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The Temptation of Christ

The Temptation of Christ

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Published by glennpease



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Published by: glennpease on Sep 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE TEMPTATIO OF CHRISTBY GEORGE S. BARRETT, B.A.,PREFACE.THE substance of this volume was deliveredin the ordinary course of my ministry to thechurch and congregation to whom I haveventured to dedicate it. That it retains tracesof its original character, I am fully aware ; butas this series is entitled "The HouseholdLibrary of Exposition," and is intended ratherfor family reading than for the discussion of anyof the great critical or theological questionsconnected with Scripture, I have not cared toremove altogether from the book that practicalcolouring which is appropriate to most sermons.At the same time I trust that this attemptto expound the Temptation of Christ, in itsrelation both to Himself, and to our own temptations, will not altogether fail of the characterof an " exposition " properly so called. It isVlll PREFACE.impossible to study, for any length of time, anypart of the life or words of the Lord JesusChrist, without being painfully conscious howfar short of their infinite meaning all ourthoughts and words ever fall ; and no one can
feel this, in regard to the present volume, morekeenly than myself. If, however, this littlebook brings any of its readers nearer to Himof Whom it chiefly speaks ; if it enables themto feel more deeply the reality of His humanity,and the greatness of the sacrifice and of thestruggle He undertook in the redemption of the world ; if it helps any soul " sore beset of sin" to fight more courageously "the goodfight of the faith, " and to rely more trustfullyon the sympathy and help of Him, Who "in thatHe Himself suffered being tempted, is able tosuccour them that are tempted," I shall bethankful that, with whatsoever imperfections, Ihave been permitted to publish it.It only remains to say that the quotationsfrom the ew Testament are all taken from the< Revised Version ; " a version which, in spite of PREFACE. IXsome defects in rhythm, and occasionally a toominute scrupulosity of scholarship, I regard asthe most precious, because the most faithful,translation of the Book of Life yet given to theEnglish speaking nations of the world.GEORGE S. BARRETT.ORWICH, May 1883.COTETS.I. THE POSSIBILITY AD ECESSITY OF THE .
TEMPTATIO 3II. THE REALITY OF THE TEMPTATIO . . 23III. THE ISTRUMET AD THE DIVIEORDERIG OF THE TEMPTATIO . 45IV. THE TIME AD PLACE OF THE TEMPTATIO 65V. THE FIRST TEMPTATIO. . . . 91VI. THE SECOD TEMPTATIO . . . 115VII. THE THIRD TEMPTATIO . . .141VIII. THE LIFE OF TEMPTATIO . . .165IX. THE MIISTRY OF AGELS . . .197X. CHRIST'S VICTORY, THE PLEDGE ADPOWER OF OUR VICTORY OVER TEMPTATIO AD SI . . 217I.THE POSSIBILITY AD THEECESSITY OF THE TEMPTATIO."For it became Him, for whom are all things, and throughwhom are all things, in bringing many sons unto glory, to makethe author of their salvation perfect through sufferings."HEBREWS ii. 10.I.

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