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The Eyeopener — September 11, 2013

The Eyeopener — September 11, 2013

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Published by The Eyeopener
The Eyeopener — September 11, 2013
The Eyeopener — September 11, 2013

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Published by: The Eyeopener on Sep 11, 2013
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Volume 47 - Issue 2September 11, 2013theeyeopener.comSince 1967
Ryerson frosh takes over downtown Toronto P8
2Wednesday Sept. 11, 2013
3Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2013
The future Student Learning Centre space was once home to Sam Sniderman’s iconic record store, displaying the record player sign.
By Leah Jensenand Latifa Abdin
A city council meeting was held onTuesday to determine whether Ry-erson has to honour their promiseto keep the iconic Sam The RecordMan sign on their new StudentLearning Centre (SLC) completingconstruction in Winter 2014.The university bought the SamThe Record Man lot, located at thecorner of Yonge and Gould Streets,in 2008 on the terms that it wouldpreserve the former record shop’soriginal signage.The sign itself went up in the 60’sand encompasses two spinning,brightly lit record players on a rect-angular box.“That sign is a piece of Toronto,”Noel Mastine said, a former Ryer-son Retail Management student.“A promise is a promise. Ryersonknew that in order for them to getthat space they needed to keep thesign, and now they’re just goingback on their word.”Ryerson President Sheldon Levyhas made it clear that the school isnot actually trashing the sign.“What the media outlets don’tknow is that, along with the side-walk plaque, we are actually work-ing with the city to buy anotherarea to put up the sign,” Levy said.“That was mentioned in our ap-plication.” The proposed alterna-tive, a commemorative placard,would be installed on the sidewalkon Yonge Street outside the SLC.Originally city council hadpassed a motion that would pro-tect the agship record shop underthe Ontario Heritage Act. Ryersonwanted the space to build the Stu-dent Learning Centre and signedan Easement Agreement to get it.The deceased shop owner, SamSniderman, “[did] not have anemotional attachment or a realstrong opinion one way or anoth-er to keep the signs or not,” saidWard 27 Toronto Centre-Rosedalecity councilor, Kristin Wong-Tam.Levy agrees.
The Eyeopener
was not able toget in touch with Sam Sniderman’sson, Bobby.In an interview with the TorontoStar, Bobby said quite different. “If my father was alive today, therewould be no possibility of this tak-ing place. He would be outragedby it, and he would be leading thecharge to get the recognition he de-serves.”Ward 30 Toronto-Danforth-Councillor Paula Fletcher was an-gry at Ryerson’s move and had en-couraged people to sign an onlinepetition to make Ryerson upholdits end of the bargain.The petition had over 1000 sig-natures by the time the city councilmeeting began.Ryerson argued it would be toodifcult to incorporate the Samsign into their design plans andthat it was not nancially feasible.“I’m not from Toronto so thissign doesn’t mean anything tome. I’m not sure what the fuss isabout,” said Maria Morgan, athird-year English student.
At the time of print the decision was yet to be made. Check the eyeopener.com forall updates
By Steven Goetz
City council makes nal call
Toronto Police found an 18-year-old man bleeding from a stabwound in the parking lot on thenortheast corner of Dundas andVictoria streets shortly after mid-night on Saturday, Aug. 31.Police are looking for four sus-pects in an ongoing investigation.A map on the Toronto Policewebsite shows the location of robberies and break-ins that haveoccurred on the Church-Yongecorridor between July and Au-gust. The map shows that therehave been a number of street rob-beries around campus during thattime.Since the beginning of themonth several violent incidenceshave occurred in the area includ-ing assaults and robberies: a manwas punched and kicked beforebeing robbed near George andDundas; another was punchedafter being stripped of his cashat Yonge and College, and an18-year-old man was pepper-sprayed in an attempted robberyat Yonge and Dundas West; thelist goes on.Some hit closer to home. On July 24, a Ryerson student wasfound on campus with multiplestab wounds to the back andtorso.The university and its neigh-bourhood are served by policeat 51 Division, which covers thearea between Yonge Street andthe Don Valley Parkway south of Bloor. The division has the sec-ond largest number of dispatchedcalls in the city.In 2011, 1,440 incidents of non-sexual assaults reported in51 Division, with charges laid in786 of those cases.The latest Statistics Canadareport shows overall crime ratesin Canada have been on a down-ward trend since peaking in theearly 1990s, with year-by-yeardecreases in the incidence of vio-lent crime. Toronto has toppedthe list with the lowest crime ratefor the sixth year in a row.Const. Wendy Drummond, apolice spokesperson, assures stu-dents and faculty that recent inci-dents do not suggest an increasedrisk and police are working close-ly with Ryerson security to ensuresafety on campus. Drummond’ssuggests travelling in groups, es-pecially at night; if somethingfeels wrong, go to a populatedplace or call someone to tell themwhere you are.
Internationally acclaimed Perkins+Will designing Church Street Development
Ryerson Announces New Building Architects
By Farah Mustafa
Ryerson University President Shel-don Levy announced last week thatPerkins+Will will be the architectsdesigning the Church Street Devel-opment at 300 Church St.As part of Ryerson’s MasterPlan, the Church Street Develop-ment (CSD) will be a multipurposebuilding providing additional fa-cilities for the Daphne CockwellSchool of Nursing, the School of Nutrition, the School of Occupa-tional and Public Health and theMidwifery Education program.In addition to these four pro-grams, about 250 student residencespaces will be created to meet Ryer-son’s goal of 2,000 spaces by 2020.“Perkins+Will is a terric rmwith depth of experience in post-secondary design and health sci-ences design. They are a leaderin sustainable design,” said JuliaHanigsberg, Ryerson’s vice presi-dent of administration and nance,in a written statement.Hanigsberg said the programsthe CSD will house are “a keyacademic priority area for Ry-erson: health sciences” whichPerkins+Will are specialized in. Jon Loewen is the designlead for the Ryerson project atPerkins+Will.“One of our big focuses forPerkins+Will is sustainability and abig part of sustainability is not onlydoing very dense projects that arewell located in terms of transit andother factors, but it’s [about] bring-ing together a mix of uses that aremutually benecial,” Loewen said.According to Hanigsberg, theCSD will provide several new fea-tures the current buildings lack.Amongst these features are simula-tion suites and labs.The CSD is part of Ryerson’sMaster Plan announced in 2006 byLevy where he outlined three goalsfor Ryerson: urban intensication,the pedestrian-ization of Ryerson’scampus and a commitment to de-sign excellence.Achieving the plan comes at a
The future construction zone is currently a parking lot.
cost of $84 million for the aca-demic portion of the CSD project.The province is covering most of this cost. In 2011, the McGuintygovernment announced spending$56.4 million in a health sciencesbuilding at Ryerson.“In everything we build we needto focus on design excellence andputting people rst,” Hanigsbergsaid. “We have committed toincreasing our number of resi-dence spaces and that will be a keyon-going priority. We havepressing needs for our Faculty of Science for which we are activelyplanning.”“We need longer term solutions.Finally, sustainability has to bebuilt into everything we design andbuild.”Perkins+Will are currentlyin their predesign phase wherethey will consult with administra-tors and faculties on a sustainabledesign. The building will openin Fall 2018.

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