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Nursing process quiz

Nursing process quiz

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Published by julygen

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Published by: julygen on Jun 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Nursing Process Quiz
Choose the best answer from the letter choices succeeding each numbered item
. , .
Ms Cabacungan complains of pain in her chest difficulty of breathing and cough The
nurse would be correct if she documents these data as
Objective data
c Subjective data
Observable data
d General information
Which of the following assessment findings would be documented as objective data
Leg pain and calf tenderness
c Dizziness and headache in PM
Redness and swelling on arm
d Weakness and nausea
A nurse is performing a physical assessment which of the following would indicate a
Clear bilateral lung sounds
4. 112
Apical heart rate bpm Jaundice
Erythema of lower extremities
Cyanosis on fingers
7. 19 /
Respiratory rate breaths min
1,3,4 5
. 3,4,5,2 1
c and
2,3,4 6
. 3,2,4,6 1
d and
 The nurse is organizing the assessment data elicited from her patient and groups
. ?
information together The nurse is doing what phase of the Nursing process
a Evaluation
c Outcome identification
b Assessment
d Implementation
5. ?
Which of the following is not an activity of the nurse during evaluation
a Measuring goal attainment
c Collection of data
b Revising the care plan
d Performing Nursing orders
Which of the following is Incorrect regarding the establishment of priorities in
a Airway should always be given Highest priority
b Clients with unstable condition should be given priority over those who are
. ,
c Attend to equipment and apparatus like IV fluids IFCs and drainage tubes first
d Actual problems take precedence over potential problems
7. . ,
Bella Flores has just undergone surgery on her right lower leg During the night she
required an analgesic to help her sleep She doesn t have appetite to eat but is able
to take in liquids without nausea Which of the following nursing diagnosis should be
given highest priority
. :
a Impaired tissue perfusion peripheral
. :
b Imbalanced nutrition Less than body requirement
c Pain
d Impaired physical mobility
A patient is being positioned by the nurse because of complaints of difficulty of 
 The action of the nurse indicates what phase of the nursing process
a Implementation
c Assessment
b Evaluation
d Outcome Identification
9. :
 The first component of a nursing diagnosis statement consists of 
a Etiology
c Problem
b Signs and symptoms
d Related factors
In the Nursing diagnosis “Impaired physical mobility related to joint stiffness as
evidenced by limited range of motion and difficulty turning” the etiology of the
a Limited range of motion
c physical mobility
b Joint stiffness
d Difficulty turning
11. ?
Which of the following is included in a client s plan of care
. , ,
a Doctor s orders demographic data medication administration and rationales
. , ,
b Client s assessment data medical treatments with rationales diagnostic results
c Collected documentation of all team members providing care for the client
. , ,
d Client s nursing diagnosis goals expected outcomes and nursing interventions
12. ,
When establishing priorities for a client s plan of care the nurse should rank which
of the
following as the lowest priority
a Client s needs regarding referrals
. -
b Safety related needs
c Needs of family members involved in the plan of care
. ,
d Client s social love and belongingness needs
13. ?
Which of the following are the essential components for outcome identification
. , ,
a Target date nursing action measurement criteria and desired client behavior
. , ,
b Client behavior measurement criteria conditions under which the behavior
and target date
. ,
c Client behavior target date and conditions under which the behavior occurs
. , ,
d Target date nursing action measurement criteria and desired client behavior
14. ,
As an intervention for controlling pain of a postoperative client a nurse administers
. /:
analgesic This activity of the nurse is an example of a an
a independent nursing action
c collaborative nursing action
b dependent nursing action
d legal nursing action
15. ,
As a nurse taking the next shift which of the following patient conditions should
the you
. 29 /
a A y o post operative patient complaining of thirst
. 17 /
b A y o patient with left arm fracture secondary to mauling complaining of 
. 58 / -
c A y o post stroke victim with left sided paralysis with bluish discoloration of 
. 32
d A neonate with respiratory rate of breaths per minute
16. ?
Which of the following nursing diagnoses should be dealt with immediately
a High risk for infection
c Impaired physical mobility
. /
b Anxiety fear
d High risk for fluid volume deficit
17. , : -130/90 ; -
On assessment the nurse obtains the following findings BP mmHg PR
108; -20; - 37.4
bpm RR T
; , ,
C with complaints DOB headache diziness and
17 / .
worries about her y o son left at home Which of the possible problems
would be of 
least priority
. - 130/90
a BP
c Difficulty of breathing
b Worries on her son
d headache and dizziness
18. ------ ,
Using the P E R S O N S format in data clustering where would you include the
- ?
assessment finding “non pitting edema at Right forearm site of previous IV”

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