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CND Festival Campaign 2009

CND Festival Campaign 2009

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Published by cnduk
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament summer music festivals magazine
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament summer music festivals magazine

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Published by: cnduk on Jun 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Damon Albarn on why heis against nuclear weapons•Tony Benn on why now isthe time to scrap Trident•Marcus Brigstocke andothers tell us what theywould spend £76 billion on
Take action
Send a letter
toGordon Brown
Make a paper crane
Make a difference
 join our campaignto abolish nuclearweapons
162 Holloway Road, LondonN7 8DQ Tel: 020 7700 2393
The magazine of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Summer ‘09
It has been sickening to read about MPs’ expenses over the last few weeks. From moats, to duckhouses, to ‘flipping’ second homes, it has been a sorry affair. Not only has it pretty much wreckedany trust we had left in our political system, but it has exposed the cavalier attitude that manypoliticians have towards public money.And it couldn’t have come at a worse time as the economic crisis is hitting ordinary people hard.Many are losing their jobs and their homes. Others are faced with the possibility of reducedpensions after paying in throughout a lifetime of hard work. Vast amounts of money have beenspent to save the financial system, and that is money that can’t now be spent elsewhere. Nodoubt we will see further cuts in healthcare, education and other areas that are vital to all of us.So it seems to me that for Britain to spend £76 billion on a new generation of weapons of massdestruction is truly scandalous. But that is exactly what our government is in the process of doing.Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons system reaches the end of its shelf life in the 2020s and our government is pressingahead with a new system to replace it. That is £76 billion that could be spent on jobs, homes, hospitals, dealing withclimate change…the list of necessary possibilities is almost endless.The majority of the British population opposes Trident replacement. Two years ago,when the government was pushing the replacement decision through parliament, 72%did not think the government should go ahead. Recently, two retired generals and aretired field marshal stated that Trident is militarily useless and should be scrapped.Increasing numbers of people from across the political spectrum believethat nuclear weapons do not make us more safe – in fact they makeus less safe. While some countries continue to have nuclear weapons,and say they need them for their security, others will come to thesame conclusion. Some, like North Korea, have already decided theyneed them for their security. Maybe other countries are thinking thattoo. The only solution is to abolish all nuclear weapons, but Britaindeveloping new ones while it says other countries can’t have them isnot really helping.It’s not only CND that wants global abolition of nuclear weapons.President Obama has committed himself to global abolition.When I first heard that, I thought maybe it was just electoralrhetoric, but since he has come into office he has takensome concrete steps. He is now in discussion with PresidentMedvedev of Russia to make big cuts to their massivearsenals. He wants to put an end to all nuclear weaponstesting. And he’s also put a stop to the US’s new nuclear warheadsprogramme. Normally I think more than twice about Britain copying US policies, but it seems to me that Gordoncould copy that one, save £76 billion – and maybe win a few votes in the process!
It’s summer time, which means that the festival season is upon us. It’s a great time notonly to have fun and enjoy great music – but also to unite and seize an opportunity,writes
Kate Hudson,
CND Chair.
The real financial scandal
The next phase of the No Trident Replacement campaign
espite a massive rebellion within the Labour Party and the opposition of the majority ofBr
itish people, in March 2007, the British Parliament voted to replace the UK’s nuclear weapons systemTrident. Now, with the UK facing its biggest economic crisis in decades, there is less of a case than everfor wasting £76 billion on replacing Trident.
Not only is Trident expensive,
but also, according to some retired senior army figures, militarily useless.Trident will do nothing to meet the main security challenges we face today –terrorism and climate change. In fact, replacing Trident will actually make usless secure. By claiming we need nuclear weapons for our security,other countries are likely to reach the same conclusion. Inaddition, replacing Trident completely goes against our legalobligation, under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, todisarm our nuclear weapons.
The first decision point
in the replacement process(the Initial Gate) is due from the MoD in
while Parliament is on holiday. It seems the govern-ment is planning to make a decision alone. But this mustnot be subject to behind-the-scenes decision-making andmust be reviewed by Parliament.Over the next few months, CND will be stepping up itscampaign against Trident replacement. As part of thecampaign, we’ve produced a number of newresources, including a leaflet, postcard, posterand briefing. In addition, we’ve extended thedeadline of the No Trident Replacementpetition to
31st March 2010.
All items areavailable to order or download from the CNDwebsite at www.cnduk.org. We are alsoencouraging people to ask their MPs to sign EDM 660:Parliamentary Scrutiny of Trident Replacement.
Keep checking the CND website
for the latestnews on Trident or contact Sian Drinkwater by calling020 7700 2393 or by emailing notrident@cnduk.org forfurther details about how you can get involved.
Times are hard –
don’t wasteour money on nuclear weapons
Take action
•Sign the letter on page 11 and return to the CND stall.•Contact your MP and urge them to sign EDM 660.

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