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Lack of Pharmacological Proof of Sarin Attack on Damascus: An Open Letter to Congress

Lack of Pharmacological Proof of Sarin Attack on Damascus: An Open Letter to Congress

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Published by Denis O'Brien
Using videos provided to Congress by the Obama administration and applying what is well known about the pharmacological effects of organophosphates it can be stated beyond a doubt that the Obama videos are not evidence of a sarin attack at Damascus on Aug21.2013
Using videos provided to Congress by the Obama administration and applying what is well known about the pharmacological effects of organophosphates it can be stated beyond a doubt that the Obama videos are not evidence of a sarin attack at Damascus on Aug21.2013

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Published by: Denis O'Brien on Sep 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Denis R. O’Brien
POB1699Blaine, WA98231denis@thepatentguy.net
Lack of Pharmacological Proof of a Sarin Attack at Damascus:An Open Letter to Congress
Sep09.2013To: Senators and Representatives of the 113 U.S. Congress
Almost 35 years ago I received my PhD in pharmacology from the University of Virginia, specializing inneuropharmacology. In all of those years I can’t help but note how infrequently presidents or Congress have called onpharmacologists to intercede in international crises like, say, decisions as to whether to bomb countries in the MiddleEast and, possibly, set off a disastrous war in the region. And fair enough, too, because most international crises don’tinvolve the molecular mechanisms of action or physiological effects of drugs.But this one does. I say that because based on a pharmacological understanding of how sarin works, it is very clearfrom the videos President Obama is showing you and the rest of the country that a sarin attack did not occur in thoseDamascus suburbs on Aug21.2013. More precisely, it is virtually certain that even if sarin was present, it could not havebeen present in sufficiently high concentrations to cause the horrible scenes in those videos. I would like to explain to you why, but before I get to the pharmacology let me briefly identify the pertinent videos that now form the factual basisof this issue.
The “Feinstein Package
Over the last few weeks there have been a seemingly endless parade of disturbing images in the form of YouTubevideos and screen-grabs from those videos. On seeing those images I have wondered why the victims did not show thesymptoms of a sarin attack that I would expect to see, and I figured that President Obama and his NSA people - whennot busy reading my Emails - must be looking at a different set of sarin-attack images.Thankfully, you folks in Congress rightly demanded that President Obama show you the videos he was looking at so you could see - and judge - for yourselves. Sen. Diane Feinstein went so far as to collect those videos - there are 13 of them - into a single video package. Bless her. Your constituents can all see the Feinstein Packageonline, and I hope
they do.Here is a one-line description of each of the 13 vids that comprise the Feinstein Package, including the time the vidstarts, the place the attack is alleged to have occurred, what the local time was when the vid was uploaded to YT, whouploaded the vid, and the YT URL. This information is taken from the Feinstein Package, except for local times of theuploads, which I calculated from the GMT provided. For reference, the vids are numbered
. Because Ghutahis a sort of ground-zero for this alleged attack, I also provide crow-fly distances of other “attack sites” from Ghutah,obtained from GoogleEarth. All dates are Aug21.2013, local.
00:01 Jawbar ( 3mi due E of Ghutah) • ~
04:50 am local
• youtu.be/keXF8lgu_Eg
[Taken down]
01:00Ghutah • ~
07:00 am local
• SHAMSNN • youtu.be/-QLxJn8TEsk
02:25Duma (3 mi N. of Ghutah) • ~
12:30 pm local
• SHAMSNN • youtu.be/Op4a7heaRY
03:35Darayya (10 mi SE of Ghutah) • ~
10:00 am local
• SHAMSNN • youtu.be/pRi1ge7qaXU
04:27Ghutah ~
Noon local
Aug21.13 SHAMSNN youtu.be/MhgHqE8H_Lc
05:00Ayn Tarma (3 mi SE Ghutah) • ~
05:15 am local
• SHAMSNN • youtu.be/2tQnQvYjNYQ
07:00Kafr Batna (1 mi SE of Ghutah)
~03:00 pm local
• SHAMSNN • youtu.be/txOTy7XbsRg
113 U.S. Congress
Sep09.2013Page 2
was uploaded by MrERBEEN2011; I could find no information about who that is.
07:20Mu’addamiya (could not find on GE) ~
05:00 pm local
• youtu.be/gR0f9hSIRqg
[Taken down]
08:32Mulayhah (could not find on GE) ~
10:00 am local
• SHAMSNN • youtu.be/29eadNcm15k
09:40Kafr Batna ~
01:45 pm local •
SHAMSNN • youtu.be/S7LGH4ykXYM
10:20Kafr Batna ~
09:00 am local
• SHAMSNN • youtu.be/YO7jQPX5jPA
11:50Duma ~
01:00 pm local •
SHAMSNN • youtu.be/Eulr23wzym4
12:20Ghutah • ~
04:00 am local •
MrERBEEN2011 • youtu.be/JqVeCVovF58
A Few “Curiosities”
Before getting to the drug issues, I would like to note a few curiosities in these vids.You folks and your staff have certainly reviewed this package very carefully because it is the evidence PresidentObama is offering to you - and the world - that there was a sarin attack near Damascus on Aug21.2013 - an attack thatthe president argues the US has a moral obligation to retaliate for. And so, having examined the vids carefully, you haveprobably already noted a number of curious things.Curiosity #1: Upload timesAll of the vids except
were uploaded to YT by SHAMSNN. This is Shaam News Network, a spooky
insurgents’ organization inside Syria that, apparently, doesn’t make vids but packages other people’s vids for distributionon YT. John Sutter of CNN dida piece on SNNback in May.2012 that explains their bag.
But the point is, particularly with the SHAMSNN vids, after the CW munitions exploded in these eight differentcommunities, it would have taken time for the chemicals to disperse and for the victims to be poisoned, then it wouldhave taken time to get the victims to the places where the vids were recorded, then to actually record the vids, then to getthe vids onto the computers, then to transfer the vids to SHAMSNN, and then to uploaded to YT.According to theintel assessmentPresident Obama made public last week, the attack started at 02:30am local
time, which brings us to the curiosity: some of these vids (
) were uploaded within just 2-3 hours of thebeginning of the attack, and all three of these are from different regions. That is not impossible, necessarily, it’s just verycurious. I mean, whoever took the vids had to be functioning very, very efficiently and was very well organized. The vidsthemselves are marked with various logos indicating that they were produced by organizations and not just some localSyrian with an i-Phone who happened to be passing by.Curiosity #2: Fully dressed victimsWe keep hearing the emotionally charged allegation that these people were gassed in their sleep at 2 in the morning.Why, then, are virtually all of the victims fully dressed? Do Syrians sleep fully dressed? Even kids? Well, maybe, if youare in a combat zone. It’s just curious.Curiosity #3: Same victims shown in more than one placeVid
is allegedly from Ghutah. Vid
is allegedly from Kafr Batna, 1 mile SE of Ghutah. And yet the samepeople can be found in both videos.For instance, at 01:12 in
there is a man in very conspicuous grey plaid pants. If you are quick, you can see thesame man at 07:05 in
. That these are the same man is positively indicated by - in addition to the pants and others
113 U.S. Congress
Sep09.2013Page 3around him - his gold ring on this right hand and by a sandal lying next to his left leg.But it is not a matter of that person being in two different places - the places are absolutely the same, they are justbeing presented as two different places in the vids.Curiosity #4: Where are the relatives?It is odd how with all of these dead children there are so few parents/relatives in view, with the obvious exception of 
. Given the large number of young victims shown in the Feinstein Package, one would expect to see quite a fewagonized parents, aunts, uncles.In fact, one is struck by how few women are shown, and virtually no elderly people. And I don’t mean women andelderly tending to or mourning the kids; I mean female and elderly victims. Why aren’t those floors covered with oldpeople? They would be most susceptible to sarin.Curiosity #5: No tears.Now, knowing kids like we all do, we know when they are hurt or uncomfortable or scared, they cry. That’s aninternational prerogative of being a kid. And extrapolating what we know to what we would not want to ever see, wecan guess that a youngster who has been poisoned with sarin but who survives - well, that kid is going to be bawlinghis/her eyes out. And yet almost none of the dozens of kids who are obviously alive in the Feinstein Package have asingle visible tear. Some have gummy exudate around their eyes, but no tears.But the lack of crying and tears has pharmacological significance, too, because lacrimation - the production of excess tears - is one effect of these nasty agents. Which brings me to the pharmacology.
Pharmacological analysis
As you Congresspeople - particularly Dr. Rand - and your staff undoubtedly know by now, sarin is in a class of nastydrugs called oganophosphates, first developed by the Germans shortly after WWI. I’m not going to go into a longhistorical or pharmacological song and dance about them because all that is relevant to my point is what effectorganophosphates have on smooth muscle, particularly the esophagus/stomach, intestines, and urinary bladder - theycause these muscles to contract. The colon and the lower portion of the esophagus are particularly sensitive.Uncontrollable contraction of the esophagus/stomach, colon, and bladder causes emesis (vomiting), defecation, andmicturation, respectively.Knowing this, one would absolutely expect to see a lot of feces, vomitus, and urine in a large population of peoplewho had been seriously poisoned by sarin. Unlike politics, this is not some wishy-washy opinion or subjective viewpointopen to debate; it is a fixed, objective, irrefutable biological fact.Now, let me say that I am working not from hands-on experience here, but from incontestableneuropharmacological principles derived, mostly, from experimentation. I have never witnessed a sarin attack,fortunately few people have, for there are only a handful of such attacks known and those have been for the most part inremote areas. Maybe Josef Mengele took notes on these things, but I would be shocked to find that there are anystatistics available that would allow us to predict how many human sarin victims out of a group of, say, 3600, would beexpected to have vomited or become incontinent. In the absence of such studies all we have is our knowledge of howsarin works on various tissues and what it does to experimental mammals, and there are huge amounts of data availablein this respect.Turning then to the Feinstein Package, what these vids tell me as a pharmacologist is that one cannot concludefrom the vids that there was a sarin attack around Damascus, or anywhere. Given the scores of victims shown and giventhe strong and persistent effects of sarin on smooth muscle, one would expect to see copious amounts of feces, vomitus,and urine on the clothes of the victims, on the floors . . . everywhere. And yet search those vids as you might, you willfind virtually none.

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