes in things about you ;the faults of others; the general cu^Wcsi^ ^1 ^^g^B*. '^^^ uvt»|jt/xug 1/De otter:to jour wants or feelings at the tinness in you, which he knows ormidst 01 all these enemies, you muyou cannot walk safely for one houupon yourself. But while it is nec(curate account of your enemies andgood courage ; for they that are wipowerful than they that he again!dare to say you cannot help sinniiGrOD is ever ready for you ; and j;hings through Christ which stren^He is not far off : for He has declvith His Church always, even u:

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